How to reduce the thighs and buttocks exercises at home, procedures, videos and photos

What about those who are not satisfied with the width of the hips and the presence of cellulite? There are many ways to get rid of «orange peel», and from the extra inches on the thighs and buttocks.
Achieve visible results with just one restriction in food will not work. It needs an integrated approach.

Wishing to reduce hips at home needs a special diet, doing exercises and doing simple cosmetic procedures. Let’s start with planning a diet. Its principle is to reduce the amount of protein to 25 grams per day.

This technique is ideal for women with type figure «pear» (narrow shoulders, unexpressed waist and wide hips). From the diet should be excluded fatty meats, sweets, cream and ice cream.

You can eat legumes, cereals (except ready-made cereals and muesli), breads, fresh and thermally treated fruit. In day you should eat at least 500-600 grams of vegetables. Resolved also seafood, chicken without skin, rice and dairy products (fat content of not more than 3%).

A sample diet for a day


  • 200 ml of yogurt, 100 g of seasonal fruit or berries;
  • A Cup of green tea with Jasmine;
  • The bread with diced tomato.


  • A portion (200 g) of vegetable soup. For its preparation are used: corn, onions, carrots, green peas, broccoli, bell pepper and fresh herbs;
  • 120 g of boiled chicken breast (without skin);
  • 150 g of salad made of Apple and cabbage;
  • Bread or a piece of rye bread;
  • Compote of dried fruits without added sugar.

Afternoon tea

  • 200 g of vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil.


  • 250 g buckwheat porridge with milk (fat 2.5%);
  • A glass of 1% kefir (drink at night to avoid the feeling of hunger).

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Exercises to reduce thighs and buttocks

As mentioned above, no physical exertion is necessary. It is not necessary to spend time and money to visit the gym. We offer a set of exercises that you can perform at home. The main thing – do it regularly and better every day.

Many women’s problem area is the inner thighs. Usually fat starts to Deposit in this region because of the violation of the diet (consumption of fast food and other harmful products).

How to reduce inner thigh? Below you will find a few effective exercises.

  1. Lie on the floor sideways. Hands bend at the elbows and have them in front of you. Straighten the left leg. The right leg should be flexed at the knee and put the left. First, try to raise above the floor straightened left leg. It is very important that your toes are pointed in your direction. Wiggle foot, making frequent swings. Thus the left side must not touch the floor. The principle of this exercise is that in case of small amplitude motion are often. Do 3: a half-move for 20 times for each leg.
  2. Sit on the floor with legs bent at the knees. Muscle tension of the legs will be due to the resistance of hands. Now bend hands in elbows and connect them in a «lock». You must place the hands between the knees. Yourself knees should be together. First, hold the elbows. This might be difficult, because the knees creates a disturbance. Then breed your knees and perform the same. To obtain the effect you need to have a strong resistance elbows. Perform the exercise at least 40 times.
  3. This exercise is suitable for girls with a strong pressure. Lie on the floor and puts his hands under the tailbone. The emphasis on the elbows. Lift up straight legs. Socks pull on yourself. Legs do not bend. Breed them in hand, perform Mahi. Each time the feet need to breed more and more. Do exercise 40-50 times.

There is a special exercise to reduce thigh 10 cm in a short period of time:

  • Stand in first position (heels put together, toes look to the side).
  • Raise right leg forward to the maximum possible height, and then leads her back and to the side.
  • Hold at a maximum altitude of approximately 1-15 seconds.
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It is sufficient to perform this exercise for 5 minutes a day. Visible results will appear after a month of regular exercise.

Method to reduce hips in a week

You have one week to get into jeans or a dress size smaller? To achieve the desired results for such a short time system will help you with T-TAPP. It was created by Teresa Tapp, with extensive experience as a coach and sports physiologist.

The main idea of this sort of exercise is that you need to treat your body like a machine. If you want to get great results, you must rely on the laws of physiology, not by their own desires and requirements.

The T-TAPP includes exercises for different body parts and muscle groups.

