Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant

The benefits and harm of ultraviolet light to the future mom and her baby

During exposure to the sun or tanning the most important thing is to know what is dangerous and what is safe, to be able to focus on my health, time to stop, even if «the sun today the clouds».

What changes occur in the pregnant woman’s body during sunbathing, and why it can hurt.

  • Hormonal changes.

As a result of a hormonal background in women during pregnancy are very common pigment stains. This «mask of pregnancy» when pigmentation spreads in the face, and the appearance of dark staining the white line of the abdomen. In most cases, the pigmentation resolves on its own within a few months after birth, but can stay forever.

Ultraviolet radiation is not the immediate cause of the pigmentation in pregnant women. But keep in mind the fact that under the influence of hormonal reactions of the skin to the damaging effects can be unpredictable.

It therefore does not conduct chemical and physical peels, most hardware procedures.

  • Decrease the concentration of folic acid in a woman’s body.

Sufficient amounts of folic acid ensures the proper development of all structures of the nervous system of the fetus. If in the first trimester of pregnancy expose themselves to the ultraviolet radiation and not to take additional vitamin complexes with folic acid, can increase the risk of miscarriage or the birth of a child with congenital malformations.

This does not mean that the sessions in the Solarium or the time spent on the beach will definitely bring harm, but to limit the amount of ultraviolet radiation.

  • Imperfect thermoregulation in the fetus.

Pregnant women should remember that their own body in the sun or in the Solarium receives not only ultraviolet light but also a lot of heat. And if the adult human body can cope with overheating, the body of the fetus is not. The increase in body temperature of the fetus can cause damage to the structures of his brain.

Rules of safe tan

Despite all the risks of a categorical ban on being pregnant in the sun or a visit to the ultraviolet is not. For example, a woman in the early stages, the employer is obliged to release from the hard physical labor, but from working in the open air (if the profession involves the performance of work outside the premises) woman no one is free regardless of the time of year.

Does not make much sense and a ban on outdoor swimsuit. Even if you take into account the fact that the fabric retards ultraviolet light, it is still an open area of the skin remains large and from heat stroke or overheating of the indoor swimsuit will not save.

How pregnant tanning in a Solarium

In the Solarium during pregnancy it is better to go only when absolutely necessary. For example, in the fall or winter, when the short cloudy days are depressing.

If to choose between the whole pregnancy to go depressed, and in order once or twice a week to go and spend 3-5 minutes, it is better to choose the latter.

The same with the prevention of colds. Ultraviolet rays increase the immunity and disinfect the skin. Due to inhalation of ozone cleansed of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the respiratory tract.

Also, do not deny myself the pleasure of lightly tan to those who have low hemoglobin and have a need for vitamin D.

It is important to remember and observe the following simple rules:

  • it is better to use a minimum of cosmetics;
  • not worth the time to try new tools, it is better to give preference to the checked;
  • time spent in the tanning bed, it is necessary to reduce to reasonable limits: 3-5 minutes two times a week would be sufficient to get the desired portion of the ultraviolet light and does not damage the skin.

What should be remembered, being in the sun

In the middle of Russia to hide from the sun during pregnancy is not necessary. If you spend in the sun is necessary for several hours, then you can worry about a hat, sunscreen or powder, sufficient quantity of drinking water with you. In contrast, the sea in the vicinity of the equator. The intensity of solar radiation and the amount of ultraviolet radiation there is much more.

Do not save even the clouds in the sky, as UV light easily passes through them. Because the resort will have to comply with certain restrictions. Namely:

  • most of the time done in the shade: UV radiation is there enough to sunbathe, and the risk to overheat much less.
  • from about 11 am to 17 PM better to be in the room, as from overheating, do not save any shade or being in water;
  • be sure to use sunscreen;
  • you should carry enough water.

First of all, the sun and the Solarium is fun. Because it is not flatly refuse them, if there are no contraindications and there is an urgent need. But all should know the measure.

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