How to remove stretch marks on stomach after giving birth at home than laser


The most difficult process behind, the woman saw a screaming ball of happiness and it would seem that nothing could spoil her joy. But soon moments of euphoria pass, and the young mother realizes that her appearance is not so attractive as before due to the stretch marks on the body.

Do not immediately panic and give up on their appearance, because there are many ways at home to remove stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth.

Causes of

Stretch marks in medicine are called striae – are scars that form on skin when he severely stretched when carrying a child. They mainly occur during pregnancy, and remain on the body forever.

The abdomen of the expectant mother the most prone to change, therefore this is the biggest area of risk. The pregnancy is not critical – stretch marks can occur at the initial stage, and in the middle, and even before the advent of the baby born.

The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is the result:

  • the rapid growth of the abdomen;
  • sudden weight gain;
  • adjustment of hormonal background;
  • reduce physical activity.

Skin rapidly and strongly stretched, and the female body is no longer able to produce enough collagen and elastin that are responsible for tone and elasticity of the dermis. As a result, connective tissue and skin inside the torn form the scars which are called stretch.

Preventive measures

Women who do not wish their body was covered with the beautiful stretch marks can prevent them. For this you need to follow a few simple guidelines. This makes it possible to ensure that the skin remained intact.

Consider the basic rules of prevention of stretch marks:

  1. When carrying a child and the first time after delivery it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of underwear. In order to avoid stretch marks on the belly to help the skin using a bandage. Developed many different models, from which it is possible to find the most comfortable variation. Thus, when the tummy grows, this product supports it and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
  2. Experts have developed many different moderate physical activity. They help to support the figure in norm, not to lose skin tone and prevent sharp set of unwanted pounds. In addition, moderate load saturate the cells of the skin with oxygen, preserving its elasticity.
  3. There are various cosmetic products meant for pregnant women. These creams, lotions, balms consist of a mass of useful components that help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, or at least substantially reduce their size and quantity.
  4. You need to systematically carry out small tingling and rubbing problem areas. This massage helps accelerate blood flow to the skin, thereby accelerating the production of collagen and elastin in cells.
  5. You can resort to traditional medicine, but only after consultation with your gynecologist. Here the main principle is to choose the right recipe and you regularly use it.
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These techniques can help women who have no genetic predisposition, otherwise to prevent the appearance of stretch marks is almost impossible.

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Is it possible to completely get rid of

Every woman it is important to know that to fully get rid of stretch marks on stomach after giving birth without surgical intervention is not possible.

If the scars appeared on the female body, they will remain there forever. But at home, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in their number and sizes.

That’s why it’s so important to take all possible measures to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

How to remove stretch marks on stomach at home

To get rid of the stretch marks invented many different variations. The effect on the skin with the help of physiotherapy funds, is considered the most common and effective method.

These include:

  1. Massage. The places where there are stretch marks, need to handle with light circular movements so not to stretch the skin. Before beginning the procedure, the body is to put rosemary, orange or almond oil. You can also produce and plucked a massage, it will help to clean up not only stretch marks, and cellulite.
  2. Wrap. The most effective and useful variation is a blend of aromatherapy oils. To prepare this remedy: take 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil or avocado and add 10 drops of oils of lavender, neroli, Jasmine, rosemary and lemon. All ingredients stir and leave in a dark place for 24 hours. Zones, which are stretch marks, you need to lubricate cooked medium and wrapped in cling film, then go under a blanket for half an hour. The result will be noticeable after 2 months after regular treatments.
  3. Baths. To do this, dissolve 250 g of starch in 2 liters of water and stir thoroughly. The prepared solution is poured into a pre-recruited a bath with warm water. Sit in this water is allowed no more than 15 minutes. Baths should systematically until there is a stable positive result.
  4. Contrast compresses. To remove stretch marks on belly after childbirth, it is necessary to dissolve 1 spoon of lemon juice and salt in 1 l of hot water. Towel, better if it is Terry, dip it into hot cooked solution and applied for half a minute to stream on my stomach. Then do the same thing, only with cold water. 1 procedure is to change the temperature should be 5 times;
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To achieve maximum results, must be added to the above procedures, sports and walks in the fresh air.

Is it possible to apply the laser

Laser resurfacing is one of the most common and effective methods of removing stretch marks.

For this procedure the dentist will use a special device – a fractional laser that emits light beams of short pulses.

When the light penetrates into the inner layers of the skin, is therapeutic influence on the outdated or damaged structure of the skin. Thus, increasing the amount of produced collagen and elastin production, improves skin nutrition and hydration.

In the end, it restores natural functioning of the body and the skin gradually returns to normal.

After the first session you should see the first results as stretch marks become less noticeable.

This method has a number of attractive advantages:

  • requires no surgery;
  • the results are visible already after the first session;
  • the procedure has a high safety;
  • the skin is not practically damaged;
  • can be applied to any area of the body;
  • the adjacent tissues remain untouched;
  • the procedure takes a short period of time;

To remove stretch marks on stomach after birth using a laser is quite simple. But as in any other procedure, laser resurfacing has certain disadvantages.

These include:

  • high cost;
  • pain. No matter how cool the laser during the procedure, pain is inevitable;
  • if the stretch marks are obsolete, remove them completely is not possible;
  • some discomfort during the rehabilitation period, for example, it is forbidden to sunbathe and swim.

Modern technology

In modern cosmetology developed quite a number of options for getting rid of stretch marks:

  1. Mesotherapy. Specialists have invented 2 version of this procedure. In the first case, input useful component is produced by injection, and the second is applied externally. The main ingredient is serum has a complex composition, which includes vitamins, biological stimulators, stem cells, etc. the Best result brings the injection method, but the woman during the procedure pain. In this regard, the most popular external application.
  2. Ozone-oxygen injections. The procedure gives a woman a strong enough pain. But with the help of injections you start the mechanism of regeneration, and restores the proper functioning of the organism and subsequent production of collagen and elastin. Wound where tissue was torn, filled with fresh and healthy cells and stretch marks are not as pronounced.
  3. Radiolifting. This procedure is also an effect on the skin by an electric current. However, it is affected quite differently: with the help of his discharge heats up the subcutaneous tissue layers and the tissue. This causes the body to resume proper functioning with the production of sufficient collagen and elastin, which will fill in the stretch marks and align them.
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The woman who chose to deal with postpartum stretch marks home remedies should understand that this will need to spend a significant period of time. It is also essential to know what stretch marks faster to leave the body, if you apply complex methods to eliminate them, eat right and do special exercises.

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