For those who wish to lead in the shape of the buttocks and thighs, we recommend the following exercises:

  1. Stand up, put feet on width of shoulders, hands pulling over his head. Begin to squat as low as possible. The tiltable housing. The arms should be a «continuation» of the back. Do 8 sets of 3 times. Exercise will help tighten the buttocks and to remove the «breeches».
  2. Standing on the left leg, pull the knee of your right leg to your chest towards the left shoulder. Lowered it and then raised, turning 90 degrees. The same is done with the left foot, standing on right. You need to perform 6 sets of 3 times. With this exercise you can pull the side, back and front of the thighs.
  3. Lie on the floor, lift your legs up. Bendable right and left leg at the knee. Then spreading our legs apart. Leg muscles should be stretched. Do 7-8 sets of 3 times. Exercise is directed on strengthening of muscles of thighs and legs.

How to get back in shape after giving birth?

Lead figure in the order after delivery will help exercise. We made for you a selection of the most effective and simple to perform exercises.


  1. Put feet together, hands clasps the waist. Do lunge leg forward (10 times each). After a few days you can increase the load, using dumbbells of different weights.
  2. On each lunge do a short delay, hands with dumbbells slowly bred in hand. During the delay you need to follow 4 tilt housing.
  3. Cycle exercise complete locking of the tilt of the body when attacks on 8 accounts. Doing the same with the other leg.

Exercises to reduce thighs

  1. Lie back, raise the left, the right leg. It is very important that the legs were straight.
  2. Sit on your knees and straighten your back. Begin to lower and lift the buttocks for 8-10 accounts. They must touch the heels.
  3. Become back to the wall. Between the back and the wall have a ball. Pressed on his lower back. Performs squats. To descend until your knees form a right angle. Keep the ball for a count of 15.

Exercise to reduce buttocks

  • Sit on the floor, his back straightens. One leg bent at the knee, puts in front of him, the other behind his back.
  • Leg, behind the back, open from the floor and throw parallel to it. Do 5-10 shakes leg. The amplitude of movements should be small.
  • Change the position of the feet performed the same.

To quickly restore shape after giving birth proper nutrition and exercise will not work. Necessary and aerobic exercise. They will strengthen cardiovascular system and to lose fat promptly.

List the types of aerobic exercise:

  • Swimming in the pool;
  • Dancing (Latin, modern, ballroom);
  • Skiing and skating;
  • Walking;
  • Aerobics and its variations;
  • Classes on home exercise equipment (stepper, treadmill, ellipsoid, etc.);
  • Cycling;
  • Jumping rope.

Choose what you like and conduct classes at least 2-3 times a week. Results in weight loss and reduce body volume is not long to wait.

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Exercises for men

Men, like women, want to have a trim figure (firm buttocks, slim hips). But because of the sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity in the buttocks and thighs starts to Deposit fat. To reduce hips in volume, but also strengthen the gluteal muscles will help you special exercises.

Exercise # 1.

Build on a floor Mat, lay down on his back. Palm needs to expand to the floor and put them under the buttocks. Legs straight. Inhale and lift the straight leg. Detained her to the floor just for a few seconds. Breathe out and drop the leg. Performs 30 repetitions for each leg.

Exercise # 2.

Stand up, straighten the back. Feet set at shoulder width. Bring together the shoulder blades, tensing the abdominal muscles. Inhale to squat until bent legs form a straight angle. Basin taps back, like go to sit on a chair. Do exhale and return to starting position. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 times.

Exercise # 3.

To reduce hips in volume will help the waving of the legs. Kneel, resting his hands on the floor. Performed swings each leg, not rectifying it to the end. The muscles of the hips and buttocks should be tensed. We do 30 swings each leg.

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Beauty treatments

There are a number of procedures to get rid of cellulite and extra inches in the hips (buttocks). These include: wraps, massages, scrubs and creams. Similar procedures can be performed at home and in the salon.


It helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body and to remove excess liquid from fabrics. To achieve visible results it is important to observe the massage. If you do not understand this, then sign up for a session to a professional massage therapist.

