How to get rid of scar on face — resurfacing, peels, laser removal, natural home remedies

But with what appearance of women, they just do not decorate, all would agree. Fortunately, today there is not one way to remove the scar or at least make it less noticeable.

Laser resurfacing

Before you start the treatment of surgical or laser methods, you need to understand that to completely remove a large old scar is almost impossible. However, it can make a much less noticeable color and texture.

Using laser technology, scars can be done up to 90% less noticeable.

Why can’t I delete them completely? This is due to the mechanism of the formation of scar during healing of a wound elastic skin tissue is replaced with dense fibrous.

If in the healing produced excessive amounts of fibrous tissue, the scar protrudes above the surface of the skin, but if the connective tissue is produced is not enough, it will be below the surface of the skin.

In each case the method of laser removal of scars is selected depending on positions of the scar and the skin in General. There are two methods: classic resurfacing and fractional laser resurfacing.

The classic is resurfacing erbium laser operating in the middle infrared range. The peculiarity of this laser is that the energy beam completely absorbs the water contained in the tissues, so they «evaporated» with the highest precision in very thin layers with a thickness of several microns.

Thanks to the precision of the evaporation of the tissues there is a possibility of protection of the skin from damaging sensitive layers. When intracellular moisture evaporates, a layer of dried cells, which subsequently can be easily removed.

The laser beam not only removes the layer of dead skin cells of the epidermis, but also stimulates skin regeneration.

Scars removal laser using fractional resurfacing is based on the revitalization of the skin. With the help of the laser beam on the damaged skin retained the subtle channels and the adjacent areas are not affected.

The regeneration processes of the skin are mainly due to the unaffected sections. Through increased formation of elastin and collagen structure of the scar tissue or scar becomes more elastic and looks like the surrounding skin.

It should be noted that the procedure has some contraindications:

  • tanned skin;
  • exacerbation of skin diseases;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • cancer;
  • diabetes under decompensation;
  • pregnancy.

The effect of laser resurfacing are visible after the first treatment, however for best results it is necessary to undergo a course of 6-10 treatments at intervals of 1-2 months.

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The rehabilitation period after the procedure lasts 5-7 days, and its duration depends on the size and depth of the scar and of the skin. For 3 days after resurfacing the treated skin can not be cleaned with agents containing alcohol, and a sauna. Within a month to protect it from exposure to sunlight using sunscreens with a high protection factor.

You also need to remember about proper home care for the treated skin is to use nourishing and moisturizing cream, not to overdry it.


Another effective way to remove the scar on face – chemical peels based on the impact on different structural layers of the skin – the middle or deep. The degree of impact depends on zastarelosti scars.

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Connective tissue, which consist of scars, under the influence of drugs, containing highly concentrated acid, softens, thins and becomes close in color to healthy skin. In particular, this procedure is relevant in that case, if scars begin to acquire crimson or bluish tint. It also evens the skin texture and immediately there is a noticeable improvement.

After peeling, if the impact was deep, the treated skin may be covered with a crust, under which new cells are formed. This is due to the fact that during a chemical peel, they are virtually burned out of the skin. This procedure is considered the most effective in dealing with scars and scars and other defects.

However, for chemical peeling also has some limitations:

  • allergic reaction to components that are part of the product;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin.

After the procedure, the rehabilitation period lasts up to one month. At this time, it is necessary to provide skin protection from the negative effects of environmental ultraviolet radiation, wind, frosty air.

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Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are drugs introduced by injection under the skin, is able to align the skin relief. In most cases, the filler used is hyaluronic acid or collagen.

This method is not universal. It is effective only in case, if the scar looks like a dimple in the skin, and for convex scar is not good.

In addition, there is a probability of its re-appearance after resorption of the filler.

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a mechanical method of «cold steel», the essence of which is to remove the superficial layers of the skin. On damaged and scarred skin, excellent cosmetic effect subsequent collagen production and regeneration due to the cells located in the deeper layers. In addition, complications with the use of this method very seldom.

In the beginning of the procedure necessarily apply direct freezing or any other anesthesia of the treated area of the skin. Since dermabrasion is a deep resurfacing of the skin, in this case, the penetration to the level of blood vessels. For this reason, the treated skin may bleed. The crust formed on them, disappears in about a week.

After the procedure, the specialists do not recommend to use cosmetic means (except of the special) and to stay in the sun because it can cause severe irritation. Dermabrasio is recommended in the autumn-winter period. Repeat the session can be assigned in about a month.

What scars are the most frequent indications for this procedure. If carried out 6 weeks after injury, scars can often be solved forever. Especially successful is this treatment in patients with oily skin. Healing of the skin after dermabrasion is enhanced even more through the use in the postoperative period biosynthetic dressings, which have a significant effect on collagen synthesis.

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The procedure also involves the removal of the surface layer of skin problem.

The main difference from dermabrasion – this type of peel is not as deep and therefore not so painful and does not require special freezing. After the manipulation may be a slight redness, which is easily hidden with the help of cosmetic products and lasts for one to two hours. Duration is only 20-30 minutes.

How to get rid of the scar on the face folk remedies

For many people interested in the question of how to get rid of scars on the face, there is a lot of popular recipes. Of course, the old scars to remove yourself is extremely difficult in this case to expect serious results is possible only after special treatments. But the fresh scars can be significantly reduced and even completely removed with the help of folk remedies. Next, we consider the most effective of them.

Good to help may lemon juice. Because it contains natural substances that promote skin whitening, scar will not be as noticeable. In addition, lemon juice is used to clean pores.

On the area with scars you can also apply honey, fresh tomato juice, mashed banana. Quite effective for removing scars is a gentle massage using almond oil. You can also use fenugreek seeds.

They should be added to 750 milliliters of water and boil for 5 minutes. When the broth has cooled, they should wash the face. Procedure should be repeated at least once a week.

Another solution that helps in dealing with scars on the face sandal. Soak the sandalwood powder in cold water, then apply it on the affected skin. When it dries, the person should wash with cool water. You can also make a sandalwood paste with rose water or with milk.

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You can also make a face mask of oatmeal, which you mix with cream. Take a tablespoon of these ingredients, sprinkle with lemon juice and apply the mixture on face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

From fresh scars helps to ointment based on propolis. For its preparation you need an equal number of propolis and sea buckthorn oil to put in 10 minutes in a water bath, stirring constantly.

After cooling, the ointment can be directly used, applying it on the scars with a thin layer. The effect becomes visible after a few weeks, when applying the ointment on the scars at least twice a day.

Significantly speeds up the regeneration of vitamin A. It should be consumed orally, and also daily to smear scars oil solution with the content of this vitamin for skin repair.

As tools to help in the fight against scars, you can use calendula ointment, sold in all pharmacies. It is a wonderful healing tool, so it is recommended to apply it on fresh wounds to prevent scarring.

If on the face appeared small scars after acne, it is recommended to frequently use scrubs and do peels since they cause a rush of blood to the skin and improve metabolism in tissues.

Don’t forget that acid peels can be done in a period of increased solar activity, as this may cause the appearance of pigmentation on the skin.

On ostrich farms and online shops you can buy EMU oil. It contains a lot of substances that help the skin to recover. It is applied on affected skin area daily, then apply a bandage. This oil is often effective even for old scars.