How to get rid of cellulite with varicose veins — at home, on the feet

How to get rid of cellulite with varicose veins. How to determine the presence of problems. Home and salon treatments, contraindications. Is it possible to treat simultaneously cellulite and varicose veins.


Cellulite is the structural changes in adipose tissue, leading to disruption of microcirculation. It is manifested in the form of the well-known «orange peel». Most often cellulite develops in the thighs and buttocks because this field fabrics have a honeycomb structure.

Varicose veins can develop in both men and women, while cellulite is an exclusively female problem, because it is formed under the influence of the female hormone estrogen.

Varicose veins is a disease which is characterized by the defeat of the veins, thinning of the venous wall and the emergence of local extensions «nodes». They are easily palpated, and the skin appears vascular the stack.


Cause varicose can be:

  • heredity;
  • heavy load on the lower limbs;
  • lack of mobility;
  • obstacles in the blood flow through the veins in the form of blood clots;
  • increased viscosity of blood;
  • vascular anomalies;
  • nervous disorders and stress;
  • bad habits;
  • injuries of the lower extremities;
  • excess body weight;
  • improper clothing or footwear;
  • disorders of the endocrine system.

And cellulite and varicose veins often appear in women during pregnancy and can progress.

In turn, cellulite appears in the following cases:

  • a violation of hormonal background;
  • age-related changes;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • improper diet;
  • bad habits;
  • stress.

Despite the fact that the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins differ, there are common causes that can trigger the opposite problem.

How to determine the problem

Varicose veins manifests itself in the form of symptoms such as:

  • pain in the legs;
  • sensation of heat and burning in region of veins;
  • edema;
  • cramps;
  • seals and ulcers;
  • changes veins.

The presence of cellulite easy to identify, just look in the mirror. Depending on the stage of cellulite skin manifestations it can grow.

Stage of cellulite


1st stage

  • if you squeeze the skin it begins to resemble the «orange peel»;
  • reduced elasticity of the skin;
  • increases the volume of the thighs and buttocks.

Stage 2

  • appear on the skin easily prosuvalisya seal, consisting of fat and liquid;
  • skin becomes loose;


  • «orange peel» effect is pronounced and visible to the naked eye;
  • the muscles lose their elasticity;
  • the skin surface becomes rough and uneven.

4th stage

  • the skin becomes cyanotic hue, resembles a sponge, swelling in some places;
  • the skin feels cold and hard;
  • the muscles become flabby and atrophied.

Should I go to the doctor

1 – 3rd stage of cellulite, it’s more cosmetic problems which do not require medical intervention. To get rid of them yourself through massage, physical education and proper nutrition.

Stage 4 can be a serious problem because it can cause the development in the tissues of necrotic processes. In this case you will need medical assistance.

Unlike cellulite varicose veins is a serious disease which in some cases can be eliminated only by surgery. It can pose a serious threat to significantly degrade the quality of life.

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Therefore, when the first signs of the disease, you must seek the advice of a phlebologist or surgeon.

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How to get rid of cellulite with varicose veins at home

Combating cellulite with varicose veins becomes a rather difficult problem, because the vessels lose their elasticity and become more brittle and the active impact may be damaged. In order to get rid of cellulite on legs with varicose veins to use in several ways.

Cold wraps

For cold wraps are used in different mixtures, the temperature does not exceed room.

Ingredients such as menthol or mint provide additional cooling effect, which positively affects the condition of the vessel.

They also improve the movement of lymph, which promotes the excretion of toxins.

Cold wraps allow you to quickly get rid of stretch marks, reduce swelling and remove the extra inches in the thighs and buttocks.

In order to properly carry out the procedure you must perform the following recommendations:

  1. the first step is to take a shower and clean your skin with a scrub;
  2. then the skin to dry and apply the mixture;
  3. the placement need to wrap with cling film. To wear warm clothing is not recommended;
  4. depending on the formulation to keep the skin from 30 minutes to one and a half hours. Then it needs to be washed off with warm water, then cool water;
  5. skin should apply moisturizer;
  6. the procedure is carried out every 3 days. In order to have the visible effect need to spend 10 – 12 cool wraps.

Mixtures which can be used for procedures:


Method of application


Blue clay – 4 tablespoons;

peppermint essential oil – 5 drops;

Mineral water.

Powder to dilute with water to the consistency of thick cream and add essential oil. Instead of a blue clay, you can use gray, green, white or black. The exposure time of 1 hour.

This wrap tones up blood vessels, eliminates vascular mesh, improves the metabolism, makes skin elastic, smoothes and tones.

Natural Apple or wine vinegar – 200 ml;

mineral water – 200 ml.

Fluid mixed and the resulting solution was immersed a gauze. Her squeeze lightly and apply to the affected area. The procedure lasts half an hour.

The tool enables you to improve blood circulation, remove vascular mesh, tone the skin and to align its tone.

