Jogging against cellulite — does, removes whether, whether, with, legs

Many women are faced with the formation of the unpleasant and aesthetically pleasing and brings a large amount of discomfort «orange peel». The nutritionists and coaches often ask what load to physically pick up to get rid of excess fatty tissue and possible to remove cellulite through running.

The benefit of running

Cellulite is a problem that is widely spread among the female population. To get rid of it hard enough, you will need a complex effect on the difficult correction of the «orange peel».

Many women from all types of physical activity choose Jogging against cellulite.

Here are a few reasons why this form of exercise is so popular:

  • Jogging does not affect the financial condition;
  • training can be conducted at home, running on the spot and anywhere near the Park;
  • it is possible to vary the duration of the workout, focusing on the health;
  • regular exercise benefit quickly enough.

There are many factors that running removes cellulite.

It can have a complex effect on the entire body:

  1. while running, breath quickens and intensifies its depth. With this expanded and strengthened the blood vessels, saturated with oxygen. Restoring their elasticity and strengthen the vascular wall eliminates stagnant processes: one of the main causes of cellulite;
  2. by accelerating blood circulation increases the flow of nutrients to the cells and tissues. Restored cellular nutrition and respiration, acting beneficially on the metabolism;
  3. due to such load increases sweating. This helps to bring the body the products formed by disintegration and delayed in cells and tissues due to metabolic disorders;
  4. permanent muscle contraction exerts mechanical effect on the uneven deposition of adipose tissue in problem zones, creating a natural anti-cellulite massage;
  5. reduced the number of subcutaneous fat;

Cell membranes, thanks to the run, reinforced, again become elastic. This leads to improved conductivity, increase metabolism and smoothing the skin. In addition, thanks to regular physical exercise, is a bracing and immunostimulating effect on the whole body.

All suitable

If you are present in the body any chronic disease, before the plot runs you need to consult with your doctor.

There are several absolute contraindications:

  • cardiovascular disease chronic;
  • prolapse of internal organs;
  • pathology of blood vessels, for example varicose veins in the legs;
  • hernias and neoplasms of any origin.

If chronic diseases is not, and after a workout health is deteriorating, you need to stop training and consult a specialist to determine the cause of the problem.

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What to pay attention

Cellulite can occur in any woman. In order to get rid of it, you need to consider not only weight and body Constitution, but a particular intensity of this exercise.

Experts say that it is not necessary to go Jogging daily. They should be alternated with cardio or exercises aimed at physical impact.

Sometimes even well-written exercise may not have visible effects on the body for a long time. In such cases, no need to despair and throw their efforts.

We need to continue to run, exercise and eat right, gradually increasing the amount of exercise.

How to enhance the effect

In order to get rid of cellulite as soon as possible, some training will not be enough.

You need to choose for themselves with the help of a specialist special diet that contains minimal amount of fats and a large percentage of easily digestible carbohydrates.

A good help in the fight against cellulite will be alternating running with other intense exercise, such as swimming. The impact of water column and fluxes will help to smooth the skin and strengthen the muscle corset. This will increase the endurance of the organism and its resistance.

Known for its effective action on the deposits of the «orange peel» different set of cosmetic measures, such as:

  • massage
  • wraps,
  • the use of special scrubs and sprays. You can use them in the shower, and to relax after a workout.

The skin sweat faster and processed more energy, as well as to provide additional thermal effect, it is possible to go Jogging in a special anti-cellulite pants.

As Jogging cellulite

In order to properly run, you need to buy special sports clothes. It should consist of fabrics that can easily absorb sweat and also provides oxygen to the body.

You will need sports shoes breathable material with a comfortable fit and springy running shoes.

Sports equipment is not necessary to save, as it depends on the feeling during physical exertion.

Girls with large Breasts should buy a special sports bra. The constant tension and vibration can lead to pathologies of the mammary glands. While running, the Breasts are firmly supported when moving it should not be felt Bouncing and pain.

The best time for Jogging early in the morning, immediately after waking up. However, if it is not possible, you can spend a few hours a day. Main principle: classes should be regular.

It is important not to overload yourself physical impact immediately. Propagandee to increase the miles and intensity of exercise should gradually. Training begins with walk at a quick pace, gradually turning into an easy run.

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On the simulator

Treadmill – convenient and efficient to replace the run on the street, especially if there are no appropriate places. It is important to remember that it is best to go Jogging in the stadiums, in parks and gardens. Run around the yard and pavements, breathing the dust of the road and exhausts and is harmful to health.

On the treadmill you can adjust the belt speed, gradually increasing it. Also very convenient to consider propagandee miles.

Due to the location of the treadmill in the apartment, it is possible to combine physically load and watching TV.

At the stadium

On most modern stadiums in the paths are lined with a special coating designed for physical exertion.

The stadium is ideal for Jogging, as is the possibility of any extraneous interaction and stakeholder views the curious, unlike parks and gardens.

It really helps those who only began the path to a slim body and very shy dialed kilograms.

Houses on the site

If you can’t afford to buy a treadmill, then there is nothing to worry about. You can run at home.

There is no need to buy special shoes to run around in thick socks.

Running in place can increase the rhythm of the pulse, which helps to accelerate blood circulation, reduce weight, strengthen the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Unfortunately, running on the spot is not as effective as a full run, since there is no step forward and adapting to the movements-lunges. The result will have to wait almost twice as long subject to the regularity of workouts.

The duration of the run

You should start with short distances and short sessions of running.

At first, you need to pay for such a treadmill workout for 15 minutes 3-4 times a week. Doctors recommend just such a regime as the body needs to adapt to physical stress.

Gradually the duration of exercise and intensity of training should be increased. In 2-3 weeks you can start to fully run in 30-40 minutes. After the complete adaptation of the body can be run long distances daily.

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Do you need to consult with doctor

Preliminary consultation with the specialist is not required, if people in General feels good, and he has no chronic diseases of any Genesis.

If something’s bothering you, including the possibility of hormonal failure, it is better to consult a specialist. You will also need to contact the doctor if after exercise rapidly deteriorating health, there is weakness, discomfort, dizziness, pain, not like normal muscle tension.

Useful tips

Nutritionists and trainers often give some recommendations to those who are struggling with cellulite by running:

  • you should drink plenty of clean water for more rapid metabolism and rapid excretion of harmful toxins from the body;
  • to abandon the harmful, fatty foods, junk food, and go on a healthy diet;
  • be sure to take a shower after every run, and often to wash the clothes that have run;
  • in order not to overload the body and do not create for it a stressful situation that leads to muscle growth and a lesser effect on the cellulite, you have to combine a fast and intense running or Hiking, during which you will need to breathe deeply and regain strength;
  • you can vary running, alternating with the movements up and down the stairs. It’s good to strengthen muscles and bone tissue, and will create additional load.

Running is hard enough in the beginning, the preparatory stage may last up to a month, but then regular exercise will bring not only a visible result but also fun.

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