How to remove wrinkles above the upper lip, around the eyes, in the home, nasolabial folds, between the eyebrows

Deep wrinkles on the face is a problem that with age bothers every woman. Unfortunately, youth does not last forever, but it can be renewed using the following methods. Let us consider in more detail how to get rid of wrinkles and that you need to do.

What it is

Wrinkles are a creases on the skin which may be localized on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body. Wrinkles occur due to damage to fibers of collagen and elastin – the most important connecting parts of the human skin.

There are two main types of wrinkles:

  1. Mimic — develop due to the active work of the facial muscles. They are not deep and is usually localized in the area of human eyes (called crow’s feet). As the practice shows, most of this type of wrinkle affected people-sanguine, often laughing and actively Express their emotions.
  2. Deep age is a direct consequence of the natural physiological processes of aging. There is such type of wrinkles in people aged forty years. Deep folds in the skin are much harder to fight, however, with regular use of special techniques can significantly extend the youthfulness of your face.

Causes of

Wrinkles on the forehead of a person are often formed for the following reasons:

  1. Due to the active gestures. For example, it can become a habit knit his brow, or to reduce eyebrow, causing muscles of the forehead «get used» to the facial expressions and will form the first small, but then deep folds.
  2. Recent infectious diseases or chronic conditions negatively affects the entire body, leading to premature aging. It can also affect the skin condition.
  3. Severe diseases of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and gynecological diseases in women can significantly reduce the body’s defenses and reduce the elasticity of the skin, causing it to be more prone to the formation of wrinkles, and forehead including.
  4. The abuse of «heavy» makeup, which not only clog pores but also escusive the skin, which leads to its premature aging. The most harmful cosmetic products are powder, creams and all sorts of scissors.

Moreover, even more dangerous to use poor-quality cosmetics, which is able to invoke an allergic reaction.

  1. Improper or insufficient care of the skin can lead to early appearance of wrinkles. Justified it by the fact that the skin due to lack of vitamin and hydration will be faster fading.
  2. Smoking and passive Smoking always affects the skin, though far from the best. In addition to wrinkles, smokers run the risk of getting dull skin a grayish hue.
  3. Constant exposure to negative external factors (bright sunlight, cold wind, excessive humidity, stay in a stuffy room). All this creates conditions for the appearance of wrinkles in different parts of the face and body.
  4. The age of reason. With about thirty years of age in humans, there are visible wrinkles. Deep creases on the skin formed by the age of forty.

Justified it by the fact that in the aging process, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, so it is difficult to return to its original position after a facial movement.

  1. A very important role in the appearance of forehead wrinkles is playing stress and nervous tension (especially if they are long). Statistics show that modern man is much more exposed to experiences, almost every day worrying and taking all the problems seriously.
  2. Improper diet or a common diet that has limited amount of nutrients. Because of this the body suffers, as he does not get even half of the necessary vitamin and trace elements. Naturally, this is immediately displayed on the skin, making it dry, withered and lost elasticity.
  3. Frequent use of alcoholic beverages, as well as Smoking affects the skin condition. Furthermore, alcohol impairs the liver and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which further affects the skin, causing puffiness and discoloration.
  4. Insufficient rest and inadequate sleep.
  5. The radiation from the computer monitor, as well as the sun’s rays are bad for the skin.
  6. The lack of fresh air not only makes you constantly tired and lethargic, but also affects his skin.
  7. Pollution in the body of toxins.
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How to remove wrinkles in different areas

Eliminate wrinkles using cosmetic treatments, both in the home and in the salon.

The first option will cost significantly cheaper, but it cannot be less effective compared to expensive salon procedures.

Consider how to remove wrinkles in different areas of the face in more detail.

On the upper lip and nasolabial

To remove nasolabial wrinkles and folds on the upper lip is quite difficult, since they often appear as a result of active gestures.

Best way to get rid of wrinkles around lips mask using starch and gelatin.

You can also practice special exercises for the lips, which will contribute to wrinkles.

