Instant tan — what is it, reviews, photos before and after, how long does

For and against

This tan has a number of advantages that make the procedure increasingly popular.

  • Any depth and richness of tan.

During the procedure, you can get a tan of any intensity from mild to deep sea country.

Shade is selected prior to the procedure, then to produce the desired shade specialist selects the desired concentration bronzing lotion.

  • Compact and mobile equipment to carry.

To run the procedure in a salon, and the home of the client. The cabin is fitted with special cabin. A home to a client specialist takes a special canvas tent, which eliminates splashing lotion on the furniture, walls and interior.

  • Safety of cosmetics used for holding.

Unlike a tan that you can get in the sun or in the tanning bed immediate bronzer is completely safe and can even be used during pregnancy.

The sun obtained with the help of bronzer, does not cause burns, development of tumours on the skin, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

  • Fast results regardless of skin type.

For tanning, the intensity of which can be like after a month in the Mediterranean resort, one procedure is enough. Do not need long to get used to the sun, no need for weeks to go to the Solarium. All it takes is once applied to the skin special lotion and give it a appear.

  • Lotion for tanning evens out the complexion.

If you choose a sufficiently intense color of the lotion that will darken moles and age spots, the skin will acquire a uniform hue. A great tool for those who want to hide blemishes and areas of pigmentation. You can also use an instant tan for vitiligo to fill in the light spots on the skin.

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  • The effect lasts long.

Fake tan remains on the skin in its original form for a few days, and then gradually washed off. In fact, the color saturation is reduced in the process of exfoliate the upper Horny layer of the skin, which is constantly updated.

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  • After the procedure, you can «go spots».

Feature lotions for instant tan is that the color as it is worse in certain places:

  • where skin contact with clothing (belts, rubber bands, tight trousers);
  • where there are cosmetics or skin is oiliness (T-zone on the face may be lighter than the cheeks);
  • where the skin more sweat (knees, underarms, under the Breasts).

Therefore it is advisable to prepare for the procedure correctly, and even better to perform it at home. The uneven color of the sun turns out as exfoliation of the skin. Where the skin is renewed faster, the intensity of the sun will decline.

  • Tanning makes the skin resistant to sunlight.

When we get a tan in the sun or in the tanning bed, skin the production of melanin and increasing the thickness of the epidermis gradually adapts to the action of ultraviolet light. During the procedure of tanning the skin’s protective mechanisms are not aktiviziruyutsya, because the risk of burn on the beach remains.

How it works

Lotions for the procedure are similar in composition. The primary means to them is dihydroxyacetone, which is derived from cane sugar. It dihydroxyacetone in contact with the epidermis provides a manifestation of color, reminiscent of a natural tan.

For this he is sometimes called brown tan. Also, the means may include airtools – sugar, similar in its chemical structure to the dihydroxyacetone.

Develops rich bronze colour thanks to the fake tan goes on more evenly, has a more natural colour and lasts longer due to the deep moisturizing of the skin.

The lotion is sprayed onto the body using special devices. After the drug is applied, it is manifested within a few hours.

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The only contraindication that exists for the instant tan is the presence of Allergy to the applied lotion. But as the lotions in the cosmetic market now presents a variety, it is possible to choose remedy that will not cause adverse reactions.

If you have any doubts, you can conduct a skin test: apply to the area of the skin in the crook of the elbow a small amount of the drug and leave it for a few hours. If reactions such as redness, itching, burning, no, we can safely handle the selected lotion all over the body.

How is the procedure

Fundamental differences in the technique of the procedure in the salon and at home.

  • A preparatory stage.

Before applying bronzer you need to take a shower and apply a light peeling with a stiff gloves or body scrub. Then the skin should be wiped dry. Apply creams, lotions, deodorant or toilet water after a shower is impossible.

Cream due to the presence of oils in the composition will prevent the penetration of the lotion for instant tanning in the epidermis, the color can be very bright and uneven.

Deodorants and perfumes can react with the components of the lotion, which can cause irritation or an uneven tan.

  • Actually applying the product for artificial tanning.

With the spray lotion instant tan sprayed a thin layer on the face and body. Then 10-15 minutes you need to wait until the substance dries.

  • The final stage.

For full display and fixing color needs about 10 hours. All this time, it will be necessary to observe following recommendations:

  • wear loose clothes;
  • to abandon sports and any physical activity that may enhance perspiration;
  • not take a shower, wash the dishes, do not fall under the rain, in General, to avoid getting water on the skin.
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After 8-10 hours you can wash off the surplus funds and to evaluate the result of the procedure.

How long does

The duration of the effect from applying the bronzing lotion may vary depending on a number of factors. Among them:

  • time of year: summer skin glands produce more sebum, we often sweat, skin faster updated, because the intensity of the sun will decrease faster than in the cold season;
  • the implementation of water and heat treatments: bathing in salt water, sauna, conducting in-salon treatment designed to exfoliate the skin will lead to a more rapid disappearance of artificial tanning;
  • the use of hard sponges or scrubs at home leads to a more rapid decrease in the intensity of reed to the sun.

Prices in Moscow

Name of service The cost
instant tan from 800 to 1700 roubles per 1 session


The before and after photos instant tan