Ial Systems (Ial System) is a product for biorevitalization, reviews, prices, photos before and after

The European manufacturer is able to guarantee its customers that all products of the company:

  • contain hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin;
  • made on the basis of the components that have passed the high degree of purification from foreign particles that can cause allergic reactions.

The quality of the drugs, their high efficacy and safety are confirmed by European and Russian certificates, because you can easily make a choice in favor of Ial systems, if you have biorevitalisation.

How does it work?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin and connective tissue. The normal level of hyaluronic acid ensures an optimum flow rate of metabolic processes, updates the cellular composition of tissues, maintains adequate moisture levels in the skin. With age the amount of hyaluronic acid in the tissues gradually decreases. This is one of the causes of decay.

Biorevitalisation performed with the use of drugs Ial systems, allows you to fill the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin and restore the speed of metabolic processes, characteristic of young skin.

Types of drugs

Currently, the Russian market presents three drugs from the line. This:

  • Ial systems;
  • Ay-si-PI (IAL-system ACP);
  • IAL-system DUO.

Preparations differ in composition and indications for use.


The product contains the native (natural, natural), hyaluronic acid, the molecules of which have nothing to do with each other. Such molecules are quickly included into the metabolism and have a pronounced effect in a short time.

When the hyaluronic acid molecules enter the tissue, they attract and bind water molecules, filling the skin with moisture. Dry and dehydrated skin in response to the introduction of the drug is transformed and moisturized so that for some time after the procedure, you can forget about the creams.

But if there is swelling, they after drug administration Ial systems may conversely increase. The intensity of sebum the drug is not affected.

The drug is in the tissues of about 10 days. And the effect from its application lasts up to 3 months.

IAL-system ACP

ACP is an abbreviation used to refer to technologies of creation of intermolecular bonds between molecules of hyaluronic acid. «Crosslinked» molecules after the introduction of the first cloth are split, and only then included in the process of metabolism. On average, the cleavage of molecules after a single injection IAL-system ACP, the body requires up to 4 weeks. Because the result of the procedure becomes visible later than after the introduction, but the duration of effect (up to 6 months).

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It markedly reduces sebum production for up to 1 month. Owners of dry skin for this period it is better to be a good nourishing cream.

Those who have a tendency to appearance of swelling in the face, after the introduction IAL-system ACP may notice that the swelling become less pronounced or disappear altogether.

IAL-system DUO

This is both biorevitalizant, and filler. It is used to restore tissue volume, changes in facial features, increasing and adjusting the shape of the lips.

Indications for use

  • dull, sallow complexion;
  • the appearance of fine fine lines and wrinkles;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • thin skin prone to dryness, the appearance of wrinkles;
  • photoaging, the appearance of pigmentation;
  • restore the moisture balance of the skin after a day at sea;
  • skin preparation to hardware procedures khimicheskim peels and plastic surgeries;
  • restore skin elasticity after significant weight loss.

What age

The optimum age for beginning use of the drug more than 35 years old. To 25 years the use of injectable products based on sodium hyaluronate is impractical, as in the tissues at this age synthesized a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid. Additional its introduction at a young age may have no effect.

Application features

The specificity of the drugs that the best result can be obtained with their combined use. The «gold standard» of mesotherapy worldwide recognized scheme in which first the skin is quickly saturated with unmodified hyaluronic acid (Ial-system), after which the drugs are injected long-acting on the basis of modified hyaluronic acid of ay-si-PI.

Depending on age, skin condition and problems to be solved the number of procedures at each stage of the course may vary, but the General scheme in most cases remains unchanged.

Age Testimony How many treatments you need
up to 30 years — moisturizing dry skin; prevention of photo aging;- the return of the skin tone after weight loss. Used drug Ial systems two weeks before the trip to the sea and after returning from vacation.If there is evidence possible to cut away the problem area, for example, to introduce the drug into the skin under the eyes in the presence of dark circles, introduce the tool into the area of nasolabial folds.
30-45 years — prevention and treatment of photoaging;- increase the elasticity and turgor of the skin;- the elimination of first wrinkles;preparations for traumatic cosmetic procedures. Held 2-3 procedures preparation Ial-system with an interval of 3-4 weeks. Then enter the Ial systems AI-si-PI. Support procedures are carried out once in 4-5 months.
over 45 years of age — improvement in skin color and texture;- prevention of wrinkling and deformation of facial contours;- prepare for traumatic cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery. The first two procedures of course have the medication Ial system at intervals of 2-3 weeks. Then carry out 2-3 procedures preparation Ial-system AI-si-PI with an interval of 30-45 days. Maintenance treatments are performed every 3 months.When there are significant age-related changes and dry skin, prone to rapid dehydration, maintenance treatments carried out at once two drugs. First introduced Ial systems and in two weeks Ial systems AI-si-PI.
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The scheme is conditional and can change a beautician in each case depending on a number of factors.


The introduction of drugs is not recommended in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • intolerance of drugs based on hyaluronic acid;
  • systemic diseases of connective tissue;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • the exacerbation of chronic disease;
  • violation of blood coagulation, use of anticoagulants;
  • the presence of hypertrophic or keloid scars on the body;
  • alcohol: alcohol does not reduce pain, it is better to use tools with local anesthetics in the composition («EMLA» or spray with lidocaine);
  • a large number of nevi in the treatment area;
  • inflammatory processes of the skin or subcutaneous tissue at the site of the alleged procedure.

How is the procedure biorevitalisation

Packing of the drug are always opened in the customer’s presence. Each package has a shelf life, and batch number of the drug. Inside the package is a sticker that beautician cast in the customer’s card (if the salon or centre makes customized cards for clients). Before the introduction of compulsory pain relief. To do this for about half an hour to apply the cream «EMLA».

This files most often introduced Ial systems papulnaya method in which small doses of the drug are introduced at equal distances from each other. By the end of the procedure, a small elevation of the skin almost absorbed, remaining just under the eyes where the subcutaneous fat is almost none. At the time the drug takes about half an hour. After injection is finished, the massage skin for 5-7 minutes, for a better distribution of the drug.

Side effects and complications

  • Track marks and papules.
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Some beauticians believe that if papules resolved instantly, the skin is very dehydrated. There is nothing wrong in the fact that papules may be visible when you leave cosmetology or medical center. After a couple of hours from the seals in the injection site will not remain and a trace. But I can see the bruising where damaged small blood vessels located close to the surface of the skin.

  • Swelling.

Swelling is a normal response of tissues to injury. Well attracts and holds water itself is hyaluronic acid. Because the appearance of edema after biorevitalisation natural. The swelling usually passes within a day. In the eyes of the pasty may persist for two or three days.

  • Inflammation.

Inflammation may be aseptic (sterile) as a manifestation of intolerance of the drug, and caused by microorganisms, if the manipulation was not observed sterility.

  • Allergic reactions.

The severity of allergic reactions may vary from minor itching and redness, until the formation of angioedema or anaphylactic shock.

  • The growth of connective tissue.

Excessive activity of fibroblasts may lead to proliferation of connective tissue in the injection site with the formation of subcutaneous scar.

The price of drugs Ial systems

Name The cost
IAL-system from 5500 rubles
IAL-system ACP from 12000 rubles
procedure introduction (a doctor) from 1000 rubles

In each case it is necessary to clarify, whether the cost of anesthesia and the consultation price is the cost of the procedure of drug administration. In most cases, to pay for these two expenditure items accounted for separately.

The before and after photos

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