How to remove stretch marks on Breasts — how to get rid of, pregnancy cream, why appear

The female breast is an important part of the body of each woman. Its main purpose consists in feeding the baby. However, under the influence of different changes and factors that occur throughout life, it can quickly lose shape and on its surface may develop stretch marks.

Stretch marks can occur due to age-related changes in the period of active growth of the breast during pregnancy and breast-feeding a baby. These nasty bugs can appear in almost any woman, so it is important to know the basic ways to eliminate this unpleasant defect. But how to do it? how to achieve ideal beauty and shape of their Breasts?

Prerequisites for the formation of stretch marks

The formation of stretch marks on Breasts occurs during the process of replacement of normal structures of the epidermis and tissue connective tissues.

Preceding the main factor of the defect can be minor injury – increased stretching of the skin.

Stretch marks usually take the form of strips of white or red, which have a thickness of about 5 mm and a length of about 10 cm.

The main signs of the beginning of the appearance of stretch marks are usually referred to three main points:

  • Fabrics have high extensibility;
  • Loss properties of the elasticity of the skin;
  • A high degree of sagging muscular frame. All muscle fibers must always be in good shape to withstand the increased tension.

Often stretch marks on Breasts occur when sudden changes in body weight. They can also occur due to hormonal changes in the body. This defect can occur not only in people with excess body weight, but adolescents, pregnant women.

Why there

Stretch marks on the breast can appear completely different reasons, but the mechanism of their occurrence is always the same. The skin becomes a thin structure, and the level of elastin decreases, eventually there is a break of the top layer of the skin.

At first, the tears are red in color, just at this stage of stretching can be eliminated by special treatment. Over time, stretch marks become white and look like scars.

The main causes of stretch marks are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding child. During this period there is an increase in prolactin levels. This hormone causes the formation of milk in mammary lobules. As a result, the Breasts become heavy, and it grows in size. All this leads to breaks in the skin;
  2. Puberty. Usually the girls closer to 12-16 years there is the beginning of puberty. At this time the ovaries secrete hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which provide the active growth of the breast. In this period there is a rapid increase in this part of the body that result is accompanied by the appearance of stretch marks;
  3. Treatment of pathologies of the genital organs. During cystic, adenomyosis and other pathological processes of the ovaries and uterus are assigned the use of hormonal medicines. The use of these drugs can cause severe hormonal disturbances and the appearance of stretch marks on the breast;
  4. A sharp increase or decrease in weight. The breast is made up not only of muscle but of fat. While increasing or decreasing the amount of that tissue structure of the skin begins to stretch and burst.

Preventive measures

But the appearance of stretch marks can be prevented, it is enough to follow certain preventive measures. Compliance with these measures will avoid the occurrence of these unpleasant defects.

Many doctors recommend to take care of skin my entire adult life to monitor his condition.

You can use the important recommendations:

  • Necessary for cleavage need to provide nourishing and moisturizing care. For this you need to regularly use creams with moisturizing and nourishing structure. It is desirable that the composition of these funds consisted of components such as, collagen, elastin, natural vegetable oils (grape seed, avocado, cocoa beans and others). It is recommended to buy special cosmetic products that remove stretch marks;
  • It is necessary to moisturize the body from within. Per day should drink at least two liters of plain water. Dry skin is most prone to various injuries;
  • Food should be healthy and balanced. In the diet should prevail fresh fruits, greens and vegetables;
  • If you want to reduce weight, it is best to choose a diet and lively exercise, which will be not sharp, and slow weight loss. When the muscles don’t have to work for wear. The best option would be a gradual buildup pace, difficulty level of the exercise and execution of regular training;
  • We recommend that you regularly take a contrast shower – this treatment is the best prevention of stretch marks. Cool water provides a high stimulating blood flow and promotes intensive nourishment of the skin. It is important a rule this procedure should begin by washing your face with hot water and end with cold water rinse;
  • The use of massages, the best option is to massage Garcia. The features of this variety of massage you can learn on your own. This massage should be done daily, it will depend on the General condition of the breast;
  • Underwear should fit the parameters of the breast. When wearing a bra should not cause discomfort, rubbing, or pain. Linen must be sufficiently tightly surround the mammary glands. When breastfeeding should use bras for nursing moms and only from natural materials.

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How to choose the right tool

If to avoid the appearance of stretch marks on Breasts could not, in these cases, you should take the necessary steps to eliminate them. Treatment of these defects is rather long and laborious. But if you perform all the necessary recommendations, then you can eliminate all the unpleasant scars.

Do not delay treatment if the surface of the chest only appeared striae, it is better to start to fix them. Otherwise, they will turn white and go into scars that will bring out the impossible.

If stretch marks are still red, then to remove them you can use the following homemade methods of struggle:

  1. People’s ways;
  2. Cosmetics.

Red stretch marks can be remove by conventional creams that are designed to eliminate stretch marks. You can also use various vegetable oils, homemade scrubs, remedies herbal.

If stretch marks are white, then at home to remove them, fail. They can’t even act creams, rubbing. To remove white stretch marks is possible by means of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.

How to remove stretch marks on breast

To treat stretch marks on the Breasts is possible by different methods, depending on their severity. At the initial stage, you can use a stretch mark cream breast gel, various natural oils, traditional methods. But if the stretch marks have become white, in this case will only salon methods.

Salon treatments

Services of professional beauticians cost much expensive but they provide a positive result, even if the term stretch mark is from 3-5 years or more.

