Injectable liposuction ( lipolysis) — what is it, reviews, prices, photos before and after

Like any other type of liposuction, it is not designed to fight obesity, its primary objective is the contouring of the body.

Using this procedure removed excess fat in the places where they do not go either through diet or through exercise.

The principle of operation

The essence of injection lipolysis is that with the syringe the patient is administered a special drug in a certain area of the body.

The effect of the administered substance causes destruction of fat cells and transforming them into emulsion. The resulting fat emulsion neutralized in the liver and, thus, eliminated from the body without causing any side effects.

Most commonly used safe tool – «termostabile». It consists of several components that provide fat removal, cellulite and lifting effect.

The procedure takes no more than twenty minutes, is painless and safe, so after a few hours, you can return to your normal lifestyle.

The best effect is achieved when holding eight to ten treatments. Since this method cannot remove large amounts of fat (for example, in the case of traditional or radiofrequency liposuction may remove up to five liters of fat), the procedure is divided into several stages with an interval of ten days.

The stages of

The classical correction of problems associated with cellulite involves three stages:

  1. Drainage.
  2. The lipolysis.
  3. Lifting.

The first stage involves the use of vascular drugs, which can expand blood vessels and provide a draining effect. Cellulitis is characterized by the compression of the capillaries, which subsequently disturbs microcirculation and leads to edema. Vascular cocktails, prepared on the basis of plant extracts, good at dealing with this problem and undesirable effects.

The second stage involves the use of already silicon cocktails. This substance is inserted into the region of seals or in the areas with the so-called orange peel. Organic silicon softens the connective jumper and enhances the action of the following drug – Slim Body, which contains green tea, guarana extract and L-carnitine.

The third stage is carried out after a few treatments when body fat away. This is necessary in order to avoid sagging of the skin. The doctor connects the drugs lifting and DMAE complex. To improve the skin texture are also used vitamins, antioxidants, cocktails, activating metabolism and regenartion processes.


Aqualyx is the latest lipolytic, dissolving fat cells and deducing them from the body, reshaping and allowing to achieve good results in two to three applications.

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Feature of drug is its gel-like structure which allows you to accurately distribute it throughout the subcutaneous fat. Due to this property achieved the most pronounced effect, and reduced risk of unwanted side effects.

It differs by the fact that when working with this drug uses a different injection technique, namely, interlitteraria, which involves fewer injections (maximum of three). With this work the substance is evenly distributed and effectively removes excess oil, allowing the patient’s skin is completely smooth, without marked tubercles.

The principle of operation of Aqualyx laid in sodium, which once in the body, is released immediately, but gradually over several days. This allows you to use the highest concentration of active substances without any harm to the body.

In direct contact with the cells of fat, the substance destroys their membrane, and further into «the game» enters the lymphatic system, which easily removes the remains of the destroyed fat along with the regular decay products.

The number of procedures that should be undertaken in case the use of Aqualyx, varies depending on the number of redundant fat. As a rule, three treatments is more than enough, and the interval between them is about ten to twenty days.

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How to apply the injected medicines

The mechanism of the drug, which is injected into the patient’s body, is to accelerate the metabolism of adipose tissue. In fact, it is similar to natural fat burning process: break down lipids, which with the bloodstream to the liver, and then excreted.

The drug is administered by injection, has a complex structure. In addition to the main active substance in it is also included antibiotics, vitamins, sulfa compounds and hormones in small amounts.

Such a set allows to carry out successfully the procedure and to avoid serious side effects.


The advantages of injection liposuction are the following factors:

  1. Painless. Unlike, say, classic liposuction, the patient does not feel any pain either before or after liposuction.
  2. Security. Since the procedure is not traumatic, the risk of bleeding excluded. Impossible and complications associated with multiple punctures and possible scarring, injectable liposuction. Accordingly, formation of scars, suppuration and inflammation is also excluded.
  3. Affordable price. Injection liposuction costs less than comparable liposuction procedures.
  4. The lack of rehabilitation period. As the patient gets injury and risk to health, the rehabilitation period is dramatically reduced.
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Injection liposuction has a number of contraindications:

  1. Age less than 18 years.
  2. Pregnancy and lactation.
  3. The clotting of blood.
  4. Diseases of the internal organs.
  5. The presence of a pacemaker.
  6. Infectious diseases.
  7. SARS, colds, fever.
  8. HIV, hepatitis b,C.
  9. Malignant neoplasms.
  10. Diabetes.
  11. Diseases of the immune system.
  12. Lupus.
  13. An allergic reaction to soy.
  14. The presence of implants.

Also the procedure can not be performed in case if the patient had used anticoagulants, i.e. blood thinners. It should take no less than two weeks.

The treatment area

Perhaps the removal of subcutaneous fat in the following areas of the body:

  • abdomen;
  • buttocks;
  • shoulders, hands;
  • face, neck, chin, cheeks, eyelids;
  • hips.

Side effects

After a session in the place of injection there may be mild inflammation, which resolves in several days. In place of the drug, there is a small inflammatory reaction, which takes place over several days.

It is also possible infectious complication, if you have not complied with all sanitary-hygienic norms.

Do not forget about allergic reactions to the injected drugs. In order to avoid such complications, the consultation with the doctor is necessary to tell about all the available cases of Allergy.


After the procedure there are small restrictions that are designed to improve and consolidate the obtained effect. Among them are the following:

  • exception of visiting the baths, saunas, pools;
  • avoidance of direct sunlight;
  • exception of physical activity.

As for the food, there are some recommendations:

  • exception of fatty foods;
  • decrease salt intake;
  • the exception is coffee, alcohol.

The number of procedures and the expected result

Often to achieve maximum results, it takes a few sessions. After three or four treatments, the effect becomes noticeable.

Injection liposuction acts slowly so a complete result is visible after four to eight weeks after the vote. Through this time it becomes clear whether additional treatment or enough of those already held.


The cost of the procedure Аqualyx depends on the amount of substance used (bottles). Usually, it takes about three bottles, which cost about 5000-6000 rubles. In General, a technique similar to liposuction will cost about 30,000 rubles.

Name of service (injection lipolysis) The average price in rubles
In one small area of 10X20 cm 3 000
In the area of hands, chin and face 4 400
In the thighs, abdomen, buttocks 7 000
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Frequently asked questions

Applied this technique in the area of the lower eyelid?

Yes, injection liposuction copes with excess fat around the lower eyelid.

How long does the result of the procedure?

Often the results depend on the lifestyle of the patient. What he is healthier and more active, the longer the effect. Deviations from the recommendations, excessive eating, alcohol, nicotine, and also a sedentary way of life lead to rapid disappearance of result.

How widely applicable is this method?

Monthly in Russia are thousands of similar procedures.

Can it replace surgery?

This question is difficult to give a definite answer, because injectable liposuction may not help in case of excess fat presented to the patient in very large numbers. In this case it is better to use other types of liposuction. However, if we are talking about a small local deposits in inaccessible places, there is no better option than the injection method.

How safe is the procedure? What are the threats it carries in itself?

Statistics says that since the beginning of 2005, there was not one complaint about side effects after the procedure. Very rarely there may be allergic reactions, but in order to avoid such problems, before the procedure with physician consultation, the patient give up various analyses.

Photo before and after injection lipolysis

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