How to get rid of pitted acne scars on face at home fast

Acne on the face appears at puberty. Any attempt to get rid of acne by mechanical means can lead to the formation of long-lasting blemishes and scars. The consequences of acne can be much more serious than the acne itself. Acne marks spoil your skin, reduce self esteem in that period, the lives of young people, when external attractiveness depends on many things.

What is it and how does

The problem has its own name – acne. So-called combination skin flaws that appear after self-removal from the face severe skin inflammation and acne. Even those teenagers whose skin is generally healthy, within a certain period can appear acne.

If the rash on the face are classified as acne, is a skin inflammatory disease that requires professional treatment.

An independent attempt to get rid of the rash and cause the appearance on the skin of the phenomena, which are called post-acne.

It manifests itself in the following way:

  • the pores are enlarged;
  • in the area of blackhead removal – pigment stain red, brown or purple hue;
  • the grid is clearly visible capillaries;
  • severe scarring;
  • dimpled, uneven skin with hyperpigmentation areas.

How much the manifestation of acne depends on several factors. Has value and degree of injury to the skin, and the age of the person. The fact that young people dermis regenerates better, since the processes of cellular metabolism maximum. If the process of maturation of the skin is completed, the consequences of acne can be very severe.

Causes of

Acne occurs, if acne fought wrong. If you try it yourself, hands and fingers to open the acne and remove its contents, at the site of injury wound is formed.

Because the blood circulation in this area is broken, then there is patchy hyperpigmentation – an area with intense staining. Color, usually bluish, although there may be nuances. This phenomenon is called counter Eritrea.

In addition, the causes of acne are:

  • excess sebum secretion due to disorders of sebaceous glands, causing blockage;
  • removing a comedone, that is, dense content clogged pores.

It’s time sealed in the case, if an excessive amount produced of sebum is connected with particles of desquamation of the Horny layer of skin, dust, makeup residue. If at the mouth of the sebaceous duct formed a dense tube, pore eventually becomes inflamed. As a result, enlarged pores, skin texture becomes uneven, in some cases, scars are formed.

The cause of the scarring tissue becomes mechanical removal of a comedone or blackhead conducted without antiseptic treatment.

The effects of self-opening skin inflammation appear in the form of scars different:

  1. forms
  2. size
  3. hue (bluish to whitish).

Dermatologists strongly against self-extruding blackheads. Even if the skin has the resources for self-recovery, it may take years.

However, in the vast majority of cases to get rid of acne on the face only professional methods. It all depends on how much damaged skin.

How to get rid of acne on the face

There are several ways of dealing with acne. And the degree of their effectiveness are different, and determine what is best for the patient, only the doctor.

The most common treatment methods:

  • correction of enlarged pores, or hyperkeratosis;
  • treatment resistant Eritrea with the help of local drugs and physiotherapy;
  • alignment scarring of the skin by deep exfoliation;
  • laser resurfacing of the skin.

More information about the procedures will help to understand what exactly is professional help.

Corrective actions in case of enlarged pores

Quickly solve the problem of dilated pores and the related problem of hyperkeratosis does not work. Treatment requires a serious and lasting at least 5-6 months will have to act on the dermis by chemical means.

The choice of tools depends on the goals of treatment:

  • to reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, the selected preparations with the required content of retinoic acid and retinol. At the same time they reduce the thickness of skin keratinization, that is struggling with the effects of hyperkeratosis;
  • especially for healing from giperkeratoza used drugs on the basis of fruit acids or salicylic acid pharmacy. The degree of concentration of the acid is low, but because the drugs are permitted for home use;
  • to narrow enlarged pores, dermatologists may prescribe a course of chemical acid peels. The procedure is carried out every two weeks, and this is the most effective method of correcting since.

Procedures have different degrees of effectiveness. So, if the skin treatment medications with acids gives the result after a few months, the peeling effect will be evident already after 1-1.5 months.

Correction of persistent erythema

To increase blood circulation and get rid of stagnation in the injured areas of the skin, to a complex of therapeutic measures.