The yolk of fresh chicken eggs – 2 pieces;

agar-agar – 1 tablespoon;

camphor oil 20 drops.

Egg yolks whipped to a light foam, add the camphor oil and agar-agar. Apply to skin for 20 minutes.

The wrap will help to make the skin taut, smooth, will eliminate the «orange peel». Will also increase lymph flow and eliminate swelling.

Peppermint oil – 5 drops;

grapefruit oil 3 drops;

oil of juniper 3 drops;

Mineral water 300 ml.

Water add oil, moisten cotton strips of fabric, slightly wring out and wrap around my feet.

The tool will help to quickly get rid of cellulite, enhance blood circulation and supply of oxygen to tissues, eliminates small spider and will help remove the extra inches on the hips.

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Make it independently and only in case if the symptoms of varicose veins are not too pronounced. It improves blood circulation, increases lymph flow and eliminates the «orange peel» at the initial stage.

The procedure is performed in the following way:

  • you first need to take a shower and put on a skin small amount to massage or olive oil;
  • the massage is performed sitting, putting one leg on the floor and the other lifted, straightening at the knee. Buttocks massage standing.
  • flowing movements stroke the leg from the knee up to the thighs, not missing a single area of skin;

  • then the skin begin to knead with your fingers until until a feeling of warmth and redness of the skin;
  • also massage the buttocks;
  • the procedure is carried out for at least 10 minutes every day;
  • finish it with a cold shower.

Creams and ointments

At home you can prepare the effective tools that will help you quickly and effectively get rid of cellulite with varicose veins.


Method of preparation


refined olive oil — 80 ml.

propolis – 2 g;

beeswax – 10 g;

oil of lavender – 15 drops;

oil of peppermint – 10 drops.

Olive oil to heat in a water bath, add the wax and propolis. After they dissolved remove from heat and add oil. Apply on the cellulite twice a day.

Helps to improve blood circulation, has a slight cooling effect. Fights cellulite and the vascular mesh.

natural unsalted butter – 100 g;

almond oil – 10 ml;

Shea butter – 10 ml;

oil of neroli – 5 drops;

cypress oil – 5 drops.

Butter to soften in a water bath, gradually add the essential oil gradually, whisking a lot. Store in the refrigerator. Apply on skin twice a day, lightly massaging, in particular in areas with the affected veins.

The ointment has a tonic effect. It helps to cope with varicose veins, reduces swelling and inflammation. It helps to get rid of «orange peel».

What will be offered at the clinic

For those who prefer to deal with problems with the help of experts, there are several methods that can offer in the clinic:

  • the lymphatic drainage. When this tissue is exposed to a current of low power and low voltage. Thus, the introduction of nourishing, moisturizing and stimulating substances that accumulate in the middle layers of the skin and are long time;
  • processtree. It is a kind of lymph drainage uses a special suit and microprocessors. Its application promotes the removal of toxins, elimination of cellulite, oedema and vasculature;
  • mesotibia. This method involves the introduction into the middle layer of the skin a special solution of nutrients which allow you to quickly improve the appearance of the skin, remove the appearance of cellulite and increase metabolism. Used insulin syringes with fine needles that are injected into the skin to a depth of 4 – 6 mm or special mesotherapeutic gun. The effect becomes noticeable after the first procedure.
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Is it possible to treat the two problems simultaneously

During the varicose vein treatment you can along the way to get rid of cellulite. Contrast shower and physical exercises, which are used to improve blood circulation, good impact on the condition of the skin.

To treat varicose veins used venotonic that increase blood flow, improve lymph flow and eliminate stasis and resolve swelling.

Such tools include products based on:

  • troxevazin (Troxerutin, Troxevasin);
  • of heparin (Lioton, Heparin, Gepatrombin);
  • horse chestnut (Venitan);
  • routine (Veneration);
  • extract of Ginkgo-biloba (Gingko);
  • medicinal leeches (Girodano).

They are produced in the form of ointments, creams or gels. To apply such funds need not only the area of the affected veins, but also on areas with cellulite and gently massage.

Before applying these ointments should carefully read the manual, paying attention to the paragraph which stated contraindications.

What procedures have contraindications

If cellulite is combined with varicose veins, it is necessary to abandon such procedures as:

  • wraps with application of the warming means;
  • Solarium;
  • vacuum, cupping or roller massage;
  • active rubbing with a dry brush.

Other types of massage should be performed with caution and leave the area with the affected veins.

It is not necessary to visit the baths and saunas, use in the steam room brooms, it can aggravate the problem with the veins.

Useful tips

  • in order to reduce the load on the legs, you need to use compression garments (socks or stockings);
  • at the initial stage of varicose veins using underwear as the first level of compression. Before going to the pharmacy need to measure the girth of the ankle, below the knee, and upper thigh;
  • in order to get rid of cellulite, all procedures should be performed regularly and systematically, only then you will see the effect.

Before to start procedure for getting rid of cellulite, you should consult with your doctor.

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