Hydrophilic oil for oily skin — with their hands

What it is

This innovative soft cleanse of the skin, having in its composition of various oils and necessary emulsifier (ingredient that helps dissolve the oil upon contact with water).

A tool invented by the Asian cosmetic industry.

Oil well removes any impurities and makeup, including waterproof.

In General, the definition of «hydrophilic» means «water soluble».


  1. does not cause feeling greasy films on the face. In this regard, it is not only possible but also need to use people with oily, problem skin
  2. dries and reduces the appearance of inflammation,
  3. purifies and tightens pores (as the fat dissolved by fat),
  4. improves texture and skin regeneration,
  5. intensively nourishes the dermis.


Hydrophilic oil contains:

  • oil (you can use one base oil and a mixture of different oils),
  • emulsifier,
  • definitely an essential oil, chosen for your skin type,
  • in the mixture also add the vitamins E, A.


In contact with water, hydrophilic oil emulsifies, which:

  1. removes makeup and impurities, fatty and waxy secretions,
  2. has astringent effect,
  3. moisturizes
  4. intensively nourishes the dermis.

Does not injure the skin and does not disrupt the natural lipid barrier (unlike many varieties of soap).

The natural oils in the hydrophilic composition can soften the epidermis, preventing the formation of wrinkles, «crow’s feet» and help fight existing signs of aging skin.

Popular opinion is that oil clogs the pores, often erroneously extrapolated and hydrophilic, but the result of the application of the oil is the opposite – it dissolves sebum in pores and removes it from the face, so it is recommended for cleansing oily skin.

So among the obvious advantages of hydrophilic oil are the following:

  1. this all-natural remedy;
  2. well and deeply cleanses the pores;
  3. you can use the owners of both dry and oily skin;
  4. the risk of Allergy is minimal;
  5. it removes any contaminants;
  6. features as part of aggressive acids and alkalis;
  7. moisturizes and nourishes skin without causing dryness;
  8. oil simple to use.
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Judging by the reviews those who use this product hydrophilic oil – one of the best ways to remove makeup.

The molecules of the oils are taken out then, fat and cosmetics, providing cleansing and refreshing effect.

It is also called micellar oil because the micelles and molecules of the oil, effectively clean the skin, «evacuating» from the pores of oil and dirt.


Contraindications to the use of hydrophilic oil can be an allergic reaction to such ingredients:

  1. essential oils;
  2. salicylic acid (to remove makeup from the eyelids hydrophilic oil is generally not recommended, since a part of it referred to acid is too aggressive for the delicate skin of the eyelids);
  3. olive oil (this ingredient is not advised to use with oily skin as the oil leaves skin Shine).

Rules for the preparation of hydrophilic oil for oily skin

The first thing you need to prepare is the emulsifier (Polysorbate under the name tween-80 or tween-20). You will also need direct oil.

The ratio of emulsifier and oil should be approximately 1: 9.

Alternately adding components, it is well to mix it all in a bottle. The resulting mixture should resemble a wash.

The mixture is useful to add vitamin E, few drops of which will improve the elasticity of the dermis and will contribute to the health of the dermis.

For skin prone to fat, you need to pick the appropriate oil.

Here’s one recipe hydrophilic oil for oily skin which you can prepare with your own hands at home:

  1. Polysorbate — 10 grams
  2. oil grapeseed — 90 grams, and 10 drops of oils of tea tree, rosemary and peach pits.

In an empty clean bottle pour the oil of stones of grapes (90 grams), then add Polysorbate (10 grams). All thoroughly mix, then add 10 drops each of essential oils. Then again, all mix up again. The oil is ready.

As the basis for the manufacture of hydrophilic oil for oily skin can take the oil of grape seeds and oil, hazelnuts, rice bran, citrus, cypress.

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Video: the Rules of facial care

How to use

Rules of use:

  1. the butter should be applied purely on dry skin and do not rush to wash off;
  2. once the tool is required to distribute in all areas of the face, then massage into the most problematic areas of the skin with gentle strokes;
  3. then you need to apply on the face a small amount of water: after that the liquid molecules in contact with the oils (essential) and sebum, causing the oil exhibits its own unique properties;
  4. in the end again it is good to massage the skin around the face and rinse abundantly with warm water.

Your movements should be delicate, cotton should be conducted on a massage lines, and the skin cleaned with before the time, until the sponge will not have any dirt.

In General, it can be considered one of the shortcomings of hydrophilic oil — consumption is much higher than that of cosmetics that contain alcohol. But the action is milder and more effective good for the skin.

Cleansing one product is not enough. Still need to clean it the usual cosmetic means: a gel or foam cleanser.

Because hydrophilic oil, washing away makeup and sebum, removes other impurities. Besides, the skin may remain fragments of the oil, which also need to be removed.

The opinion of cosmetologists

The opinion of cosmetologists in relation to the hydrophilic oil can not be called one.

For example, beautician Victoria kopacz believes that the idea of a hydrophilic oil-a great oil perfectly cleanses the skin, because the formula works: the fat dissolves fat.

For oily skin it is important only properly selected components, and definitely a cleaning in 2 stages:

  • first, hydrophilic oil,
  • then cleansing agent in water-based (e.g., foam).

Other beauticians are more skeptical about the application of hydrophilic oil, arguing your opinion that oil in the long term, dry skin that women do not always adhere to the two-phase purification system: hydrophilic oil, then foam, and this result is bad for the skin.

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Also among the beauticians are of the opinion that this tool should be applied only to Asian BB creams, but for everyday cleansing of skin micellar water or other means.

Are there any side effects

Adverse reactions in the form of allergies, redness, rashes are quite rare but do happen.

This is a reaction to any component of your oil. You need to determine which component is causing such a reaction and replace it in the future in the preparation of hydrophilic oil.


Despite the fact that the hydrophilic oil you can buy in the store, I advise many women to make it at home.

And there are very good reasons:

  1. composition: after all, components you can buy at any pharmacy or store;
  2. allergic reactions: before preparing a hydrophilic oil, you can perform an Allergy test on each of the components of the oil
  3. self made tool is always fresh – this will affect the result of purification, and on the skin.
  4. home-made hydrophilic medium is much cheaper than purchased funds.

Be sure to use two-phase purification system: oil, and then mousse, foam or other suitable cosmetic product.

Also always prepare a hydrophilic oil based on your skin type.

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