If you lose weight, stretch marks will disappear

Stretch marks indicate lack of collagen and elastin, violations of their synthesis, hormonal failure, endocrine diseases. Will there be scars when you set weight, and will disappear if the stretch marks if you lose weight.

Why there

Stretch marks are narrow winding strips on the skin which appear in places most strong stretching of the skin. Microtrauma of skin tissue and subcutaneous tissue cause the appearance of stretch marks, the other name of stretch marks.

Their color varies from pale white to bright red and plum. The stronger the tension, the shade of the defect is saturated. Over time, stretch marks fade and become less noticeable, but not disappear completely.

The greatest role in the appearance of stretch marks plays hormones and the factor of genetic predisposition.

Scars do not cause physical discomfort. They are just a consequence of the presence of any diseases, so they need not only to prevent but also to monitor their health.

Places the appearance of stretch marks on the human body:

  • the chest;
  • abdomen;
  • the area of hips;
  • buttocks.

What types of stretch marks can be:

  1. pinkish-white grooves of small size;
  2. whitish threadlike «strips»;
  3. Burgundy-blue welts.

Because human skin has high elasticity and flexibility, the mechanical stretching of the skin the appearance of stretch marks causes. This skin defect appears only due to hormonal changes in the body.

It is not that the stomach during pregnancy, increased and stretched the skin, or the teenager grew up, and his skin stretched, and that has changed hormonal background, which resulted in the occurrence of these skin defects.

Factors that contributes to the appearance:

  • hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • the lack of collagen and elastin, breach recovery processes;
  • sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss, causing the skin of the person does not have time to adjust itself to internal changes;
  • Cushing syndrome — excess production of hormones by the adrenal glands younger body, or other endocrine diseases;
  • dehydration stimulates skin aging, loss of firmness and the appearance of minor wounds;
  • the use of hormonal drugs;
  • a predisposition to obesity;
  • genetic propensity.

The appearance of scars accompany the following symptoms:

  • high blood pressure;
  • rapid weight gain;
  • excessive increase of hair.

The appearance of scars on the body can prevent, if you follow its hormonal and weight.

The mechanism of formation

Stretch marks on the human body are due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Due to excessive tension of the skin the elastic fibers are damaged. In place of the subcutaneous tissue leads to breaks.

If the production of elastin and collagen in these areas is reduced (they produce fibroblasts that make up this connective tissue), connective tissue fills in the region gaps.

The renewal of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, occurs as usual in the usual manner. But subcutaneous tissue is no longer produced, and it is replaced by connective tissue.

Scarring of the connective tissue are significantly different color from human skin, despite the fact that they are not on the surface of the skin, and inside her.

Over time, the color overextended breaks brightens, fades and tapers, but does not disappear, since connective tissue is different in structure from the original subcutaneous tissue. So even if you lose weight, stretch marks will not disappear.

The rich color of connective tissue attach the capillaries penetrating it. Over time, human skin and capillaries that are found in the skin, grow old and die. Therefore, the color becomes more pale striae.

According to another version, the scars become lighter because of the proliferation of connective tissue, which fills or covers the blood vessels. After lightening the scars acquire pearly color.

Depth of stretch marks can be different. It depends on the intensity of the stretch fabric.

Scars cannot be hidden with the help of the sun, since connective tissue has no pigment. Shade stretch marks will change from pink to white, or will become even more noticeable on tanned skin.

The affected areas will no longer appear the hair is, in addition, this area is devoid of sweating.

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Gone is the stretch marks if you lose weight

With a sharp decrease of weight you risk becoming the owner of the stretch marks in different parts of your body. If stretch marks you already had before you lost weight, after losing weight they will not disappear. If the weight loss happened rapidly, and your body does not have time to adapt to new conditions, may be new stretch marks.

Any weight loss should be accompanied by exercise. They will help prepare the skin to ensure that the body will eventually become smaller and the skin itself to need less. Due to the physical stress, the skin loses its flexibility and elasticity.

Useful tips

The appearance of stretch marks during weight loss can be prevented if you strictly follow its weight. Let your skin and body to adjust to the changes gradually. It is recommended daily to lose not more than 300 grams of the excess weight. During the week it is permissible to lose weight only 1.5 or 2 kg. the Skin has time to adjust to new volumes, and the appearance of stretch marks can be avoided.

Count the time correctly your weight loss. Slimming for summer in a short period of time can cause the appearance of scars.

Focus not only on the proper diet or reducing caloric intake, but also on physical exercises that will help to keep the skin supple and elastic.

Massage will also help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and to lose weight. Thanks massage improves blood flow to problem areas of the skin, improves nutrition of cells and produced collagen with elastin. They contribute to the development of resistance of skin to mechanical manipulation: compression and stretching.

Your chosen diet for weight loss should not limit your intake of nutrients, important for maintaining skin tone. It is recommended not to reduce the amount of protein consumed.

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration adversely affects the skin condition, its elasticity and firmness.

To get rid of stretch marks in the process of carrying a child will be harder because you cannot use strong medicines to combat scars.

To restore hormonal balance and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, it is necessary to monitor the overall condition of the pregnancy. If everything goes well, there is a chance that collagen and elastin are produced in the right amount, and stretch marks can be avoided.

Ways to prevent scars before pregnancy:

  • to achieve a normal weight for you, if you want to lose weight;
  • to fill the body with nutrients and vitamins that will be useful when carrying a baby;
  • control your diet, not to get carried away with strict diets;
  • not to forget about exercise;
  • to fill the skin with vitamins, useful to preserve its elasticity, it is possible to apply the wraps;
  • regularly moisturize the skin.

Stretch marks occur during sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss. It is important to lose weight gradually and accurately monitor their diet, water balance, intake of essential minerals. Weight loss without physical exercise, massage and care for your skin never rid the woman of existing stretch marks.

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