Hymenoplasty (restoration of virginity) price, types, contraindications, rehabilitation, surgery, photos before and after, reviews


Hymenoplasty is a surgery to restore virginity by stitching the remnants of the hymen. Such problem solving has been practiced for a very long time, however, the jewelry doctors have been able to achieve recently.

This clever technique, which guarantees anonymity, because even the most experienced gynecologist is unable to distinguish «fake» due to the absence of any seams, which are fairly quickly absorbed, without leaving any traces.

This is quite a significant fact in favor of the procedure, since kinematica and anonymity go hand in hand.

Indications for surgery

Indications for surgery are the following factors:

  • the desire to restore the hymen;
  • the loss of virginity by negligence;
  • the need to restore the hymen after sports injuries;
  • the requirements of some Nations.


There are three types of hymenoplasty procedure:

  • short-term;
  • three-layer;
  • the long-term.

Short-term kind of implies an operation a few days before the expected sexual intercourse and, accordingly, defloration.

In this case, during the operation, the remnants of the hymen are stitched together with strong but thin fishing line designed specifically for cosmetic surgery, and tightened like a pouch, which, among other things, narrows the entrance to the vagina of a woman.

Labor-intensive process allows us to achieve a solid «network», but after «defloration», which are small threads that were sewn remnants of the hymen, you can begin to achieve on their own. To avoid confusion, this process should be monitored by a gynecologist.

Sandwich is one of the types of permanent hymenoplasty procedure. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is due to the connection of the remaining pieces of hymen left after defloration.

After this intervention required rehabilitation period, and the problem-free healing of stitches required are very simple hygienic measures. As a result, the patient receives a small amount of blood during «defloration» and light pain as the natural first intercourse.

Long-term hymenoplasty involves restoring the hymen in some other way, namely, using the mucosa of the vestibule of the vagina.

In contrast to the short-term, this method allows to achieve a result that will last up to three years. Moreover, when you break restored hymen, bleeding will be more obvious.

Video: the Restoration of virginity


Contraindications for the procedure are the following factors:

  • vulvitis (disease of the vulva, having an inflammatory character);
  • diseases of the cervix;
  • endometritis;
  • thrush;
  • genital herpes;
  • oophoritis (inflammation of fallopian tubes);
  • runny nose;
  • sore throat;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • of blood clotting;
  • cancer;
  • fever;
  • disorders of the psyche.
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What tests must be done

Before surgery, you must pass the following tests:

  1. General analysis of blood and urine.
  2. A blood test for clotting.
  3. Tests for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis.
  4. Smear on flora.

What is the procedure

Preparatory stage for the operation of a hymenoplasty procedure is passing all tests and the exception of the conditions listed in the contraindications. The procedure itself is conducted a week before the menstrual period and requires General or local anesthesia. Most commonly used local anesthesia and the patient remains awake but does not feel pain. Pain management is a thorough treatment of the anesthetic region of the vulva and lasts from forty to sixty minutes.

Rehabilitation and recovery

This procedure is quite simple and the rehabilitation period is short (no more than two or three days). At this time, swelling and nagging pain felt by practically every patient, but it is a normal reactions.

These days doctors recommend

  • avoid heavy physical exertion;
  • to avoid eating fruits, vegetables, spices and black bread;
  • avoid sudden movements;
  • to eat only liquid and light food.

Complications, the consequences (side effects)

As hymenoplasty is a surgical intervention, to exclude any side effects and complications is completely impossible.

As side effects can be the following:

  • discomfort while walking;
  • the appearance of hematomas;
  • a small bleeding;
  • numbness in the crotch area.

In most cases, using the latest surgical technique and the correct carrying, side effects disappear within one to two days.

Video: Surgical restoration of virginity


The price of a hymenoplasty procedure in the long-term average is around 15,000-20,000 rubles, but the cost of surgery can vary depending on the clinic and range from 9,000 to 100,000 rubles.

