Implants Sebbin (Sabban)

The quality of the implants such that the company Sebbin decide sakimi of plastic surgeons is to operate, but with some not so inexperienced doctors are not discredited brand.

The history of the company

Company Laboratoires SEBBIN for the first time presented their products on the market in 1986. The founder of it was the company’s Medical, organized in 1979.

From the very beginning of its work, Saban focused on leading the development in the field of plastic surgery, to produce Luxury that meets the highest quality standards. The company not only introduced a technological innovation, but also took into account the development of new models of breast implants, the experience of the leading European surgeons to such as Javier de Benito (Spain), Mike Shefflan (Israel), Dr. Brito (France).

It should be noted that in this, they succeeded. Currently implants are used in leading clinics of France, Europe, USA and Latin America.

The U.S. and Latin America usually are regions closed to sales of European products, it often applies that are produced in the United States. But their premium quality allowed them to win this part of the market.

In 2010, there was a complete change of leadership of the company. The new team conducted a complete modernization of the production line models of breast implants has been expanded, has been manufacturing the implants of the legs, buttocks, testicles, Siderov and expanders. Since 2011, the Sebbin products started to be sold in Russia.

What good implants Sebbin

High-tech shell. The shell of the implants has 8 main layers and the protective layer 9, which prevents the release of gel into the surrounding tissue. Properties of the shell are such that the risk of fibrosis after implant placement does not exceed 1%.

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A silicone gel. They are filled with silicone gel Naturgel™. For consistency it may be soft (like gel SoftTouchон consistency is indistinguishable from breast tissue), classic and dense.

The ability to manufacture breast implants for individual sizes. Quite a popular procedure, as despite the variety of models in shape, size and profile is not always possible to find a prosthesis that will look as natural as possible within the parameters of the thorax and the amount of breast tissue.

Breast augmentation in Europe prized for the size, which can be done using implants, and for maximum naturalness and the beauty of the female breast, which can be obtained by means of mammoplasty.

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Quality guarantee

The technological process at the plant Sabban arranged so that the test is literally each of the implants. For comparison, in the factories of other companies are checked only 1-2 of the implant from a party.

Because there is no risk that the market will fall implant at least with a minimum of defects and the risk of rupture.

All products comply with the international ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the European Union requirements for medical devices and industry standards for the production of medical products from silicone, which operate in France.

What else should prefer any other brand, so it is a fact that the company does not use the common in a clinical environment methods to encourage surgeons and providing them with significant discounts.

Bet the company makes high quality of its products and in the interest of the surgeons to use high-quality implants to obtain a positive result of the operation of breast augmentation and any woman.

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Manufacturer’s warranty

All products of Saban have a lifetime warranty.