How to remove stretch marks on the body (striae) — causes, treatment, at home and with the help of procedures, photos, and videos

When you notice a significant change in body weight, the skin does not have time to respond due to a lack of elasticity and ruptures of the fibers. Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body, they look very unattractive.

First appear red stretch marks on the body. This is due to the fact that in the inner skin tears are blood vessels. Over time the blood vessels is smaller and they become pale.

Not only women, inclined to obesity, and mothers, suffer with this skin defect. In men, they appear quite often on the same areas of the skin that women. This is due to sudden changes in body weight, due to intense exercise and fast muscle building.

From time to time there are ads that tell you about a new miraculous remedy for stretch marks. Starts a stir, because to get rid of this defect is desired by all, then all cease. The question is, are stretch marks on the body, remains relevant. Unfortunately, to fully remove stretch marks is impossible. Cosmetologists looking for ways to drastically and effectively solve the problem, but it is only to make stretch marks less visible and prevent the emergence of new ones.


  • The elasticity of the skin primarily depends on the consumption of water by man. Daily low consumption of plain water for an adult is 1.5 liters.
  • Not a balanced diet – the second cause of the appearance of stretch marks.
  • The sharp increase and reset the body mass also cause the appearance of stretch marks on the body.
  • Hormonal changes in adolescence, pregnancy, menopause – the internal causes of appearance of stretch marks.

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Their appearance on the body for no apparent reason can be a symptom of certain diseases:

  • Itsenko-Cushing’s;
  • pathology of the ovaries, adrenal glands, hypothalamus, thyroid gland.

In this case, you must refer to an endocrinologist for tests.

The appearance of stretch marks and contribute to bad habits such as Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The reason may be lack of vitamin C, which promotes collagen production.


The cosmetic clinic offer a range of procedures, which result in stretch marks become less noticeable. Some very effective and scars are visible only with strong lighting. But don’t believe the advertising appeals, which promises complete healing. Modern methods allow only to mask the problem.

Chemical peeling is one of the most common methods of skin resurfacing. But lately, regarding this method being hotly debated. Many European countries have deep peeling is prohibited. Too unpredictable consequences of such treatment. The cost of the treatment medium chemical peel is about $200.

Laser resurfacing – a more progressive method. With the help of lasers, the top layer of skin is removed, but the procedure is performed with the highest precision penetration. The results are worth it. The scars are smooth and nearly imperceptible. The cost of the procedure depends on the area damaged by the stretch mark tissue and, therefore, the time of the session. 15 minutes laser peeling for a site 1 cm? is about $10. The larger the area and more noticeable stretch marks – the higher treatment cost.

Laser nanoparticle is a new and safe technique. Perhaps that it will allow humanity to get rid of stretch marks forever. The essence of technology that the body starts the regeneration process of damaged skin. The cost of the procedure to plot up to 3 cm? is around $50, patch of skin up to 200 cm? will be processed for about $200.

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What about the massage?

Massage is also very effective in the fight against stretch marks. Very good honey massage. It should be done after showering or peeling. Slightly warmed natural honey to be poured into the palm and make a patting motion in the field of stretch marks. To continue it is necessary to complete absorption of the med into the skin after the procedure should take a warm shower without soap and gel.

Will help and massaging hands damaged skin with essential oils. Stretch the skin is impossible, will it hurt her even more, to perform better tingling.

Vacuum massage is done using special apparatus in the beauty salon. During the procedure, the epidermis is slightly irritated, it leads to increased blood flow, cellular metabolism, nutrition of tissues and improve skin condition.

Oils, creams and scrubs

These methods improve the General condition of the skin. They can make scars less visible, but significant effect can be expected. Part of the funds should enter the essential oil, elastin, collagen and plant extracts that reinforce the skin. Very good job with the stretch marks olive oil that you just RUB into stretch marks damaged areas.

Cream, containing cocoa butter is also very effective. Body scrubs exfoliate dead skin and improve blood circulation. Regular use of these funds will not only help to make existing stretch marks less noticeable, but to avoid new.

After showering apply to the affected areas of the oil solution of vitamin E.

Very well proved itself in the fight against stretch marks French drug Endermology. It is a roller that massages the skin, exfoliates old cells and helps to reduce scars.

Is it possible to prevent their occurrence?

Healthy lifestyle will not only make you healthy but also protect from the emergence of stretch marks. Drink water, eat healthy foods, exercise.

If all this is in Your life is the norm – stretch marks will not appear. You can use beauty tools, massage, scrubs, creams – they will help to keep the skin in good shape. But will be useless for a person not leading a healthy way of life.

You should increase the consumption of foods containing vitamins A, C and E or take them in Supplement form. It is necessary to constantly monitor the hydration of the skin. Massages, wraps, contrast water procedures will help to keep the skin in good shape and prevent their occurrence.

Photo of stretch marks on the body

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