How to remove wrinkles under eyes how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes at home

Unexpectedly, we find the first signs of aging, noticing the small lines around the eyes. First, there are not particularly conspicuous, the outer corners of the eyelids, and soon they become more and more distinct, diverging like a fan from the outer corners.

«Crow’s feet», as they are called in the people, some people they appear after fifteen years. You have to wonder how to remove wrinkles under the eyes. If nothing is done, then to thirty years of longitudinal wrinkles appear on the eyelids. Over the years, they more and more worse.


Many people contagious laugh, squint, grimace, Express emotions using the active expressions or even just talking, and the skin around the eyes at this time starts to deform. In this place it is very thin, almost no sebaceous glands, absent subcutaneous fat, so one day she «surrenders». First appear almost invisible wrinkles, and every year the problem is compounded.

Some girls not wanting to wear glasses and lenses, much Surat eyes, this is harming yourself. More complex reasons may be due to various diseases due to which blood circulation. Also she is aging due to improper diet, bad habits, poor care. How to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes – this question does not shy away from any one person. The first age, these signals cannot be ignored.


Wrinkle cream for eyes it is better to use with anti-stress factor, it is applied at night. Day for street it is better to apply sunscreen to the thin skin of the eye do not expose to UV light.

Care around the eyes can not RUB! We must take a bit of cream on your finger and gently apply to eyelids, driving into the skin from the edge of the eye to the nose. Too often, you can not use it.

Cream applied in the morning, at night, always removed. Many women begin to resort to radical means of wrinkles under the eyes, hyperactive cream, serum, various concentrates and peels. Well suited for these purposes cream with glucose, vitamins A, e, a Very useful extract of parsley.

It is necessary to periodically use a moisturizing and nourishing masks. It should be remembered that cosmetics intended for the face, not suitable for the care of delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. Also need to pick up the Cosmetics from wrinkles under the eyes to match the age.

The combination of industrial cosmetics with folk remedies will bring more effective result.

Do not skimp on the means to the eye. It is better to buy branded cosmetic products, which deservedly enjoys a positive reputation.

Massage the eyelids

Another answer to this question will become a daily massage of the eyelids. Before the vote, it is necessary to carefully wash hands, apply a special cream for the eyes and very carefully so as not to stretch the skin, drive fingertips along the lines of least tension. Let the cream is well absorbed.

If this procedure is done in the morning, you can not only wrinkles, but also to eliminate dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Doing massage for seven minutes lightly in a circle, starting from the outer part of the eye, move to the bridge, and back. At the end you should rinse your face with cool water.

If massage is done incorrectly, not only wrinkles will not diminish, but rather increase.

Exercises against wrinkles under the eyes

Exercises of eyes also eliminates wrinkles and keeps skin around the eyelids is elastic. This wonderful tool will help to reduce wrinkles under eyes at men who don’t like to use cosmetics.

Performing the following exercises, you can tone eyes, remove their tiredness and improve the blood circulation in the eye muscles:

  • «Carousel» rotation eye in a circle. Hands to hold his face.
  • The eyes are closed. The pads of the index fingers put on the outer corners of the eyes, medium in the middle of the eyebrows, ring on the inner corners. In this situation, resisting the pressure of your fingers, squint my eyes, and then frown. So can be done about five times.
  • Lightly cover your eyelids and blink, after which relax the muscles of the eye.
  • Mentally stretch the eyeballs inside the skull, trying to turn them into «sausage».

As a result, not only will straighten out the wrinkles, but also improve vision, to change the face appears Shine in the eyes, gradually begin to decrease the edema under the eyes. These exercises from wrinkles under the eyes is easily achievable, and they can quietly run at any time and in any place.

Most importantly we must make sure that the exercise is not turned into a messy gramatycznie, so again it is better to do them before the mirror. If the eyes get tired, they can not waste.

Proper nutrition and vitamins

Skin is nourished from the inside, so you need to reconsider your diet. Proper nutrition can work wonders. Fresh vegetables, fruits have to enter the menu as often as possible. Eat salads made from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Especially effectively fight wrinkles – pumpkin, apples, persimmons, broccoli, various greens. Great proven yogurt and cottage cheese.

This same list can also include legumes: peas, lentils and beans. From drinks recommended green tea.

Fat and sweets should be limited. And just to give up sweetened sodas, chips and any product with preservatives and dyes.

Also you should try to eat less salt. Alcohol only in small quantities.


The correct way of life allows you to stay young longer. Thanks to full sleep, does not appear to be swelling under the eyes, making the eyes dull, and wrinkles more noticeable.

  • Recall the useful properties of water. Drinking one and a half liters of water per day, you also nourish and moisturize the skin and thus remove the bags and wrinkles under the eyes.
  • In stressful situations, we begin to frown, squint, cry eventually, wrinkles become more. So look for the positive in everything and not find out for nothing relationship. Anger takes away the beauty.
  • Smokers faster there are wrinkles around the eyes, as you know, nicotine adversely affects the entire body, causing many diseases, does not give the skin a healthy look.
  • Avoid open sunlight, accelerating the formation of wrinkles under the eyes. Sunglasses will protect the eyes.

Everyone who keeps a healthy lifestyle look much younger.

Modern means

In our time to preserve the youthfulness of the eyes, you can innovative ways.

