How to heal eyebrow tattoo care after the procedure, rehabilitation

Sometimes, questions about how to properly care for healing permanent arise only when something goes wrong. For example, in place stripped of the crusts appear light areas. To save you from surprises and to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the care of the eyebrows after the procedure, we have written detailed instructions.

How to start a care?

To prepare for the recovery period after the procedure of permanent makeup eyebrows should start in advance. Before you get into the office the wizard. Because the eyebrows immediately after the procedure look unsightly, they can not be wet and need a special way to care, then:

  • wash your hair prior to the procedure, it will save you from having to walk around with dirty hair or risk looking his bleeding brow;
  • plan a visit to the wizard so that you had a few free days, which you’ll be able to spend at home and give your eyebrows take a normal appearance;
  • stock up on sunscreen, if the procedure you plan to spend spring, summer or early fall, as well as sunglasses that will cover your eyebrows.

Is it possible to do permanent makeup eyebrows during pregnancy, read here.

Will look like eyebrows immediately after the procedure

Permanent makeup eyebrows can immediately after application, to shock, as it looks fresh permanent makeup is much brighter and «clumsy» sausage. This means that after the procedure your eyebrows may become much darker, much thicker, much longer than intended and originally stipulated. To be surprised, and even more to be afraid of in this case is not necessary.

To evaluate the result of procedure is possible only after 4 weeks and after eyebrows healed, but the pigment is sufficiently manifest. From the beginning, the master performs the procedure given the fact that some of the pigment will go along with the crusts. Plus edema of the tissues because of which the contours of the eyebrows differ.

In most cases, if the wizard has not done significant stocks, eyebrows take the type that is needed. To eliminate defects, correct shape and colour is possible during corrective procedures.

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Why proper care is so important after

The pigment during the procedure of permanent make-up eyebrows in the skin score at a shallow depth. Usually no more than 0.5 – 1 mm. because Of this, part of the pigment comes out with pus and blood. It is therefore important crust and their timely non-violent rejection.

If you take off the crust ahead of time, from the unhealed wound again begins to stand out the pus along with the pigment, respectively, this place can significantly brighten.

Disrupt the healing process and ruin the appearance of the tattoo can also prolonged swelling, inflammation, permanent mechanical effect, irritation from cosmetics, the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

What to do to eyebrows healed quickly and without problems?

  • Correctly remove the pus.

Some time after the procedure, the eyebrows may be slightly podkalivat. Even if there is no blood, then a significant amount of ichor. To remove it is necessary, therefore, to contribute to the formation of crusts, but it does not irritate the skin even more. It is necessary to take any soft cloth, can be impregnated, but without the alcohol in the composition. The pus is removed, blotted with a soft touch. Rubbing eyebrows, press them with force is impossible, it will strengthen its branches.

  • Than to smear.

Immediately after the procedure, usually in the salon for eyebrows apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly, which protects the wound from contamination. Instead of vaseline can be applied ointment Bepanten cream is a Lifesaver. Sometimes the wizard administered Oxolinic ointment, which in addition to a cushioning effect also has antiviral effect. Cream or ointment is applied after processing of the eyebrow with an antiseptic, such as solution or chlorhexidine miramistina.

In the first 1-2 days to process eyebrows should every two hours. First, remove the ointment with a soft cloth, then applied to chlorhexidine, 10 minutes after the antiseptic area of the tattoo should be covered with cream or ointment.

In the following days, when it is formed and will gradually flake off the crust, process the eyebrow as needed, and response to cause sensations of tightness and discomfort.

  • How to wash up.
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To start, you can wash 3-4 days, when it formed a crust. To do this, you can wipe the face with a damp cloth not touching the eyebrows. For washing, you can use any cleanser that does not dry the skin.

  • Medication.

If swelling persists on the second day after the procedure, it is recommended to take an antihistamine. However, better to take it at night, or risk waking the whole day. If worried about the pain in the eyebrows, then to eliminate the discomfort can be using any anesthetic. In some cases for hedging even before the treatment is assigned course reception antivirals and broad-spectrum antibiotics. However, unlike permanent makeup lips, often this reassurance is unjustified.

  • The application of decorative cosmetics.

In the first 7 days the use of cosmetics is strictly not recommended, as apply it only exerting mechanical action on the skin of the eyebrows. And to wash off makeup without having to RUB the eyebrows, the more will come. Also cosmetics can get into the wound from the tattoo and cause irritation.

  • Treatments.

Any home and salon body treatments are permitted except for heating type, steam baths and saunas. Care for facial skin best make up the procedure of tattooing or a week after it. How many days of break to make between the performance of tattooing and body treatments, it is better to solve your beautician.

When tanning for the eyebrow you must use a sunscreen with a high protection level. Also, sunscreen will be needed when entering active the sun is still 3-6 months after the procedure.

As healing of the skin eyebrows acquire the shape that you wanted to client. The color of the eyebrows can vary by 3-4 weeks. Then the shape and color of eyebrows can be corrected.

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