Correction stand Eritrea conducted with the combination of the following therapies:

  1. use creams with nicotinic acid, Ichthyol, menthol, camphor, isopropyl alcohol. The goal is to improve blood circulation in cyanotic region, to strengthen the walls of capillary vessels and, thus, to narrow it;
  2. local application of chemical peels and products based on ascorbic acid. Together they will give sosudoukreplyayuschee, regenerating, protective effect;
  3. injecting methods of dealing with eritremia, including biorevitalization, mesotherapy, ozone therapy;
  4. application of methods of physiotherapy.

The effectiveness of physiotherapy is large, if we are talking about stand Eritrea. It may be the use of vacuum massage, cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy, light therapy. Complement a comprehensive treatment of the skin help special makeup with the optimum content of medicinal components.

Correction of scars

The most difficult effects of acne is a skin scars. There are different methods of treatment, however the success depends on the regeneration capabilities of the skin, i.e. in each case we can speak only about individual results.

However, the methods of scar correction are:

  • deep peeling;
  • the application of laser.

How successful is the treatment, not to say any one person. Moreover, it is the scarring of the skin is officially considered the most severe and difficult to treat consequence of acne. Therefore, there is a strict recommendation to treat acne in a timely manner, resorting to the help of dermatologists. Easier to prevent pathological changes to the skin than to try to cure this form of acne.

Deep peeling

If acne appears in the form of stagnant spots and minor scars, then you can resolve the issue by using deep or medium-depth peeling. On the horn layer of the skin in this case is the effect of a highly concentrated acid solution.

The procedure is quite painful but very effective. It is carried out only in a hospital using local or General anesthesia.

In fact, we are talking about the burn of 2 degrees. As a result of exposure dissolves the top layer of skin, in place of the bluish areas and scars are formed scabs.

After healing is complete, you can see a more smooth, uniform color skin with a less pronounced scarring. To get the desired result, it may require 1-2 treatments. After each peel the skin to give a recovery of not less than 3 months, i.e. a full course of treatment takes about a year.

Skin resurfacing laser

Despite the high cost and pain, laser skin resurfacing in preference to if on the face are a point of shallow scars. Serious and extensive consequences of acne, the laser will not do it.

The advantage of this procedure is the ability to influence the scar point and individually metered intensity of the radiation beam.

Laser treatment also applies to painful procedures, and therefore is conducted with the use of painkillers.

The impact area after the procedure inflamed, regeneration with full restoration of the integrity of the skin takes about a month. During the first days on the treated areas imposed a special bandage, applied wound healing agents.

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What you can do at home

To get rid of acne on the face in house conditions it is impossible – it is the General opinion of dermatologists and cosmetologists. However, in the Arsenal of tools to combat the problem there are some methods that are quite suitable for home use.

To accelerate the process of skin regeneration in the following way:

  • to ensure thorough cleansing and regular care with special products for problem skin;
  • be sure to include in the home care exfoliation. It allows you to remove the horn layer of the dermis, thereby ensuring cellular respiration and aligning the surface of the skin;

  • to use a cosmetic mask to saturate the skin with nutrients;
  • for the pores and apply a mask based on marine algae and white clay;

Only in combination can solve the problem of acne. Home care is an important part of the return face of beauty and healthy appearance.


Despite the prevalence of the problem of post-acne, to guarantee the full recovery of the skin the doctors can’t. That is why they again and again emphasize on the fact that the self-suppression of true acne pointless and dangerous.

To solve the problem only to professional ways.

If acne is already there, the hope for self-healing and not worth it. You must tune in to long-term treatment. The key to success – choosing the right treatment and a positive attitude.

Useful tips

To return to face a healthy freshness, uniform color, you can use the following methods:

  • every morning wipe the face an ice cube out of water or broth of herbs (calendula, aloe, celandine, chamomile) to improve blood circulation;
  • use care essential oils (tea tree, rosemary, clove, lavender, neroli). Apply point;
  • for leveling the surface of the skin to try drugstore powder badyagi, using it as an exfoliation scrub.

You need to carefully monitor the condition of the skin. It is important that it can deteriorate due to simple lack of vitamins. With a shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits should take balanced vitamin-mineral complexes courses 2-3 times per year.

To get rid of pitted acne scars is difficult, but we must remember that this is a medical problem, and it can be solved. There are many ways to help the skin to recover after a heavy defeat and they definitely need to use.

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