How to restore the Breasts after childbirth, is it possible to achieve a complete breast reconstruction?

The influence of some factors on the mammary glands

Mammary glands in such a difficult situation are influenced by several factors, which may adversely affect the appearance and firmness of the Breasts.

The first factor is the increase in the volume of glandular tissue, which peaks at the beginning of lactation. The chest is increased, many significantly. The breast skin is stretched.

The second factor is the increase in the amount of adipose tissue around the body, and in the breast in the case of weight gain. It has an additional effect on the skin of the breast by stretching the skin, and by increasing the weight of the breast itself. And what weight and volume of the Breasts more, the faster the drooping of the breast (mastoptosis).

The greater the number of extra pounds, from which must be disposed of after childbirth and breastfeeding, the worse the prognosis for restoration of breast shape.

Let’s be realistic, recovery is possible, but depends on a number of factors.

  • Breast size before pregnancy.

You can say that a zero or first breast size after feeding will be «Spaniel ears». But it happens not so often. As a rule, mastoptosis is stronger among those who initially breast was a great size.

Than the size, the greater the risk to empty bags of skin after the glandular component of the breast will subside.

  • The presence of excess weight and the speed at which he was recruited.

The more extra pounds is deposited in subcutaneous adipose tissue, and the faster this happens the higher the risk to mastoptosis and such skin blemishes like stretch, mesh of the subcutaneous vessels.

The situation may aggravate more and radical weight loss, which is carried out in a short time with a significant restriction of daily caloric intake. In this case, the risk is chiseled figures sagging belly and chest popupa increases at least two times.

  • The presence of breast implants (implants).

Implants have their own weight, because too largely contribute to the development of mastoptosis. In the best position are the ones who have the implants are placed fully or partly under the chest muscle. Quickly develops drooping Breasts have those implants put under the breast tissue.

There is a popular myth that the implants do not allow the breast to lose its shape during breast-feeding. In fact, evidence in support of this theory there is.

Breasts can save the form after childbirth and breastfeeding, and can not save. It all depends not from the implants, and the characteristics of the skin and its ability to maintain elasticity.

  • Breastfeeding.

Many women associate the degree of ptosis of the breast with duration of feeding a child breast milk. At the moment there are a number of studies in which established that the cause of the development of mastoptosis are changes in a woman’s body that occur during pregnancy.

Can not be breast feed immediately after birth to stop lactation, but the breast shape will change.

The more women had pregnancy, the more pronounced the mastoptosis. As you can see from all the above it follows that the probability of development of various women initially different. Accordingly, the degree of mastoptosis will vary.

Because one can recover the shape of the breast almost to the state it was in before pregnancy, using the most simple tools, and someone will have to seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon.

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What about those who are dissatisfied with the look of a bust after the baby is born

Universal recipe that will help everyone, no. I think many people have read the stories about those who helped or did not help miracle creams, miracle pills, miracle-soda, the miracle of Goji berries and other «cheap and effective» ways of obtaining money from the population. There’s always positive feedback. And this is not always the custom reviews.

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Take, for example, cream to restore the shape of the breast. If:

  • chest of small size;
  • ptosis is minimal;
  • the demands and expectations of women are not overestimated unnecessarily;
  • the skin has retained sufficient elasticity.

After a period of use of such tools can be seen a lifting effect and a slight increase in the volume of the breast by improving firmness of the skin.

If the breast looks like in the photo above, then restore it with cream to the point «before pregnancy» will not succeed. The improvement in the case of regular and correct care can be considerable, but the ideal shapes can be expected.

Depending on the speed of development of ptosis and its severity, the expected results, will need to take different actions.

Causes, symptoms and degree of mastoptosis

The mastoptosis first degree

Early signs of breast ptosis are:

  • the chest is flattened: it decreases the anterior-posterior size, the skin seems less firm and elastic as before;
  • the nipple does not fit or is shifted down very slightly.

At this stage, such methods of correction of breast ptosis as:

  • Breast augmentation implants

Breast implants make it possible to correct the insufficient amount of tissue and the excess skin of the breast. At the same time you can correct asymmetry, improve the shape of nipples and areolas. Options implants are a great many. They differ both on volume, and a number of other characteristics such as nature of the surface filler. Because now you can recreate any shape of the breast and to obtain a very natural result.

