How to sunbathe in the Solarium is the first time that in a vertical Solarium, manual

For example, white people from visiting the Solarium is not more than twice a week and conduct sessions for the duration not exceeding 3-5 minutes. Whereas swarthy from birth, clients can bask in the light of the lamps to 20 minutes.

You can, of course, to write that before you visit you need to visit a doctor and to consult. But how many actually go to the doctor if suddenly a cosmetologist in the sunroom will be? In the best case it will be possible to ask questions to the girl at the reception, and at worst will have to take care of his own security.

Determine the skin type and multiplicity of the procedures

The type of skin depends primarily on how long can be the tanning sessions as you need to achieve beautiful skin tone, how high the risk of burns.

  • Type I skin, he is «Celtic».

The owners of the Celtic physical type have a very light skin. Natural hair color such people are blond or light redhead, freckles a lot on the face and on the chest and shoulders. The skin of people with the first type quickly reddens and burns in the sun because for the first time in the Solarium they can hold no more than 3 minutes.

Subsequent sessions can be done longer. But the sun more than 10 minutes without the risk of burns is unlikely to succeed. The maximum number of sessions 2 per week.

In principle, the owners of Celtic type some experts do not recommend Solarium and sunbathe.

  • II skin type, which is also known as «light-skinned European».

Holders of this type of appearance differ fair skin, blond or brown hair, some freckles, light eyes. The skin of people sunbathing, but the risk of burns is high. The first session for people must be at the duration of 3-5 minutes.

Subsequent treatments can gradually increase to 10-15 minutes. Tanning 2-3 times per week, provided that the procedures will not be covered by prolonged exposure to the sun.

  • Type III skin or «black European».

People with the third type of the skin distinguished by the presence of dark brown or chestnut hair, grey or brown eye color. Skin color can be from light to dark. The third type of skin burn is much less people with the first and second type. Because there are restrictions on the Solarium will be significantly less. To begin tanning, the holders of the third type of skin 7 minutes and then increase the session time to 20 minutes. Tanning 2-3 times a week.

  • IV skin type, aka «Mediterranean».

Owners 4 type of appearance dark-skinned, dark-haired, brown-eyed. Time the first treatment in this case should not take maximum. Still should give your skin time to adjust. Then you can safely stay there for 20 minutes and enjoy the deep rich tan.

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Select Solarium

Modern tanning beds have several key characteristics:

  • vertical-horizontal;
  • turbo (lamp power is between 160-180 Watts and above);
  • the percentage of UV-B.

To the horizontal tan fits well on the upper part of the body. If you choose a camera with lamps for the face, be sure to additionally the sun shower was equipped with an Elevator (a special platform that can be raised and lowered so that the face of the customer was located at the level of the lamps for the face, regardless of the growth of the client).

In the vertical the client can lie back and relax, for the time being. Tan in the vertical Solarium rests better on the lower half of the body, especially on the legs below the knees. The only disadvantage is the likelihood of white spots where the skin during the procedure was squeezed.

Turbo-Solarium is different from the usual high-power lamps. It can be both horizontal and vertical. The duration of the session should be reduced, at the same result can be achieved much faster.

The percentage of ultraviolet rays type A and b see Certificate UV-radiation, which has each machine, and who must provide it upon request. For light, sensitive to the action of ultraviolet radiation of the skin percentage of ultraviolet should be on the order of 0.7%. For dark skin that tans well, the percentage of UV can be up to 2.4%.

Select cosmetics

You can go there without special makeup. But this instant savings will only lead to big expenses in the near future. Unlike sunscreen cosmetics that we use on the beach, the funds for tanning increase the effect of ultraviolet light and deeply moisturize the skin.

In the end, even tan you can get much earlier and saved it for a longer period, as hydrated skin will not produce peeling.

Creams and cosmetics for tanning in their purpose can be divided into three groups:

  • developers;
  • activators;
  • the fixers.

Developers and activators stimulate the production of melanin by the skin cells. Developers are used at the beginning of the procedures, when the skin needs to adapt to the influencing UV radiation.

Activators is good for those who already got my first sunburn and wants to make it more vivid.