Accordingly, the cost of the procedure will depend on the age of the defect, namely the older the stretch marks, the more expensive is the cost of the procedure to remove them. The period of use of these procedures should be determined by the esthetician for each patient individually.


This method is effective when the stretch marks have appeared recently.

During this procedure, apply the mixture on the basis of:

  • seaweed,
  • cosmetic clay
  • aromatic oils.

Application features:

  • The therapeutic compositions are applied to the surface of the skin with stretch marks;
  • Then on top of the composition serves a special thermal blanket;
  • All is aged for 30-60 minutes.

The rate of application usually consists of 5 to 12 treatments depending on the severity of stretch marks.

Chemical peels

During this procedure, the surface of the skin with striae applied special solutions containing acids such as trichloroacetic, phenol, alpha-hydroxy.

The molecules of the acids penetrate deeper into the epidermis, provide deep exfoliation and accelerate the recovery of damaged cells.

The main characteristics of this procedure:

  1. Session be conducted using General anesthesia, because during it there is severe pain;
  2. It is not recommended to use in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, allergic reactions, in the presence of chronic pathologies;
  3. In this procedure, you may experience side effects such as toxic effects of the components, the appearance of scars.

Ultrasonic impact

This method of removing stretch marks have appeared recently.

The use of ultrasound massage provides exposure to the deeper layers of the dermis and stimulates blood circulation.

During an intense blood circulation to the damaged tissues get a large number of useful components and the restoration of the damaged structure of the skin.


In its properties, this method is virtually indistinguishable from scrubs.

During this method, special apparatus is supplied a blast of directed air with fine particles that have a massaging effect on the upper layer of the skin and exfoliate dead cells.

Laser peel

This procedure is similar to chemical peeling.

Many beauticians believe that the use of this method may harm the health, others on the contrary believe that this method allows to quickly eliminate all the stretch marks without the unpleasant consequences.

Usually to eliminate stretch marks 10 sessions are sufficient. If stretch marks are young, they can be removed in 3-5 sessions.


During this procedure is carried obkalyvanie problem areas.

During injection, introduced a variety of mineral and vitamin complexes, extracts from medicinal plants, nutritional substances with protein nature.

The result is increased metabolism, in which there is a complete or partial resorption of stretch marks. Usually held from 6 to 10 treatments with an interval of one week.

Traditional methods

Traditional methods are suitable in cases when the use of cosmetic methods are contraindicated. Well as traditional methods help resolve fresh stretch marks, they can also be used during pregnancy.

Mixture of horsetail

The structure of this plant component includes a high level of silicon, which provides a rejuvenation of the skin.

For stretch marks alcohol helps the mixture with this grass, which are prepared according to the following scheme:

  1. 50 grams of horsetail to pour 500 ml of vodka and alcohol;
  2. Next, add a few drops of lemon juice;
  3. All poured into half-liter bottle;
  4. The bottle with the liquid you need to close and clean in a dark place for 30 days.
  5. After this infusion should be poured into a large container and add half a liter of water.

The finished mixture should be applied to the Breasts with stretch marks until the end of the solution.

The tool is based on carrots

Carrots helps to give the skin a dark color, so as a result of application of the mixture on the basis of this vegetable stretch marks are hardly visible.

How to prepare:

  • To do this, RUB the carrots on a fine grater;
  • Grated carrots, pour a glass of water;
  • The mixture was infused for 1 hour;
  • Then add 20 ml of almond oil;

The finished mixture can be applied to the surface of the skin with stretch marks. Keep it in the fridge.


This tool is quite popular among many women, which is actively used in cosmetics.

Features of preparation of the mixture based on mummies to eliminate stretch marks:

  1. For this you need to buy one plate of a mountain of resin in the pharmacy, it should pour 20 ml of warm water;
  2. After mumie to dissolve completely, it should be mixed with 100 grams of any baby cream;
  3. The obtained cream for stretch marks on the chest should be applied to problem areas of the breast.


On the basis of this plant can be prepared a special cocktail that can eliminate stretch marks at an early stage.

Features cooking:

  • In blender you need to put 100 grams of fresh dandelions and grind;
  • Further, the dandelions added 3 large aloe leaf and is ground again;
  • Then in the green mashed potatoes you need to add 100 ml olive oil and 30 grams of flour of oats;
  • The entire mixture is well mixed.

The finished mixture should be applied on the skin with stretch marks. Keep the mixture should be within 15 minutes, after that all washed off with warm water. It is necessary to store in the fridge.

Useful tips

In order to quickly eliminate stretch marks on chest don’t forget the useful recommendations that will not only help to remove stretch marks, but also to quickly restore all the properties of the skin:

  1. Regularly use special creams against stretch marks, which have nourishing and moisturizing structure;
  2. At the initial stage it is possible to use folk remedies and creams are plant-based;
  3. If you decide to ask for help to the beautician, then choose the experienced professionals. It is advisable to read on the Internet reviews of salons and cosmetologists;
  4. You need to wear comfortable underwear that fits snugly to the breast and does not cause discomfort.

How to choose a method for eliminating stretch marks, it is an individual matter, but most importantly the fight against these defects must begin at an early stage.

Timely treatment will help you not only to quickly get rid of stretch marks, but also prevent the occurrence of scars.

But before resorting to any treatment methods, you should carefully examine all its features and weigh the pros and cons.

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