What can mesotherapy

To cope with the wrinkles, just using the cream, almost impossible, as their formation occurs in the middle layers of skin laxity. With mesotherapy produce wrinkles under the eyes, eliminate crow’s feet, puffiness under the eyes, the skin becomes smooth, supple, radiant.

Mesotherapy can eliminate podglaznye bags only if they appeared due to lack of nutrients and moisture.

Therefore, doctor before you appoint the procedure that determines the origin of the problem. Mesotherapy this sensitive area is carried out manually, results are visible almost immediately, even deep lines disappear under my eyes.

Preparations, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, a thin needle is injected into the superficial layers of the skin. To consolidate the effect requires about five treatments.

Mesotherapy from wrinkles under the eyes and nourishes the skin with biologically active nutrients that act on deeper layers of the skin at the cellular level and rejuvenate from the inside out. The supply of nutrients allows for a long time to rejuvenate the skin.


With peels remove dead skin cells and the skin after it begins to Shine in all its glory. The procedure of chemical peeling is simple, as a result of her skin is evened out and reduced the wrinkles under the eyes.

A very useful combination peels. This procedure is performed by an experienced specialist will help to strengthen the walls of surface capillaries, gradually disappear podglaznye bags, to reduce the number of wrinkles around them. Peeling is often combined with surgical lifting.

Botox and wrinkles under the eyes

Botox is a purified natural protein, one of the main weapons of wrinkles. Just made it in ten minutes, a few tiny injections, and for a week, «crow’s feet» in the most wonderful way smoothed. When there were strong wrinkles under the eyes, it is better to make a safe Botox without resorting to surgery. Discomfort when administered to a minimum, some patients say that it looks like a mosquito bite. A noticeable improvement will increase gradually and intensify over the weeks.

After he did not require any adjustment periods. The effect of Botox lasts four to six months, then fold again back to the former condition. Radical changes in appearance. Of course, not going to happen. But the eyes will look young and radiant, rested. Traces of wrinkles completely destroyed.

Because Botox blocks the muscles that cause wrinkles, many people believe that he will make the face stiffened, but it is not.

Injections from wrinkles under the eyes

Women up to 30 years, it is better to wait with Botox, and do the injections from wrinkles under the eyes. This procedure is called biorevitalization. Injections of hyaluronic acid do locally in places, outstanding age. Skin is deeply moisturized and becomes elastic. Time on the face like turns ago. A course of biorevitalization consists of three to five sessions, between each desired interval of not less than two weeks.

It is impossible to do biorevitalisation pregnant and lactating mothers.

Video: Botox Injection

Folk remedies for smooth skin around the eyes

Our ancestors were not able to buy expensive cosmetics or to go to a salon. In those days, did more injections from wrinkles under the eyes. They renewed their natural beauty using herbs and various folk methods. The recipes preserved to this day.

So if you daily use the following herbal and homemade creams, visibly smoothed wrinkles around eyes.

  • First, preparing a decoction of parsley, which add raw, finely grated potatoes and a spoonful of olive oil. All this is thoroughly mixed and evenly laid out on a gauze bandage, and then applied to the eye area for 20 minutes. Making this mask before bed, after it is not necessary to wash. After this procedure, disappear dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles.
  • For effective hydration of the skin around the eye, it is smeared with egg yolk, mixed with any oil, both animal and vegetable origin, and after a twenty minute wash.
  • Butter used as a night cream. It drove her fingertips and left until morning to remove the vertical wrinkles under eyes.
  • Homemade soothing cream for the delicate skin of eyelids, smoothes shallow wrinkles: 1 teaspoon of lanolin, 2 tablespoons almond oil, 0.5 teaspoon of lecithin, pre-dissolved in mineral or rose water. Put the mixture in a water bath for three minutes and constantly stirred. Then the composition is whipped and cooled. To lubricate their eyelids better at night.

You can do nourishing mask against wrinkles under the eyes.

  • Good recipe for the mask: egg yolk is stirred for 05 h. a spoon of honey in a melted condition and a teaspoon of oat flour. Mix thoroughly, leave for ten minutes under the eyes, wash off with warm water.
  • Good skin mask with white bread. He cut the crust and the crumb is moistened in warm vegetable oil and the resulting slurry is applied under the eyes. Wash as usual with warm water.

How to mask

Women complain when you smile — wrinkles under eyes increase. Makeup helps to camouflage them and make the face younger. For masking you cannot use loose powder, it will only emphasize wrinkles. Better for this purpose, use a creamy textures.

Dark circles can be masked with concealer, which is used to visually hide the wrinkles, age spots, pimples.

To visually remove wrinkles under eyes, you have to take a concealer slightly lighter colour. Squeezing it beforehand on the finger pads, gently, lightly RUB from the bottom up, evenly distributing over the skin. Completing the procedure in a few minutes to look at the result, and if the wrinkles are clearly visible, to do it again.

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To hide the dark bags, you can use a liquid concealer that has reflective effect. It helps to scatter the light and to visually hide the flaws of face. Use it should be in moderation, otherwise there will be unnecessary Shine on your face.

Any cosmetics from wrinkles under eyes should be applied moderately. Proper care, healthy lifestyle, timely access to beauticians will help even in a fairly Mature age to look young.

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