Around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and thin. She more than any other areas of the face exposed to the appearance of wrinkles.

To eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, you should use the following guidelines:

  1. To correctly moisturize the skin, as it is the cornerstone. Hydrated epidermis will remain resilient for many years, you can not say about parched skin, with a severe shortage of the vitamin.

It is best to moisturize the skin in the eye area to use the essential oil of peach and almond, aloe juice, and soft coconut oil. Nevertheless, the procedure hydration should be regular (at least three times a week).

  1. To do a light massage around the eye area. For this purpose it is useful fingertips to press on the outer corners of the eyes and stretch the skin. Whenever such a massage, you need to use a rich cream.
  2. Very good at helping to return the skin its former elasticity proper nutrition. For this purpose the diet should be enriched with foods with a high content of collagen and other beneficial substances. It is best to eat seaweed, meat, Turkey, fatty fish, carrots, tomatoes, seafood and parsley. These products will enrich the body with vitamins and will contribute to the improvement of the skin.

Between the eyebrows and forehead moisturizing mask and a special massage to smooth wrinkles. For example, a very effective is a Pat and rubbing the skin between the eyebrows with the use of fatty cream.

On the neck

The skin on the neck likewise is subjected to aging as a person. Unfortunately, very often women are paying much attention for the care of the face and completely forget about moisturizing the neck.

To get rid of the ugly wrinkles on the neck should be regularly applied on her supply of masks and creams. They are based should be natural components (yolk, gelatin, honey, butter, cucumber, etc.).

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What are the ways to smooth skin

Today, there are the following methods for smoothing the skin and eliminating wrinkles:

  1. Special masks.
  2. The use of creams.
  3. Removal of wrinkles with massage.
  4. The exercise intervention.
  5. Injection method to combat wrinkles.


The best masks from wrinkles are:

  1. Mask from egg yolks and honey (1 tbsp honey and 2 egg yolks). Apply for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  2. The mask of almond oil (2 tsp), honey and a few drops of rose oil. This remedy can be applied daily on the skin with wrinkles and leave it for fifteen minutes.
  3. Mix equal amounts of sour cream, a few drops of vitamin E, carrot juice and protein. Apply the prepared mixture on face and leave for twenty minutes, then rinse and moisturize the skin cream.


The most effective recipes of wrinkles creams are:

  1. Mix the vitamin E, sea buckthorn oil and cocoa butter. Ready cream should be applied to the eye area. Half an hour later the remnants of the cream to wet paper towel.
  2. Mix coconut oil, three tablespoons of milk and the same amount of honey. Apply an even layer all over the face and neck.
  3. In equal proportions mix the almond oil, purified avocado and cucumber. Apply to the skin several times a week.
  4. Mix a small piece of wax, three egg yolks and two tablespoons of olive oil. Applied to the skin in a thin layer, slightly vtiraya. Leave on for twenty minutes, after which the remnants of the cream to remove with a paper towel.
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To do these massages of wrinkles can independently at home. Follow them always you need by using fatty creams or essential oil.

These massages provide is:

  1. All the movements should be light, but at the same time assertive enough. In the area around the eyes is better to do not stretching patting massage movements.
  2. Start the massage with the warming up of the skin of the face and neck. To do this, gently RUB the skin. Only after heating of the skin can begin more intensive circular motion on the forehead, in the mouth area and cheeks.
  3. After the massage you are allowed to apply a steamed towel for a few seconds. This will further reinforce the effect of the procedure.


A set of exercises from wrinkles provides this:

  1. The area of the forehead. Put your fingers on the center of the forehead and start to lower them down gradually pushing. It should raise eyebrows and give them resistance. Repeat ten times.
  2. The area between the eyebrows. Put your index fingers on the starting area of the eyebrows. Gradually move the eyebrows, but to resist with your fingers. Repeat fifteen times.
  3. The area around the eyes. To put your index fingers on the outer corners of the eye and slightly pull the skin to the temples. Close your eyes and rotate them in different directions.
  4. Area of the lips. Pursing your lips and squeeze them. To stay in this position for ten seconds, and then return them to their original position. Repeat fifteen times.