The full course includes 15-20 procedures massage. Through this procedure, you will be able in a short time to get rid of fat on the outer and inner thigh.


To perform them independently, without recourse to specialists. As ingredients suitable seaweed, extracts of herbs, bitter chocolate, honey and hot pepper.

The principle of this procedure consists in the following: all the problem areas (buttocks, thighs and abdomen) are covered by one of the above components wrapped in cling film.

To enhance the effect, you need to go to bed and hide a warm blanket. The average duration of wrap – 45-60 minutes. Then taken a shower. A course of 15-20 such procedures will allow to remove a few extra inches from thighs, buttocks and waist.

Blue clay

This is a great way to eliminate cellulite and reduce thighs. Cosmetic clay is used as a component of the mixture to wrap the body. A good effect is given a mask based on blue clay. They are made very simply: clay diluted with water to a mushy state.

Added essential oils (5 drops of oil of rosemary and thyme). All this is thoroughly mixed. It remains to apply the mixture on problem areas and wait 5-7 minutes. Then go take a warm shower. Essential oil. Usually they are used during the massage problem zones (buttocks, thighs).

You can make a mixture of different oils. For example, to combat cellulite and excess fat on the thighs it can be mixed with jojoba oil. To prepare this composition, you need to take 100 ml of jojoba oil, add 10 drops of oils of lemon, orange and rosemary.

Allow to infuse for at least 2 hours. Then add 20 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of oil of Jasmine. Stir it carefully. Now you can move on to the massage.

Lymphatic drainage

One of the varieties of massage. The essence of this procedure is to eliminate excess fluid from the tissues. To master the technique of lymphatic drainage. But in the absence of practice visible results will have to wait a long time.

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Therefore, we recommend that you visit the nearest beauty salon and book a treatment of lymphatic drainage. Soon you will feel unprecedented ease throughout the body. Thighs and buttocks will decrease in volume by a few centimeters.


It is a new injectable way of getting rid of «orange peel» and for the correction of localized fat deposits. This procedure is a good alternative to liposuction. In this case, the patient did not have any surgical intervention.

The essence methodically involves the insertion of a special Hypo cocktail into the subcutaneous fat. Eventually the fat cells are destroyed and the products of their decomposition are displayed immediately in the bloodstream.

This method can be recommended for those who do not receive any results from dieting and exercise.

LPG massage

Another popular salon treatment. It is applied using a vacuum roller massager, which affects the muscles, tendons and fatty tissue, toxins and excess fluid from the body. Duration of one session, 30-40 minutes.

Visible results appear immediately, but only after the fourth procedure. The full course consists of 10-20 procedures with a frequency of 2 times a week. Excited to announce that LPG massage has a number of contraindications (SARS, cancer, pregnancy, inflammation of the skin, etc.).

Surgical way

With good skin elasticity, you can do one liposuction. It is typical for young patients. But Mature ladies necessitates the removal of excess skin resulting after childbirth or a large weight loss. The possibility of simulation of the hips is limited only by muscles and the hip bones. The volume and degree of difficulty of correction of the hips is determined at the consultation. The doctor performs an examination, assessing the condition of the skin, as well as the shape and thickness of the fat layer.

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Most commonly performed thigh lift surgery. After this operation remain long scars. On the inner thighs is a vertical incision, remove the excess skin. If you want to improve the shape of only the upper part of the thigh, the operation is performed with the incision in the groin. Plastic surgeon should tell the patient about the aesthetic features of the selected operation.

Facelift is performed under General anesthesia and lasts from 2 to 6 hours. This operation often involves liposuction. In this case, the «pumping» of the grease is carried out before carrying out incision.


There are many ways of getting rid of extra inches in the thighs and buttocks. Try to choose the one that will cause the least harm to your body. To reduce the volume of the buttocks and thighs is easy. Your task is to keep the results. For this you need to eat right and exercise. Remember: a rolling stone gathers no moss. Wish you luck in the struggle for a slender and toned body!