How to remove wrinkles on the nose — at home, horizontal

The early appearance of facial wrinkles is afraid of all women, regardless of age. It is especially difficult to remove the wrinkle on the nose. In this article we will look at why wrinkles appear in the eyebrows and how to deal with them.

The reasons for the formation

Wrinkles on the nose are divided into horizontal and vertical, and the mechanism of development they are different. Consider the causes of each type of wrinkles.

Horizontal wrinkles

Horizontal wrinkles on bridge of nose and above is a characteristic sign indicating the overexertion of her muscles. The skin of the forehead is fixed thereto, that is, when movements of the muscles moving and the skin.

When we wonder, frontal muscle elevates the eyebrows and forms folds of the skin. Then the muscle relaxes and the wrinkles disappear. However, sometimes a person can unconsciously save a muscle in a shortened state, which causes her strain.

This is especially noticeable with age when the elasticity and tone decrease. In the place where are usually formed by the folds, the formation of persistent horizontal wrinkles.

Vertical wrinkles

The appearance of vertical wrinkles associated with the work of another muscle that moves the eyebrows. In another way, it is also called the «arm of the proud. When it is over-stretching the formed vertical wrinkles coming from the skin of the nose up to the forehead.

Methods of struggle

Wrinkles can occur already at the age of 25-27 years. Their appearance is associated primarily with the specifics of our facial expressions – we often Harim eyebrows, frown, think. All this is reflected on our face, eventually leading to the appearance of wrinkles.

To remove the wrinkle on the nose and in the forehead in several ways. As a suitable salon therapy and specially designed exercises. In addition, there are many pharmacy and folk remedies.


Cosmetic centers offer a variety of methods that will help you safely and quickly remove wrinkles on the bridge of his nose.

These include:

  • Botox, or botulinum toxin injections. This technique involves the introduction of a special tool which inhibits the nerve endings in the skin and blocks the transfer of nerve impulses. As a result, the muscles relax and wrinkles disappear. The effect of the procedure persists for about six months, then needs re-manipulation. The most effective method of getting rid of wrinkles.
  • Biorevitalization and mesotherapy. Method is an injection of hyaluronic acid and its preparations under the skin. This stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen, resulting in skin elasticity and skin elasticity increases. In addition, hyaluronic acid helps to narrow pores.

However, despite the effectiveness of techniques, in some cases, it cannot be used, since there may be individual intolerance of the drug components. Great attention should be paid to the skills of a beautician who will carry out the procedure. Largely the result of the mesotherapy depends on the experience and skill of a specialist.

  • The chemical peeling. The method involves the exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin, it «grinding». Peels can be superficial or deep. Removal of the superficial formations detoxifies the skin and stimulates regeneration. However, it should correctly understand the purpose of exfoliation.
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To remove the horizontal wrinkle on the bridge of your nose if it is very deep, the procedure is not capable of. To use the peels for getting rid of small facial wrinkles. It is worth noting that after use of peeling on the skin for some time and there will be flaking, but this is just a side effect of this therapy.

  • Microdermabrasion. This technique has a similar effect, but instead of chemicals is a special laser that quickly and easily cope with the mimic wrinkles.

After the procedure slight redness, but it disappears on the second day. The advantage of this method is a very low injury rate. However, laser and peels, do not expect results in the fight against deep wrinkles.

  • The effect of micro-current. The latest procedure involves the skin stimulation currents of different frequencies. This influence leads to the fact that blood circulation in the affected area aktiviziruyutsya increases the flow of oxygen and nutrition of tissues.

The technique has a good health effect and significantly slows down skin aging.

  • Reinforcement. A new word in cosmetology is the restoration of skin elasticity with the help of special threads. They are made of platinum, gold, polypropylene. Metal products it is impossible to pull out of the skin, and over time they become visible, which greatly reduces the cosmetic effect.

At the moment, developed absorbable sutures, which dissolve inside the skin about a year after the procedure. In their place remains strong and elastic collagen frame.

  • Thermage. This technique involves microwave irradiation of the skin, which stimulates the regeneration of tissue at a certain depth. The efficiency of this method is not inferior to surgical intervention.
  • Lift. Surgery plastic surgery is a technique, which is considered to be «heavy artillery» in the fight against wrinkles. The procedure will help to improve the shape of the face and removes even the deepest wrinkles, and the effect of it will remain for years to come.

Any of the above procedures has some contraindications. Before implementation it is necessary to consult with an experienced beautician.


To remove shallow wrinkles on the bridge of the nose with the help of special exercises:

  • Put the fingers in the beginning of the brows and press firmly over the skin. Try to frown, while providing the opposition with your fingers. Do the exercise 30 times.
  • Pull the skin of the forehead up to the edge of the palm. Count to 15 and release. Repeat 20 times.
  • Pinch the eyebrow all over in the direction from the nose to the temple. Do this 10 times on each eyebrow.