The cost of such operations is on the order of 150-300 thousand rubles, depending on the reputation of the surgeon and the clinic where the operation takes place.

  • Breast lift threads

If to speak about the threads that are used for the chest, the minimal ptosis and prevention of breast ptosis is the only indication for them. The restriction on the use of threads in the fact that breast size can be not greater than the second.

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The cost of thread facelift is comparable to the cost of the operation. The difference is that the recovery period is much easier.

  • The use of fillers

Currently use for breast augmentation is only allowed fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Synthetic and semi-synthetic fillers are found to be harmful in most of the European countries are forbidden to use. You can also use a transplant of their own fat. For this liposuction is.

Like implants, fillers fill the stretched skin of the breast and restore the shape of the bust.

Again, the cost of adding fillers and transplantation own adipose tissue in the breast are not much less full of breast surgery, and the result is they have far less persistent.

  • Cosmetics, massage, physical therapy to increase the elasticity of breast

All these means are perfectly care for the skin of the breast, especially if used in various combinations: cream + breast massage, massage + algae mask + care serum, ampoule concentrate + microcurrents. These combinations a lot, because you can choose for yourself what is more suitable to and more like.

Treatments and cosmetics are good for both prevention and to combat the first signs of breast ptosis. To expect more is not worth it.

  • Mastopexy – a breast lift

In the early stages of development of mastoptosis surgical breast lift is not performed, as there are more efficient methods of correction.

The mastoptosis second degree

There is already change the shape of the bust become visible even to those who are not tuned to his critical:

  • begins to «pull» down the nipple-areola complex down below the fold of skin at the base of the breast;
  • chest considerably flattened;
  • increasing the length of the breast from its base on the level of the third rib to the lower pole.

The kind of Breasts without a bra is not as attractive as before. Although many European and American stars in recent years have increasingly demonstrated their chest as it is.

Unfortunately, not all can treat ourselves with such love and acceptance, because plastic surgeons do not sit without work. What can you do in a situation when the degree of mastoptosis is already significant.

  • Cosmetics, massage, physiotherapy.

Improve the appearance of Breasts due to a well-kept appearance of the skin, but to restore the breast shape will not. More effective salon treatments, but they impose any special hopes not worth it.

  • The breast augmentation implants.

Still effective in terms of restoring the shape of the breast in cases where breast size is small. Implants to restore the shape of the breast fourth size is unlikely, as the volume implantologie to be sufficient to fill the space the skin of the breast.

  • The use of fillers.

At this stage, is expensive and inefficient, as the fillers do not have their own shape and can not adjust the shape as much as it really should.

  • Threads for the correction of the breast.
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In case of ptosis of the breast second-degree lifting will give very short-term effect. Plus increases the risk of complications such as sagging of breast tissue between adjacent filaments with the formation of a visible cosmetic defect.

  • A mastopexy.

Already can be used by itself, mastopexy, or combined lift surgeries and breast augmentation. In some cases, threads can be administered after the operation for breast lift in order for the result of the operation was preserved as long as possible.

The mastoptosis third degree

A distinctive feature of pronounced ptosis of the breast are the nipple, sad look at the floor, i.e. they are located in the lower pole of the breast. The chest is flat and can be stretched almost to the navel. Correction options mastoptosis third degree not so much. This mastopexy, mastopexy, breast reduction, mastopexy and breast augmentation.

It is worth considering the fact that breast lift and augmentation implants volume gives in the long term, a more rapid return of the manifestations of breast ptosis than conventional mastopexy or mastopexy with breast reduction.

This is due to the fact that the implants have their own weight, which contributes to the stretching of the skin and the progression of ptosis.

What else you need to know about restore breast shape after childbirth

  • during breastfeeding there is no point in scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon, as after completion of lactation, the breast shape may change significantly;
  • do not hurry with the operation and do it earlier than one year after completion of lactation, as the skin gradually shrinks and the chest might take me awhile to not look so depressing, therefore, correction methods may need less radical;
  • if you plan to have children soon after the first birth, it is necessary to postpone the surgery to correct breast shape, as every pregnancy exacerbates the symptoms of ptosis of the breast;
  • first you need to normalize the weight after childbirth and breastfeeding, and only then to solve a question on necessity of operation.