Injectable rhinoplasty — nose readings

What it is

Injection rhinoplasty is a non-surgical method of correcting the shape of nose by administering special drugs.

For the procedure, injection rhinoplasty is used:

  1. fillers and other fillers;
  2. special threads;
  3. hormones;
  4. cast.

What method of injectable rhinoplasty will fit you – will determine a plastic surgeon.

But you need to clearly understand that significant deficiencies or functional problems (for example, if a deviated septum) by injection, such drugs are impossible to eliminate.

With rhinoplasty fillers are used absorbable drugs:

  1. Restylane, Juvederm (hyaluronic acid);
  2. Zyderm, Zyplast — drugs, consisting of bovine collagen, as well as Dermalogen, Autologen, Cymetra, Isolagen, Cosmoderm (human collagen);
  3. Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite);
  4. the sculptor (lactic acid synthetic origin);
  5. The ellans (polycaprolactone)
  6. Also use drugs that are not absorbed and contain polymers (silicone), the practice of injection of adipose tissue of the patient (lipofilling).

In the case of the nose correction threads doing small punctures and the threads are inserted under the skin.

Subsequently occurs the lifting of the thread along with the leather and fastening in the correct position.

Rhinoplasty hormonal therapy is with corticosteroids: synthetic substances similar to the hormones of the adrenal cortex of man.

These drugs have the potential to mitigate and even partially dissolve the cartilage, therefore you can adjust the shape of the tip and wings of the organs of smell, to smooth out the hump.

The most commonly used drugs Diprospan and Kenalog.

Splints – hypoplasticity design that creates a constant pressure on the cartilage and soft tissues, changing their position. It is used to improve the shape of the back and tip of the nose.

Optimal use of lightweight construction in the form of clamps or clips that are worn for several hours daily for several months.

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The main indications

Indications for injectable rhinoplasty exist in cases where the size and shape of the patient’s nose by and large, satisfied, but want to fix some of its parts, for example:

  1. asymmetric nose;
  2. snub nose, lowered, too thin tip;
  3. a variety of bumps, dips;
  4. sharp protruding corners on the bridge of the nose;
  5. hump, flat bridge of the nose;
  6. sagging, ptosis (drooping) of soft tissues;
  7. posttraumatic and postoperative scars.
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The procedure is injection rhinoplasty is sometimes done in the case of severe deficiencies, eliminates surgically only as a temporary measure. For example, when the operation is not possible for medical reasons, a minority of patients.


Contraindications for injectable rhinoplasty are:

  1. pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  2. acute inflammatory processes in the body;
  3. increased body temperature, fever;
  4. infectious diseases herpes during eruptions;
  5. a severe form of diabetes, oncological diseases;
  6. an allergic reaction to the drug or its components.

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Details of the procedure

A few days before the procedure:

  • excluded physical activity;
  • you can not drink alcohol;
  • one should start taking antihistamines and, if necessary, and antiviral, if in the recent past have been active cold sore.

Technique the procedure is simple:

  1. the patient is prepared for surgery, causing the nose anesthetics;
  2. then under the skin of the nose entered the appropriate drugs.

Injected the drug with the help of microneedles, and a soft cannula from quality high tensile steel. The procedure lasts no more than an hour.

The procedure can be performed in several stages, with monitoring every 15 days.

Injection gel products:

  1. gels (Juvederm, Restylane, etc.) are introduced into areas of the nose where there is depression;
  2. most often this technique camouflage a small hump;
  3. the filler is injected along the entire length of the nose, pain no;
  4. complications are very rare;
  5. effect after application of these drugs is short-term.

Separately should be said about the drug Radiesse calcium-based:

  • This is a plastic material, a gel implant.
  • Well-tolerated by the body, prevents complications.
  • A big plus of the drug that it is valid for a year and a half and during that time the process of replacing it with connective tissue, so the need for repeated injections (depending on the properties of the organism) often disappears.
  • Radiesse eventually dissolve, but remains some amount of new connective tissue provides a visual effect that was achieved after injections.
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Accordingly, Radiesse has advantages over other drugs.

Injections of hormonal drugs:

  1. hormones (Kenalog, Diprospan) tend how to dissolve the «extra» parts of the nose;
  2. this method is used for the correction of the nose tip and wings, and a hump;
  3. this procedure must be performed by a good professional, because the slightest inaccuracy can cause the removed will be a lot of fabric;
  4. the effect of the procedure is relatively long, but complication can be the development of tissue atrophy.

Thread lift:

  1. the method is suitable for correcting the shape of the tip and wings of nose;
  2. through special punctures introduces threads, which pull areas of the nose, then threads are cut;
  3. there is a risk of breakage of the filaments and the appearance of scars.

Correction langety:

  1. is used for correction of the back and the tip of the nose;
  2. involves the wearing of special design, which is inconvenient;
  3. has a wide list of contraindications for use: rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, deviated septum.

After the procedure you must perform a number of rules in order to avoid complications:

  1. not to blow your nose, try and not cough or sneeze;
  2. to comply with home mode in the first days after the manipulation;
  3. to exclude effects on face hot water, steam: that is to cancel a visit to the baths, sauna, Solarium, hot bath;
  4. don’t do facial massage within 14 days.

Results and duration

Deciding to use the injectable rhinoplasty, you need to clearly understand that these procedures can only correct slight defects of the nose:

  • to smooth the tip;
  • to reduce the hump;
  • to correct a small asymmetry.
  • to remove sagging, holes, bumps.

Radical changes in the olfactory organ can only be achieved through the operation of rhinoplasty.

The effect of the injections rhinoplasty lasts approximately six months to a year, in some cases up to two years. But you can repeat the procedure after the disappearance of the effect.

How much is

The cost of the procedure is injection rhinoplasty depends on many factors: the method chosen, the number of points for injections, the status of the clinic.

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The average price in Moscow clinics ranges from 10 thousand to 40 thousand rubles:

  1. procedure Restylane — from 14 000 RUB.;
  2. Surgiderm — from 18 000 RUB.;
  3. drug Radiesse — from 20 000 RUB;
  4. with Aptos threads — from 25 000 rubles.

What you need to know about the risks

Although injectable rhinoplasty in most cases, causes no complications, very short and easy rehabilitation period, there are risk factors when performing this manipulation.

In the early period:

  1. acute allergic reaction, itching, redness;
  2. edema, hematoma

Late complications:

  1. although rare, there are cases of infections: it is of great importance to the professionalism of the doctor, the observance of absolute sterility during the procedure;
  2. embolism, ischemia of blood vessels that can subsequently lead to tissue necrosis and scarring (very rare);
  3. the formation of granulomas, fibroids;
  4. the appearance of inflammatory infiltrate;
  5. the appearance of age spots;
  6. migration of the gel.

To avoid possible complications, you need a very responsible attitude to the choice of clinic and doctor:

  1. pre-study reviews;
  2. chat with former patients;
  3. to check all the necessary documents.

You must also strictly follow all the rules of the rehabilitation period, the recommendations of the attending physician.