The organization Metro Price in RUB.  
Doctor Plastic Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya, Sretensky Boulevard from was 55000 RUB.  
Lege Artis (Lege Artis) Smolenskaya, Krasnopresnenskaya, Barrikadnaya 100000 RUB.  
MED-EST University, Kyiv from 25000 RUB.  
The Nаоми (Naomi) Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya, Sretensky Boulevard from 34000 RUB.  
Uniclinic (Uniklinik) Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya, Barrikadnaya from 30000 RUB.  
US-clinic Airport, Sokol, Voykovskaya from 20000 RUB.  
Alba Kuntsevskaya, Molodyozhnaya, Krylatskoye from 6000 RUB.  
The cost University, Kyiv from 23000 RUB.  
Bustline Tushinskaya, Schukinskaya from 35000 RUB.  
In-Clinic Novokuznetskaya And Tretyakovskaya from 20000 RUB.  
Grandlink University, Union, New Cheryomushki from 20000 RUB.  
Beauty Institute Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya, Barrikadnaya from 6000 RUB.  
Klazko Kuntsevskaya, Tretyakovskaya, Polyanka from 50000 RUB.  
Klazko Youth from 50000 RUB.  
Clinic of andrology Kurskaya, Chkalovskaya from 9000 RUB.  
Clinic of plastic surgery Dr. Ross Kutuzov, Student, International from 90000 RUB.  
La Strada University, Vernadsky Prospekt, South-Western from 90000 RUB.  
Medial University, Lenin prospect, Academic from 20000 RUB.  
MONT BLANC   from 40000 RUB.  
Elite Taganskaya, Kitay-Gorod, Marxist from 10000 RUB  
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№p/p Name of service The total cost
1. Labiaplasty — intimate plastic labia (all inclusive). The cost includes pre-operative examination, the surgical reduction of the labia minora, General anesthesia, stay in the day hospital 19400 RUB.
2. Hymenoplasty — restoring virginity (all inclusive). The price includes the pre-operative examination, the surgical restoration of virginity, General anesthesia, stay in the day hospital 14400 RUB.
3. Surgical defloration — surgical removal of the hymen (all inclusive). The cost includes pre-operative examination, surgery, surgical defloration, General anesthesia, stay in the day hospital 6400 RUB.
4. Decrease of the vagina (all inclusive). The cost includes pre-operative examination, the surgical repair of the posterior wall of the vagina, General anesthesia, 1 night hospital stay 26530 RUB.
5. Plastic anterior wall of the vagina (all inclusive). The cost includes pre-operative examination, surgery for the anterior vaginal wall, General anesthesia, 1 night hospital stay 26530 RUB.
6. Removal of cysts of the vagina (all inclusive). The cost includes pre-operative examination, the surgical removal of vaginal cyst, General anesthesia, histological study, stay in the day hospital 14400 RUB.
7. Cyst removal Bartholin gland (all inclusive). The cost includes pre-operative examination, the surgical removal of the cyst Bartholin gland, General anesthesia, histological study, stay in the day hospital 19400 RUB.


Rates on short-term kinematica about vary greatly, and on average range from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles. Choosing a clinic, be sure to use verified reviews of former visitors and qualifications of doctors working there.

Frequently asked questions

From what age possible to carry out the operation?


Heard that may increase orgasm after surgery, is this true?

To enhance sexual pleasure should be used in a variety of revolutionary methods like bellconter&gvisc.

Is it painful?

The word «hymenoplasty» and «hurt» patients are often associated with each other, however, it should be noted that hymenoplasty is a surgery and any surgery requires either local or General anesthesia. Postoperative pain is also likely, however, they are mild and go away within a few days if all rules are of the rehabilitation period.

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Under what anesthesia is?

Most often, the under local.

The durability effect of the operation?

Short-term gynecomastia is done for five to seven days before intercourse. The timing of generatestate long-term view stretching up to three years.

Is it possible to conduct after birth?

Maybe, but it’s a bit more complicated. Moreover, after delivery it will take some time.

What is laser hymenoplasty?

Laser hymenoplasty involves the separation of the sheets of the mucous of the vagina women with a laser and then sutured. This type of hymenoplasty procedure can persist for a very long time, but this is accompanied by a painful rehabilitation period and heavy bleeding during «defloration».

Whether short-term different feel from the long-term?

From both women and men, and he and other hymenoplasty procedure brings partners to the natural defloration. The amount of blood depends on the condition of the vessel and the chaff, which was used in the stitching.

How much is the restoration of virginity?

The cost of restoration of virginity in clinics is quite different from each other. Prices start from 9000 and reaching 100,000 rubles per transaction. Can a gynecologist to determine whether surgery? (Whether it is possible to determine what operation was performed). Surgical restoration of virginity is carried out using latest technology and using the latest knowledge, so that after the lapse of the rehabilitation period, no one may establish the fact of carrying out a hymenoplasty procedure.

The before and after photos of a hymenoplasty procedure