How to remove forehead wrinkles quickly, at home facial, deep, between the eyebrows

What it is

Forehead wrinkles are the folds and grooves on the skin are formed due to various reasons, combined with its aging and loss of elasticity.

Factors of occurrence:

  • physiological aging
  • hormonal changes the body,
  • the adverse impact of environmental factors.

The wrinkles are:

  1. horizontal
  2. vertical
  3. facial
  4. deep.

The appearance of facial wrinkles we owe our facial expressions. Daily the muscles of the face, manifestations of the emotions on the face is reduced many times.

Over time wrinkles are deeper and do not lend themselves to relaxation. Age is doing its job: fine wrinkles become deep, the skin droops. This process affects another and the force of gravity, so this type of wrinkles is called «gravity».

Causes of

The basic causes of forehead wrinkles are the following factors:

  1. age aging of the skin. The synthesis process of collagen slows down with age, the skin becomes vulnerable, the first wrinkles appear, including longitudinal folds on the forehead;
  2. active solar radiation. The sun destroyed cells, DNA, collagen fibers and intercellular structures, blood vessels lose their strength. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and moisture, which leads to formation of early wrinkles;
  3. excessive facial expressions: the elastic properties of the skin do not compensate for the frequent contraction of facial muscles. As a result, the first small-scale, and further wrinkles;
  4. stress: while emotional «shocks» in the blood to a large number of so-called stress hormones — adrenaline, glucocorticoids. The nature of the body is that the blood under the influence of these hormones goes primarily to the vital organs, providing vital functions of the body. And the skin is not enough, due to insufficient blood supply needed oxygen and nutrients. The result is the deterioration of the skin and wrinkles;
  5. polluted air and water, food, with minimal amounts of vitamins, but a large number of different kinds of dyes, stabilizers, flavors, preservatives and other harmful substances; harmful electromagnetic radiation from household appliances, computer equipment. And voluntary people poisoning themselves with nicotine, alcohol and drugs. All these factors have a profound impact on the condition of the facial skin and trigger the appearance of wrinkles;
  6. rapid weight loss: many women in the pursuit of the perfect body begin to literally starve yourself, causing the body forced to pick from subcutaneous tissue nutrients. The result is dehydration and wrinkles;
  7. improper use of cosmetics, for example, incorrectly identifying the type of skin, use of inappropriate tools, dry dry or more casaliva oily skin;
  8. diseases of internal organs: endocrine system, liver, easily, and kidneys. A problem with the health of the skin reacts immediately, dullness, sagging, wrinkled.
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How to remove fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead

In the selection of methods of removing wrinkles you need to consider the age and extent of current changes. It is better if the consultant will be a professional cosmetologist.

In most cases it is sufficient to provide regular care for the skin at home, using the recommended professional masks, lotions, creams, massage, exercises. These methods have the greatest effect at a young age when the wrinkles are still prominent. Forehead wrinkles can be removed by such means:


  1. mash 1 boiled potato, add 1 teaspoon of milk, olive oil and sour cream. Apply the mask twice a week for 20 minutes;
  2. grated potato and cucumber (1 piece) applied to the skin for 15 minutes, rinse with water where you added lemon juice. At the end of the procedure, lubricate the skin with warm olive oil;
  3. a mixture of 1 protein eggs, a teaspoon of salt and a few spoonfuls of lemon juice applied to the forehead for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water;
  4. warm olive oil applied to the forehead, cover with a paper towel and with a towel, 15 minutes to hold, and then wash with warm water or herbal infusion;
  5. melt in a water bath paraffin, dip it in fabric and attach it to his forehead, which is pre-greased with olive oil (shown in the fatty skin of the forehead).


The use of masks is possible and desirable to combine with the use of creams. Removes dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the skin cream with alpha-oxyacids.

The day you need to use nourishing and evening moisturizer. Be sure to use sunscreen. Apply the cream rubbing massage movements, smoothing out wrinkles.