They include bronzers and tingle. Bronzers stimulate the production of melanin, Tingley cause short-term blood flow to the skin, which positively affects the process of formation of the tan during the tanning session.

Fixer is basically a very good moisturizer, often with a cooling effect. Deep hydration of the skin prevents dehydration and flaking, makes the skin velvety to the touch. The most common brands of cosmetics for tanning in Russia can be considered as Australian Gold, Jamaica Touch, Mega Sun.

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Customers with tattoos can be used to protect areas of the skin with printed pattern regular sunscreen. Under ultraviolet light tattoo ink may fade or become allergic to the organism.

Safety rules

To sunbathe without harm to the body, you should observe some simple rules.

  • Eye protection is required.

Among the regulars Solarium those who belong to this recommendation lightly. And for good reason.

Recent research conducted by European physicians, have found a relationship between the amount of time that people spent in the Solarium, and the risk of developing a number of diseases that lead to blindness. Among these diseases, cataracts (clouding of the lens), retinal damage.

To maintain eye health, to abandon the Solarium is optional. But keep in mind the fact that the eyelid skin is thin and adequately protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, she can not provide. Because of the use of glasses for eye protection during the procedure is mandatory.

You can use the glasses that offer their customers the hardware tanning salons. And you can buy your own points, if the plan is lengthy and systematic use of the Solarium.

  • Protection for the chest is also required.

If you do not want to sunbathe in a bathing suit, you can use special stickers to the areola. If tanning Studio these labels, you can use an ordinary cotton pad.

Men usually do not give advice, but in vain. Men have just as pigmented areola, because it absorbs ultraviolet rays is higher than that of light skin around.

  • Consider contraindications.

The Solarium is just the same physiotherapy, like many others. Ultraviolet radiation in the same way as other types of influences leads to the development of changes in the organs and systems of the body.

For a healthy body these impacts will be beneficial and will lead to an increase of resistance to various kinds of pathogenic factors of the environment. In the case when the body is weakened acute or chronic illness, the tanning session can lead to poor health.

Who should not sunbathe in the Solarium:

  • pregnant women;
  • minors;
  • people with the first type of skin;
  • people with acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • for those who have a tendency to bleed;
  • women during menstruation;
  • people with moles and when the moles numerous or are large in size;
  • clients with skin diseases;
  • anyone who takes medications that increase skin sensitivity to UV light (not only retinoids, it can be and certain antibiotics, hormonal drugs and other medications).

Separately it is necessary to discuss such a moment as the Solarium psoriasis. In principle, sunbathe for psoriasis you can, but keep in mind a few points.

The first is the probability of getting an exacerbation of the process. The risk is low. According to statistics, only get about 5% of patients. With more than half the improvement in course of illness or complete disappearance of plaques. And about 30% of clients do not notice any changes.

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The second point is the need for additional hydration. UV rays dry out the skin. Because the plaques can crack and bleed.

  • Performed required steps in preparing for the procedure.

About an hour and a half before visiting you need to take a shower. If this is not possible, then rinse in the shower can be directly before the procedure. In any case it is not necessary to use soap. Better to replace it with a light gel, so as not to overdry the skin and not wash it completely the protective hydrolipidic mantle. Dry, fully defatted skin is the risk of a burn.

A day or two before visiting the Solarium is not recommended to perform peels, the skin skrabirovanie, traumatic treatments like waxing as it may cause burns or an uneven appearance of the sunburn on the skin. In the case of peels, you can obtain the pigmentation, the withdrawal of which will be difficult enough.

Before the procedure should be removed from the face of all cosmetics. For lips you must use lip balm with UV protection. It is also important to apply after a shower on skin, aroma oils, toilet water and other cosmetics, in addition to specially intended for tanning.

Hair must be hidden under a tight cap or scarf. This training will allow you to avoid any surprises the type of mottled tan and bleached hair.

Price per 1 minute of tanning

Name of service The cost
tanning in the Solarium, 1 minute from 12 to 30 rubles

Depending on the number of billable minutes (with subscription) you can get a substantial discount. Because the price for one minute of the subscription may be significantly lower.

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