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It depends on the hereditary characteristics determined by the elasticity of the skin and the ligaments of the breast, the degree of support form the muscles of the chest. Also a huge role is the care of the Breasts before and during pregnancy, during lactation, the techniques and methods of breast feeding. If the child the entire year on the breast is «hanging», the breast shape to change significantly.

If the mother takes the child-feeding comfortable for both myself and for a child posture in the supine or reclining position, the elasticity of the skin and ligaments of the chest will be preserved much better.

Many might want to argue. But just think, about the role proper care of the face (applying a cream along the lines of least stretching, special care, the benefits of massage) and the control of mimicry to preserve the elasticity of the skin a long time nobody argues. Why not apply the same knowledge to care for the skin of the breast to maintain its shape and beauty?

What happens to the Breasts during and after feeding

It is no secret that many women decided to breast augmentation just after completion of lactation, as one thing is hypothetically know about plastic surgery, and quite another to become the owner of a chic bust. At the end of pregnancy the Breasts in most women become more due to the increase in the volume of glandular tissue, which stretches the skin.

The magnification may vary from minimal, to significant, when the owner of the first size of the Breasts is increased to the 4-5 size.

When lactation ends, the volume of the glandular portion of the breast is reduced.

If the elasticity of the skin is preserved, then the chest takes the same form and size, which was before the beginning of lactation. If the skin has lost its elasticity and may not harden to the same, the chest is flattened, it becomes flattened and sagging.

What is the mastoptosis

Ptosis (mastoptosis) – it changes shape and size of the breast as a result of stretching of the skin which covers them.

Signs of mastoptosis:

  • flattening of the breast, raspletanie her chest;
  • offset nipple below level of inframammary skinfold;
  • flattening part of the breast above the nipple and unnatural increase of the pectoral glands, which are located below the level of the areola;
  • the replacement of the glandular portion of the breast fat, which and the touch is not as elastic and the shape is not holding;
  • stretching of the ligaments of the breast;
  • the appearance of stretch marks on the skin of the breast.
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To assess the degree of ptosis you are using external landmarks, namely the degree of ptosis of the nipple and areola. It is at this indicator is based the most commonly used classification of the severity of mastoptosis.

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1 degree is the displacement of the nipple-areola complex to the level of the inframammary folds of the skin.

2 degree offset nipple is below the crease of the skin, but above the lower pole of the breast.

3 degree is the offset nipple to the level of the lower pole of the breast (nipple facing down). There are also state pseudophase mammary glands. The teat remains the same, but the breast tissue is shifted in the lower pole.


If you are concerned about how the look of the breast after birth, before lactation must start caring for the skin of the breast for as long as possible to maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Proper care can, in most cases to postpone or make unnecessary the operation of mastopexy (breast lift). But even if the skin will not harden enough to take the youth form, to adjust its shape will be much easier, and the result of the operation will persist for a longer time. Proper care is not long and not difficult, because it can make every young mother.

This is some useful habits that are as simple and effective as, for example, a habit to brush your teeth or comb your hair in the morning.

This includes:

  • The application of special creams, serums, emulsions specifically designed for skin care chest.

Apply creams with phytoestrogens is not necessary, as these drugs were not studies of safety in pregnant and lactating women.

It is better to choose creams that contain hydrolyzed proteins, collagen, elastin, plant extracts that will increase the elasticity of the breast.

  • Water treatment.

Very well affect the skin condition of the chest, contrast shower, water massage tight stream of water.

  • Massage and self-massage of the breast.

In this case we are talking about a hand massage. Massage is perfectly combined with the application of care creams and improves their effect.

What are the methods

Even if treatments are not given 100% result, they affect the elasticity of the skin. And sometimes it is almost the only parameter that greatly affects the result of the operation, which can not affect a plastic surgeon.

In order to begin any manipulation to restore breast shape, you must wait at least 6 months and ideally 1 year after the end of lactation. This limitation is connected with the fact that the glandular tissue «collapses» immediately, but decreases in volume gradually, and the skin needs time to harden.

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During this time, you can resort to:

  • salon treatments for the skin of the breast: alginate masks, seaweed wraps;
  • complex of exercises to improve breast shape.

If after 6 months, sagging Breasts its appearance is not pleasing and there is no reason to assume that things will get better by itself, only then you can plan a visit to the plastic surgeon.

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In the Arsenal of plastic surgeons there are several methods of breast lift after childbirth

  • of filling with own fat tissue or filler type Macrolane;
  • thread lift;
  • breast augmentation using the Brava vacuum apparatus;
  • breast lift (mastopexy);
  • breast augmentation implants (augmentationalternatives);
  • carrying out a combined plastic surgery of the breast, which is held simultaneously with the breast lift, and increase the amount of implants.

Fat grafting

Method is good because correction of the shape and size of the breast can be undertaken simultaneously with the elimination of unwanted fat deposits in other parts of the body.

The procedure is easily tolerated, has few contraindications and has a short recovery period.

The disadvantages of the procedure include the unpredictability of the results: before surgery, no surgeon can accurately predict the percentage of fat that will remain and which will resolve. Typically absorbed between 40% and 60% of transplanted adipose tissue.

If we talk about the breast lift, with the help of lipofilling you can adjust the shape of the chest when pseudophase or ptosis of 1 degree.


Macrolane is a filler that consists of hyaluronic acid. Specially designed to increase the mammary glands.

Method is good because hyaluronic acid is completely natural for the human body substance that does not cause fibrosis or rejection. With the help of a filler based on hyaluronic acid can adjust slight drooping of the breast tissue.

This is due to the limitation of the maximum amount of filler that can be injected during one procedure, and with the presence of excess skin, which increases with the degree of mastoptosis.

Usually with a filler to correct the ptosis of 1 degree.

The lack of hyaluronic acid in that it gradually dissolves, and after a year and a half from the introduced filler will be nothing left. Because to get a long effect the introduction of Macroline have to repeat.

Thread lift

Very interesting and relatively new method. Its essence is that using threads is created similar to the cups of the bra that supports the breast shape. Fixed a «Cup» to the clavicle.

The method is suitable for those who have retained skin elasticity, and ptosis of the minor and who is not ready to conduct major operations.

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Breast lift threads does not always provide stable results. But it is possible that in the near future the plastic surgeons will gain enough experience to work with this material and will be able to improve the shape of the breast threads for a long time.


In some cases, in order to raise the nipple to give the breast its former shape, you can use implants. Often implants to do this, take a small volume, because as a result, the bust looks very natural.

Usually with the implant it is possible to adjust only a slight degree of ptosis of the breast. In all other cases, augmentation mammoplasty must be combined with a breast lift.


The surgery breast lift excess skin is removed, because the Breasts after surgery, does not look more saggy.

Developed several techniques for mastopexy, which can be applied at any degree of ptosis, even in patients with severe drooping Breasts.

Usually this method is used in cases when a woman wants to tighten up the breast without increasing its volume.

The combination with increasing

Applies in the case of moderate or pronounced ptosis of the breast, if the woman wants not only to lift, but also increase the chest.


How does on lactation

Currently, none of the methods is not a contraindication and does not deprive a woman to breastfeed, because any intervention affects only the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue in the breast, and does not affect the glandular tissue of a mammary gland or its ducts.

Prices for breast lift after childbirth

The name of the service The cost in rubles
fat grafting from 140,000
breast augmentation with macrolane fillers 120000-300000
breast lift threads from 97000
mastopexy 50000-95000
setting implants 150000-300000
combined aesthetic plastic augmentation and breast lift surgeries 180000-300000


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