These simple exercises will not only help eliminate fine facial wrinkles, but also prevent the appearance of deeper skin folds. Perform them regularly, because only then will the visible result.


One of the most effective means of dealing with wrinkles is massage. It needs to be done, pre-steam the face and brushing it with a nourishing cream. Gentle circular motion massage the nose, eyebrows, forehead.

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Try to move from the center to the periphery – to the temple. Massage the skin at the temples. Then go over the same area with light tapping motions. Is skin will thank you – you won’t see the facial wrinkles on the face.

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How to remove wrinkles on bridge of nose at home

In addition to salon techniques to eliminate wrinkles and pharmacy will help remedies, and folk methods. Of course, with deep wrinkles, they are significantly inferior to professional products (and, of course, is the surgical lifting), but with a small mimic wrinkles on the face these tools are effective.

Pharmacy methods

Give some good media from wrinkles, which you can buy in any drugstore:

  1. Special moisturizing cream. Every woman enjoys daily day and night cream, but few people pay attention to their composition. And in vain, because the right tool will help to get rid of facial wrinkles. To do this, the cream should contain vitamin E and aloe extract. These components help the skin maintain firmness and elasticity.
  2. Essential oil. Applying to the skin of the nose oils twice a day will give effective results in two to three weeks. You will notice how the skin folds gradually flatten and disappear.
  3. Relief. The ointment fights against skin aging, preventing the appearance of deep wrinkles. In addition, the tool can additionally be used to relieve swollen eyelids.
  4. Heparin ointment. This drug is considered a classic vehicle to restore skin elasticity. The active ingredient of the ointment reduces swelling of the skin, reduces pigmentation, smoothes fine facial wrinkles.
  5. Solcoseryl. This drug is also produced in the form of ointments, that resolves the deep skin scars. However well he copes with wrinkles on the bridge of his nose.
  6. The zinc ointment. The best way to prevent aging of skin and reducing its elasticity. In the drug there is the trace element zinc, which has a natural sunscreen effect.

Pharmacy means, of course, is largely inferior to the means of plastic surgery and professional cosmetology drugs, however, if you don’t want to resort to radical means, then the above medications will help you maintain the skin tone.

Traditional methods

We give the most effective folk recipes of masks from wrinkles:

  1. Protein honey mask. Mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of flour. In the received mush add whipped protein. The mask keep on face for 20-25 minutes, then wipe the face dry with a cotton swab. Rinse with water.
  2. Floral mask. A table spoon of pollen mixed with about white clay, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Then add a teaspoon of honey, melted in a water bath. Keep the mask on the skin 15 minutes, then rinse with water.
  3. The mask of black currant. Black currant juice mixed with a spoon of melted honey, add a teaspoon of butter (unsalted). Stir until smooth. Apply the mask for 25 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  4. Carrot and cottage cheese mask. A tablespoon of fat village cheese, a teaspoon of carrot juice. Good to grind the mixture, apply to skin and rinse after half an hour. To consolidate the effect, you can go to the face with a piece of ice, then dry it with a towel.
  5. Tea and mayonnaise mask. To teaspoonful of fatty mayonnaise add a spoonful of sour cream and a tablespoon of olive oil. Add to the mix a tablespoon of strongly brewed tea. Apply the mask you need two layers: first on the face, and then, after 3-4 minutes – just for wrinkles. Wash off the mask need not water, slightly diluted with warm milk.
  6. Sour cream and yolk mask. To the egg yolk add a tablespoon of fat rustic sour cream and a teaspoon of carrot juice. Apply for half an hour and then rinse. After it is recommended to rinse off herbal decoction (for example, a decoction of lime color).
  7. Oat mask. Take a tablespoon of oatmeal, add a spoon of warm milk, egg yolk and teaspoon of oil (vegetable or olive). Keep the skin 15 minutes, then rinse with warm decoction of mint and marigold.
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Popular recipes of masks are the tools that are proven on many generations of women. No wonder they are so effective.


To prevent the appearance of wrinkles is easier than to get rid of them. To do this:

  • to eat right;
  • take vitamins;
  • regularly massaging the nose and forehead;
  • reduce your consumption of alcohol and nicotine;
  • it is good to moisturize the skin;
  • always use sunscreen;
  • to select only high-quality cosmetics;
  • gently use scrubs and peels;
  • sports.

In addition, you should always have a good mood, after all frowning and angry look is one of the causes of facial wrinkles!

So the wrinkles is not a death sentence, if you know how to deal with them. Nowadays the range of ways is simply amazing – from Botox to homemade masks, surgical lifting to self-massage and exercises for the face. Only one thing unites them – the ability to help you to be beautiful and to look perfect.

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