The best injection methods for the rapid elimination of wrinkles are:

  1. Injections with hyaluronic acid to quickly and effectively eliminate the wrinkles in almost any area of the face and neck. Moreover, this method can be applied for correction of the skin of the abdomen and chest.

This procedure is not very painful. It is quite well tolerated by patients and rarely causes side effects.

  1. Botox injections involve entering under the skin of the patient specific substances — botulinum toxin, which will paralyze the muscles causing wrinkles smoothed.

This technique will help to eliminate even deep wrinkles. Its obvious drawback is a greater risk of complications (loss of sensation, hematoma, penetration of infection, bruises, etc.).

Before you agree to a rejuvenation injection techniques, you should familiarize yourself with contraindications to these procedures:

  1. The patient’s age up to twenty years (it is better not to practice injections from wrinkles to thirty years).
  2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding is a very important contraindication, the violation of which can negatively appear on the pregnancy, fetal development and General health of the woman.
  3. HIV infection.
  4. The clotting of blood.
  5. The patient’s age older than sixty-five years.
  6. A weakened immune system.
  7. Period after recently migrated surgical interventions.
  8. Acute respiratory illness.
  9. Hemophilia.
  10. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  11. Severe disease of the gastrointestinal tract, especially stomach, kidney and liver.
  12. Chronic disease (diabetes, hepatitis, etc.).

What you can do at home

Skin for you to practice these traditional recipes:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of the herb St. John’s wort, chamomile, Linden and sage. All grind and pour boiling water. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and apply on face. Leave on for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure three times a week.
  2. Pour a spoonful of dried chamomile with a glass of white wine. Infuse for weeks. After that, wipe the skin lotion ready. At the end of the procedure to put on the face fat cream.
  3. Mix a spoonful of flax seed and the same amount of vegetable oil. Pour a glass of boiling water. Strain and use for washing.
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Prevention of wrinkling

To prolong youthfulness of the skin and slow down the formation of wrinkles should adhere to these recommendations cosmetologists:

  1. To get rid of bad facial habits. This paragraph applies habit to frown, squint, constantly walk with my head down, and to sleep on a high pillow (a sleep also affects the appearance of the second chin).
  2. Use only quality cosmetics from trusted manufacturers. It is best to buy it in a drugstore or in specialized shops and not on the short sale. In General, beauticians do not recommend every day use for the face of «heavy» cosmetic products such as powder, Foundation and concealer, preferring the natural complexion and glow.
  3. To take care of your skin. To treat this regular hydration, nutrition, toning and cleansing the skin. While many important to know how to choose a cream and lotion, depending on skin type, age and General condition of the skin.
  4. If the problem of acne, it is important not to self-medicate but to consult an experienced dermatologist. This specialist will help to eliminate this unpleasant skin ailment.
  5. To completely refuse from alcohol and Smoking. This will prevent you from wrinkling, but will also significantly improve the overall health of the person.
  6. To protect your face from direct sunlight, wind and frost. For this it is necessary to use special protective creams.
  7. Have good sleep and rest. To avoid extreme emotional and physical fatigue.
  8. To avoid stress. Of course, in the modern world it will be quite difficult to do, but you need to control your emotions and try to be less sensitive.
  9. It is very important eat a healthy diet. The diet should be rich in vitamins, proteins and other useful substances. If you want to observe the diet, make it yourself should not be. It is better to entrust it to an experienced nutritionist or a gastroenterologist who will be able to pick the perfect menu for each person individually.
  10. To diagnose and treat any diseases of the digestive tract, nervous system, endocrine and gynecological pathology. This will protect a person from skin aging. You also need to support the immune system and taking vitamins.

Maintaining youthful skin is not an easy task, because it requires a lot of effort and desires of a person. Despite this, regular adherence to the above recommendations you can provide complete care for the skin and rid it of wrinkles.

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