How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time

It is quite natural that both men and women, returning from the sea, looking for ways to keep the southern sun as long as possible. Let’s look at the simplest ways to save a swarthy complexion, and at the same time to make love to her after a period of intense insolation.

Getting ready to leave

Before the trip to Egypt or any other hot country, you need to choose for your skin the right cosmetics:

  • cream with UV protection;
  • special prolongator tanning or regular moisturizer.

Special makeup will protect the skin from excess ultraviolet radiation, prevent the development of burns. Accordingly, the less damaged skin, the less it will peel off, and the longer it will continue its deep and rich color.

The meaning of prolongator deep moisturizing, which can rarely give the usual care cream for the body. Prolongator is applied immediately after a shower and left for the night.

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Right tan

The skin starts to peel even during the holidays, you need a reasonable approach to the question of time and duration of sunbathing. The optimum time for sunbathing, especially in the early days – is the morning until about 10 a.m., and the evening hours from 17-18. In the early days it is better to stay in the shade: UV there too, but not so much compared to places where the skin is exposed to direct sun rays.

The skin on the face requires particular protection by using sunscreen with the maximum level of protection from ultraviolet radiation, as if the rest of the body we can cover with clothes, the person still will be filled with sunlight.

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Lip therapy also need to choose the maximum SPF. And at night, always deep hydration. Gradual preparation of the skin to sunlight will be an excellent prevention of rapid exfoliation of the surface layer that contains melanin.

Food as a way to keep the tan for a long time

A varied diet is important for healthy skin regardless of whether you prefer the sea or the ski resorts. If we talk about ways to improve the condition of the skin and its ability to recover after exposure to the sun, to prefer in the first place is fatty fish. The benefit of seaside resorts is the best place to treat yourself to fresh fish and other seafood.

The fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which have a beneficial effect on the skin, improve its appearance and elasticity. Vitamins are also important. Especially those of them, which have a pronounced antioxidant effect. This vitamin C, A and E. Under the influence of sunlight in the skin is a large number of free radicals, which damage cell walls .

Damaged cells do not last long. They die and are exfoliated from the surface of the skin.

To compensate for the deficiency of these vitamins, or you need to take vitamin-mineral complex, or not limit yourself to the ripe fruit, vegetables, juices and other delicious and healthy things.

Skin care after the sea

To the question about how much can hold a tan after a holiday, you should take into consideration the individual characteristics of the skin. If the skin tans poorly and gets burns quickly, it is not necessary to wait that after the holidays, which was in July, tan with proper care will last until mid-autumn.

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In August, the winner of the Celtic type of skin will be white as before. But those who tan falls at once and without problems can be very long to go dark. The less the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light damage, the longer it will be possible to brag of the sea tan.

If the skin clasie, to stop this process is impossible. You can only disguise this process with the help of bronzers and creams for sunless tanning.

  • The bronzers.

The easiest way to maintain the color saturation and it does not overdry the skin in the Solarium. As a means of bronzers you can choose any cream for tanning, which includes cane sugar is dihydroxyacetone.

This natural substance is absorbed in the superficial layers of the epidermis and in contact with the air darkens, giving the skin a chocolate shade. It is used to obtain the desired color of the skin during the procedure instant tan.

Cream bronzer over a natural tan will go smoothly and will not allow skin color to fade.

Another plus of funds for tanning with bronzers in addition to their ability to maintain the desired intensity of the sun is their ability to deeply moisturize the skin. Because the benefits of their use will double.

  • Creams for tanning.

Creams for tanning will also work to maintain the rich color of a natural tan. But the same level of hydration as a means for tanning they will not give.

  • A visit to the Solarium.

The most effective way to constantly be «chocolate». In order to maintain the desired skin tone, hold in the Solarium a lot of time is not required. Most will be only a couple of sessions a week for 5-7-10 minutes.

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That will promote «washing of tan»

All that will contribute to the exfoliation of the skin will make a sun shade lighter.

  • Thermal procedures.

Hot bath, hot shower contribute to the fact that the top layer of skin swells and it peels a lot easier. Therefore, it is desirable to confine a cool shower and a bath to take time off.

Not conducive to long-term preservation of sun access to the sauna and baths.

  • The mechanical effect.

Don’t use hard washcloths or scrubs for the body, because the greater the exfoliation, the paler tan.

  • The chemical effect.

Reduce the intensity of the sun any funds which have a brightening and whitening effect. Because all their money for daily use will have to check for the presence in their composition of vitamin C, lemon extract, cucumber, and other components, whose purpose is to make the skin lighter and remove pigmentation.