Injection blepharoplasty — non-surgical, lower eyelids, price

What it is

Injection (non-surgical) blepharoplasty is a promising, relatively new method of correction of skin changes associated with age in the upper and lower eyelids.

As a result, the procedure gives:

  1. pronounced effect of rejuvenation;
  2. removes traces of stress, fatigue, age-related changes;
  3. is a good alternative to surgical blepharoplasty.


Injection blepharoplasty is performed by injection under the skin of substances that smooth and make it more elastic.

For injections using different drugs that have different effects (see table below).

Types of injections

That applies


Injection, changing the contour of the eyelids and smoothing the skin around the eyes.

The fillers (fillers) on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

Drug components are distributed evenly under the skin, aligning it from the inside. Effect on weakened cells, stimulating them to the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers.

Injection, removed from excess eyelid swelling.

Means, comprising drugs that speed up the metabolism of fat cells: enzymes, multivitamins, fatty acids, plant extracts, desoxycholate sodium, phosphatidylcholine.

The drug is administered subcutaneously, by acting on the cell membrane in such a way that they become thinner, allowing the main drug in the cocktail to break down fat.

Let us consider the composition and properties of some drugs for non-surgical injection blepharoplasty:

  1. very good effect of Dermaheal preparations Eyebag Solution (for hernia repair) and Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution (for effects on dark circles) (manufacturer CAREGEN Korea). The use of drugs the severity of hernias and their volume is greatly reduced due to the reduction in size of fat cells, lymph drainage and strengthening of the front tissues in the eye area. Drugs do not have the direct lipolytics, their application in this tender and vulnerable area is totally safe;
  2. enzymes preparations have laboratorywhose action, reducing the hernia SAC. CG-Formade activates the production of hyaluronic acid, laminin, elastin, fibronectin, which provide the strengthening and sealing of the front wall of the century. Components of the drug are effective not only singly, but also provide a powerful impact in the complex.
  3. the drug sensavi contains biomimetic peptides which affect the skin and muscle — adipose tissue – that is, all the components of a hernia.
  4. the drug Eyebag essence is composed of a biometric peptide, a biodegradable fiber in the upper and lower eyelids. The drug is effective in the treatment of hernia of the lower eyelid, when lowered (ptosis) of extreme corners of the eyes, the overhang of the eyebrows;
  5. the Restylane (Restylane) filler composed of hyaluronic acid. Injection of filler to fill the problem areas, improving the contours under the eyes.

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Indications for the procedure injection blepharoplasty is:

  • the overhang of the upper and lower eyelid;
  • gryzenia bags, swelling, swelling of the eyelid zone;
  • ptosis of the lower corners of eyes;
  • thinning, dehydration, dry skin, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes;
  • strongly pronounced nasolacrimal groove.


Contraindications the following factors:

  1. Allergy to components, of individual intolerance to the drug;
  2. herpes (phase lesions);
  3. pregnancy, lactation;
  4. hemophilia, cancer;
  5. vision problems;
  6. diabetes in a severe stage;
  7. infectious disease;
  8. hypertension and cardiovascular disease;
  9. susceptibility to conjunctivitis, chronic diseases of the eyelids;
  10. the wearing of a pacemaker.

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How to make injection blepharoplasty

Technique the blepharoplasty is simple, but the necessary preparatory stage:

  1. On consultation the doctor will reveal, first of all, contraindications to the procedure.
  2. It also assesses the degree of thickness of skin tissue in the area of the eyelids and analyzed the degree of age-related deformations.
  3. Immediately before injection it is necessary to remove makeup and cleanse the skin.
  4. Ever handled painkiller to reduce the pain, is to mark the eyelid area for injection.
  5. It should be noted that many patients injections around the eyes are felt as unpleasant and painful.

After the introduction of the drug should care, including the use of regenerating cream or gel to reduce puffiness and improve saeplast.

The procedure lasts no more than an hour.

The patient is also assigned an individual program for skin care in the eye area at home.

Very often patients go about injecting the lower eyelid blepharoplasty, as eye bags, which is manifested with age, add at least 10 years plus and a lot of negative emotions.

Here’s how goes the fight against this problem, for example, by using Dermaheal preparations Eyebag and Dark Circle Solution Solution (removal procedure hated cosmetic defect is made in two stages):

  1. introduction to the area of the lower eyelid Eyebag Solution of the drug, the components of which resolves the bags under the eyes. Many patients get good results after the first injection.
  2. the second stage consists of several procedures drug Dark Circle Solution, conducted at weekly intervals. The purpose of this stage is to strengthen the skin, increase its density, the activation of microcirculation of lymph, rid the eye area of dark circles and wrinkles.


Injection blepharoplasty is one of the best in terms of speed and security methods of facial rejuvenation non-surgical way, which is not inferior in the efficiency of surgical blepharoplasty.

The advantage of this method is:

  • relative painlessness;
  • the absence of threats to life and health of the patient;
  • of ease and short rehabilitation period.


  1. to eliminate wrinkles in the eye area;
  2. remove «dark circles» and herniation under the eyes;
  3. to lift the upper eyelids.

In preparations for injection blepharoplasty no dangerous chemical substances and preservatives, so they are not harmful to the body.

Contained in the injection components have a firming and rejuvenating effect.

As a result of the injection:

  • subcutaneous fat in the periorbital area is on the wane;
  • aktiviziruyutsya regeneration processes of the skin;
  • causing the skin homologues in a natural way, by updating the resources of skin tissue and restore regulation at the cellular level.

As a result of improved lymphatic drainage reduced muscle and epithelial layers of connective tissue, after which the appearance changes significantly for the better.

You need to spend from four to ten treatments, depending on the individual anatomy of the patient.

Tangible effect lasts up to four years, further procedure should be repeated.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty does not contain risks that are present in the surgical blepharoplasty – bruising, prolapse of the century, eversion of eyelids etc.

During the procedure does not use anesthesia, which also reduces the risk to the health of the patient, not made the incisions, which eliminates the possibility of blood loss and infection.

Although the effect lasts such a long time, as after a traditional surgical blepharoplasty.


On the first day after the injection, blepharoplasty, you may experience:

  1. puffiness around the eye area;
  2. mild painful;
  3. and slight redness.

If the patient did not like the effect after injection, blepharoplasty, eye area strongly swollen, introduced hyaluronic acid fillers can be eliminated.

This introduces the enzyme hyaluronidase, which breaks down the filler, after which it is absorbed by the body during the day.

After injection it is necessary to protect the skin from:

  • cold;
  • heat;
  • of the wind;
  • frost.

The cost

The price of the procedure of injection of blepharoplasty varies depending on the city, the clinics of the drug to be applied.

The average cost of this procedure – from 5000 to 15 thousand rubles.

For example, a single injection of Dermaheal Eyebag Solution is 8500 RUB (this must be done no less than 3 procedures).

It should be noted that, despite the apparent simplicity of the procedure, you should not succumb to the temptation of lower prices and to do these injections a cosmetologist.

The procedure needs to do a plastic surgeon, knows the anatomical features of the century: it is necessary to exclude hit of the drug components in other zones.

Suggest also carefully monitor the cost of this procedure in medical establishments in your city and surrounding. Because the price dispersion is significant, you can find yourself in the process of searching and analyzing viable option.

But be careful not to succumb to offers very low cost before you get treatment, ask for feedback on the quality of health care institutions and the work of the doctor.

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