Ingrown hairs in the bikini area — before and after how to fight and get rid of, treatment, reviews

Except that it’s ugly, it still delivers a lot of discomfort. In contact with clothing inflamed skin stings, itches and itches. And if the inflammation at the site of ingrown hairs turn into sore, you can join and even fairly intense pain.

Gradually in place of in-grown hairs are formed dark spots that make the picture even more depressing. These stains even after removal of the hair may remain on the skin for several months, gradually turning pale.


Bikini – this is an area of the skin affected by several factors, leading to ingrown hairs after waxing. These are factors that are typical of any other area of the body, and specific only for intimate area features. Because it turns out so that the feet and in the armpits may be all well, but the bikini area anyone don’t want to show.

The injury of the hair follicle

It happens quite often as a result of wrong techniques of hair removal. And if outdoor bikini where the hair is all growing in the same direction, to observe and to remove the growth or against the hair growth easily, here for hair removal deep bikini professionalism of the master of hair removal is very important.

Several treatments improper hair removal can provide the client with constant problems with ingrown hairs in the future.

Obliteration of the orifices of the follicles cornified epithelium

If the skin is tight, the mouth of the hair follicles can shrink or completely close up Horny scales of the skin. This complicates the process of hair removal, and further regrowth of hairs from each.

The constant rubbing of clothes

Usually if the friction of the edges of the linen and the seams of the garment do not cause discomfort, injured during waxing the skin can respond to touch fabric irritation and redness. Irritation is a predisposing factor in the occurrence of ingrown hairs, pustules at the site of damaged follicles.

Cause irritation can be not only tight clothing, but also underwear made of synthetic fabrics that do not absorb moisture and create a so-called «greenhouse effect».

Hormonal changes

Usually ingrown hairs contributes to hormonal changes. That is why often women will notice that ingrown hair appear and their number increases significantly during pregnancy.

However, after shugaring hair grow less?

Actually there is no ways that cause ingrown hairs to a greater degree than other methods of hair removal. Sugaring came to us later than a hair removal epilator and wax.

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Because some time it’s touted as a method which does not cause ingrown hairs. Time has shown that this is just a marketing ploy.

If we talk about methods of getting rid of unwanted vegetation, then you need to find your master who will do the procedure is technically correct. It may be waxing, and sugaring, and new-fangled hair removal thread.

Most importantly, the hair has been removed with minimal damage to hair follicles.

How to remove bikini zone

Treatment of ingrown hairs should start with simple techniques and gradually move to the traumatic (surgical). Arrange them in order from simple to complex in the following order:

  • compliance with the rules of skin care after depilation;
  • steaming and softening of the skin;
  • the use of scrubs and moisturizers;
  • the use of exfoliating (enzymes, salicylic acid, rot);
  • remove ingrown hairs with tweezers or needle;
  • opening abscesses at the site of ingrown hairs from the surgeon.

Let’s look at each method in more detail.

Rules skin care after waxing

Typically, each of the masters describes in detail how and what to do after the procedure. But few of clients really obey those rules. Because the results are not always encouraging. Here are the rules:

  • immediately after the procedure you need to use only underwear made of natural fabrics that are loose enough about the tailoring;
  • at least the day after the procedure, it is necessary to abandon the relationship nylon stockings;
  • within a few days it is better not to wear very tight pants and jeans;
  • the first day should not swim in open water, the swimming pool and the sauna, take a bath;
  • after a shower, you must handle the skin in the bikini area with an antiseptic solution, e.g. chlorhexidine and apply a thin layer of the tool;
  • until that time, until the redness, it is recommended to limit sex;
  • still redness after the procedure, it is not advisable to apply cosmetics to the skin.

Steaming and softening of the skin

Often this procedure is enough to alleviate the growing hairs exit to the outside. For steaming you will need a soft cloth and warm water. Or you can use traditional method when steaming the skin is used of the bread and warmed milk.

In any case, the cloth or bread must be dipped in warm liquid, gently squeeze and put on skin in the place where you want to get rid of ingrown hair.

Repeat the procedure several times, until the skin is steamed enough to open the pores and the top layer of the epidermis will not become loose enough to easily remove ingrown hairs.

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The use of scrubs

Fight ingrown hairs with the help of scrubs just starting 5-7 days after the procedure, you can start to use the product with exfoliating particles 1 every two or three days. After each use of the scrub, it is recommended to moisten the skin cream.

The use of means with peeling effect

The easiest option is to use lotions for the treatment of acne. Usually such lotions include azelaic or salicylic acid, which have a significant exfoliating action.

You can also use ready-made products with enzymes of the type of papain and bromelain that do not only exfoliate dead skin but also slow down the process of hair growth.

Alternatively, you can use a mixture of powder and concoctions of hydrogen peroxide. Slurry should be applied to the area of the ingrown hair for 10 minutes every day during the week.

The use of peelings helps to prevent ingrown hairs, because they should be applied as a preventive treatment after each depilation.

Removal with a needle

Yourself to remove them with a needle or tweezers at home doctors strongly do not recommend, as there is a risk of spreading purulent infection. But every ingrown hair to the surgeon you will not go, because in most cases, women themselves cope with the problem.

The most important thing is to use antiseptics and to remove only those hairs, which are located on the surface and have no signs of purulent inflammation around them.

When to ask for help to the surgeon

To consult a surgeon about ingrown hair should be when formed subcutaneous «bumps» that become something more, something less. This usually means that the hair follicles occurs in a wave-like process of suppuration, which is amplified, then fizzles.

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Do not rely on the fact that «bumps» will be yourself. If there is no outflow of pus, the hair remains in the tissues, the inflammation will be repeated.

There are times when these subcutaneous abscesses opened on their own. Then they also pus may withdraw one or more of the hair. But it also happens that the inflammation extends to the surrounding tissue and forms an abscess, which requires emergency surgical treatment.

To trigger the development of an abscess may attempt to discover their own «bump» with a needle or squeeze it by pressure of the fingers or nails.

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What to do to not pastorelas

If you have tried everything described in the article, changed the master and the method of hair removal, but your results have not improved, then you have to forget about waxing or continue to suffer from ingrown hairs. An alternative is laser hair removal, photo-, electro — or ELOS hair removal.

These methods allow to get rid of ingrown hairs for two or three sessions.

Prices on hair removal, of course, not comparable with the cost of hair removal treatments, especially if you spend them at home. But the comfort of redemption in the bikini area is worth it.

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