How to tighten facial contours without surgery, exercise, creams and tools, by performing, videos and reviews

After 30 years every woman worried glances in the mirror and notice the appearance of double chin, sagging skin, sagging cheeks, wrinkles and drooping corners of the mouth.

Skin care clinics are willing to offer their services, promising excellent results. But not every woman is ready to go under the knife for beauty. Can it be done bezoperatsionnye? Yes, but you have to put in the effort and, perhaps, change the way of life dramatically.

Special charging for the face, creams, a proper diet will help keep skin in good shape. In order to fix the already damaged appearance, you can use the services of specialists. There are many treatments that no surgery will make Your face young and the skin supple.

How is the procedure?

Miostimuljatsii will help to tighten the facial contours without surgery. The procedure is performed in beauty salons. The gist of it is that by using electric pulses of low power exposure is performed on the muscles of the face, they begin to work, the skin is lifted and looks younger. Pain does not occur initially, possible mild discomfort. Mesotherapy acts on the cellular level. In the subcutaneous fatty tissue during the procedure, administered injections of vitamins and essential nutrition and improve circulation of cells of the substances. The result – taut, fresh and updated face for a very short time. The only disadvantage of the procedure is the pain during injection.

The thread lift 3D-masonite relatively new procedure, but very effective. The procedure involves 3D modeling of an oval face with subtle strands that are found under the skin, creating a tightening frame, and then resolve.

The threads not only strengthen the mud down areas, but improve the General condition of the skin. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, the cost of one filament is about 1500 rubles. Radiofrequency facelift is a thermal procedure in which facelift uses radio waves.

The result is stimulation and restore deep layers of tissue under the skin. Initially, the skin smeared with a special cream, which slightly dulls the reaction of nerve endings. After that, radio frequency equipment, the doctor treats the areas of the face that need to be tightened.

The result is a more active production of collagen, and the skin is again regaining its youthfulness and elasticity.

Video: Lifting 3D-masonite


The price depends on the materiality of the problem and the size of the treated area. The cost of one procedure is from 8 to 30 thousand roubles. Darsonvalization is a procedure during which the skin is exposed to a pulsed flow low power, high frequency and voltage. For this purpose, special glass electrodes, it takes about 15-20 minutes depending on the treated area.

It is necessary to undergo a course of 10-15 treatments at intervals of 1-2 days. 10 minutes of darsonvalization cost about 200 rubles.

Darsonvalization Prices in rubles Time


15 min.

Face + neck + neckline


45 min.

The lifting is the method of tightening the face by deep heating infrared study. The procedure is absolutely painless, the impact on the collagen stimulates a more intensive production. This leads to a natural increase of elasticity and plasticity of skin.

The effect will be noticeable immediately, but after 6 months, and will continue for approximately 3 years. The optimal number of treatments is 2-3 with an interval between sessions for about a month. The cost of one hour of the procedure is about $300.

The lifting Time Price
Consultation of the beautician 60 min. 900
3D meso threads to 20 threads 60 min. 1 500 RUB per thread
Masonite 3D from 20 to 60 threads 60 min. 1 300 RUB over the thread
3D meso threads 60 threads 60 min. 900 rubles for the thread
Masonite 3D body 60 min. 900 rubles for the thread
Masonite ROZE 1 thread 60 min. 4 000 RUB. for the thread
Masonite T/W (braids, spiral) up to 60 strands 60 min. 1 700 RUB per thread
Masonite T/W (braids, spirals) from 60 thread 60 min. 1 500 RUB per thread

Facelift – this RF lifting procedure is performed by the apparatus Body Tite with a special nozzle which has two electrodes. One affects the deep layers of the skin, and the other controls the temperature on the surface of the skin.

The effect can be seen instantly or in a week, it all depends on the age of the patient and the severity of the problem. The price of this procedure ranges from $2500 to $3000.

Facelift Prices in rubles
Endoscopic rejuvenation of the upper third of the face at the O. Ramirez (Andalib, endoscopic forehead lift, endoscopic forehead) 70 000
Subcutaneous face lift the middle and lower third of the face and neck from 90 000
Deep SMAS lift the middle and lower third of the face and neck 120 000
Liposuction in the region of the lower third of the face (performed in conjunction with a facelift lower third of the face) from 30 000

Exercise for face

Exercise for chin. Place hands and elbows on the table, squeeze hands in fists, chin put on his fists. Need to try with effort to open your mouth, overcoming the resistance of the kulaks. The exercise should be done for 2-3 minutes. Exercise for the lips. First, squeeze the lip and clenched, smile as widely as possible. Then pull his lips. Repeat these movements should be no less than 15 times. Exercise for cheeks. Near the lip during the smile folds are formed, place the index fingers. Stretch your lips into a smile, putting pressure on the skin. Eye exercise. Place ring fingers on the outer corners of eyes and gently press. Close and open your eyes with your fingers You should feel like shrinking muscles. Exercise for forehead. Put your index fingers at the hairline, and unnamed on the upper ends of the eyebrows. Raises eyebrows by pushing on them with your fingers. Thumbs and index fingers at this time, tightening the skin near the line of hair growth so that during raising of the eyebrows is not formed folds.

Video: Face Lifting. Raise the upper eyelid

It help to tighten the oval of the face lifting mask?

Cosmetic companies vying to offer lots of means to care for face, promise an amazing result, smart oval face and fresh skin. Should we believe these promises? Are there any creams to tighten the skin.

Very good help to tighten the face oval, lifting the mask of cosmetic clay. It is diluted with a little water and apply on face for 10-15 minutes. To talk and to do any face movements at a time when it is a mask, not worth it. Washed off the clay with warm water, then skin should apply moisturizer. Very effective mask of cosmetic mud, especially a good dead sea mud. These funds are sold in pharmacies.

The egg white will become an indispensable assistant in the fight against the withered and fallen down the skin. It can be applied to the face, smeared with cream and wash off after drying. Reinforce the effect add a mask of oat or rice flour and essential oil of fennel or rose. The mixture should be the consistency of thick cream, it is applied to the face and keeps it dry completely. After that, all you need to wash with warm water and lubricate the face moisturizer.


  • Many women speak positively about the Resilience lift cream from Estee Lauder.
  • Heard good reviews about the cream Revitalift Double Lifting by L’oreal, especially enthusiastically expressed women who are over 30, and problems with the condition of the skin was visible.
  • Not noticed any negative statements about creams Jeunesse.
  • Many women have helped to improve the condition of the skin natural honey, which is tedious to apply on face and keep 20 minutes. Honey mask is washed off with cold water.
  • Honey-milk mask is also very popular, both ingredients need to mix and apply on face. Keep 20 minutes, rinse with cold water and grease face moisturizer.

Photos before and after lifting

Photo before and after facelift

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