While self-selection of cream choose a product which includes minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other essential skin substances.


An effective means of getting rid of forehead wrinkles is properly carried out massage:

  1. effective massage with hot essential oils of: olive, almond, apricot. To do this, heat any oil in a small container, dip the tips of the fingers and massaging movements to apply the gel from the center to the edges of the forehead. This oil massage should last 5 to 7 minutes, then you need to wet your skin with a tissue and not wash away the oil until the morning:
  2. to make peeling a special tool, causing it to cleansed skin of the forehead and smooth circular movements without lifting your fingers from the surface of the skin, treat the skin for 3-4 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Stroking from the center of the forehead to the temples.
  3. vertical wrinkles on the bridge of his nose and smoothed upwards towards the eyebrows. Then – gently, from the center of the forehead to the temples, «suscipiam» eyebrows forefinger and thumb, make a light tapping with the fingertips, interea «rain», then a few times to hand from left to right and right to left alternately. A massage course – 20 sessions, for massage you must also use a cream or base oil.
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Good effect of exercise can be achieved if you do them immediately after a massage:

  1. leaning on the table, brows pressed fingers and make grimaces, alternately «frowning» and «surprised»;
  2. apply along the hairline to the tips of the fingers, pressing down firmly. Pull the skin of the forehead upwards, while lowering the eyebrows down;
  3. to remove wrinkles on the forehead between the eyebrows, you need to bring your eyebrows together, then index fingers to pull them apart as far as possible. Repeat the exercise at least 6 times in a row several times a day.

Video: Technique


The above methods dealing with wrinkles on the forehead is effective when facial wrinkles, superficial, but nasty when folds of skin become deep, that has come more effective methods:

  1. the injections of Botox, relaxing the muscles;
  2. the injection of hyaluronic acid. Such injections well smooth the skin, align it, making it more elastic and removing wrinkles;
  3. the method of plasmolifting. In this case, the injection of enriched plasma of the patient. Such procedures provide the skin function and appearance as at a young age.

What you can do at home

  1. to remove wrinkles on forehead at home using home cryotherapy: it is necessary to wipe the problem area with ice cubes, the ice may be cooked with a decoction of herbs of calendula, comfrey, chamomile and other herbs;
  2. the grated soap to dissolve in hot water. Add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, camphor oil and baking soda. Mix and apply the mask. Then pour on a cotton swab calcium chloride (10%) and grind directly into the mask. After wash away the mask, brush with bio yogurt or cream;
  3. mixed with milk gelatin (for dry skin) or water for oily skin in a ratio of 3 parts liquid and 1 Cup of the gelatine, leave to swell for 20-30 minutes. In a water bath to bring the mixture to a gel state. Apply with a brush for half an hour the mixture on the forehead. To remove the jelly with a cloth dampened with warm water. This procedure is done several times a week.
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Prevention of wrinkling

  1. at the first signs of wrinkles on the forehead need to avoid unnecessary grimaces, of the habit to wrinkle forehead;
  2. you should regularly (2 times per week) to apply cleansing facial scrubs, use a nourishing, moisturizing and sunscreen good quality, to make a nutritious mask;
  3. regularly massage and exercises to prevent wrinkles;

  4. drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day;
  5. to follow the diet, your food should be a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, avoid junk food, saturated not useful dyes, flavors and similar substances.
  6. sleep well, eliminate stress component of your life, get plenty of rest;
  7. wear quality sunglasses.

Useful tips

Before an important event when you need to quickly correct the appearance defects, you can use this trick: take an ordinary drugstore patches stick on the skin of the forehead and leave until morning. In the morning, wet the plaster with warm water and gently remove. The skin under the plaster is smoothed and the wrinkles disappear. But the patch should keep no more than 8 hours, otherwise you’ll achieve the opposite effect. Such a procedure can do no more than once per month.

Before carrying out any procedure on the face, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water!

The use of new tools requires testing for allergic reactions.

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