Juvederm Ultra 3 (Juvederm ultra 3) — what it is, prices, reviews, photos

The drug

Its main component is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The concentration of 24 mg per 1 ml solution. Feature of gel is that individual molecules of hyaluronic acid «stitched» together.

This is necessary to ensure that the gel lasted longer in the tissues and supporting the volume effect, which was achieved during the procedure.

The second largest component is lidocaine hydrochloride, the aim of which is to anesthetize the place of administration. Additionally, the gel contains phosphate buffer, whereby swelling of the tissues in the site of administration is minimal, if not absent.

Release form

One pack contains 2 syringes, each with 0.8 ml of sterile gel, and 4 disposable sterile injection needle 27G1/2”. Each pack contains a leaflet with detailed information about the drug.

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The filler is not intended for massive correction and significant changes in individual facial features. With the help of this filler to smooth out wrinkles in the forehead, straighten the nasolabial folds, to correct the cheeks.

In the skin of the eyelid, the drug is not introduced. Carry out the injection in the area of dark circles under the eyes can only highly trained specialist who understands the anatomy of this region and is ready to take responsibility for any adverse consequences of the procedure. Normally for eye area use specially designed for her drugs.

Gel Juvederm Ultra 3 is suitable for lip augmentation and for the correction of their contour.

It is forbidden to enter a drug in the blood vessels, as this can lead to massive embolism (blockage) and necrosis (necrosis) tissues.


Filler cannot be used:

  • in patients with epilepsy, where the convulsions are not cropped or poorly cropped drugs;
  • people with a tendency to develop keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • if there is intolerance to hyaluronic acid and any local anaesthetics of the amide group of drugs;
  • in patients with porphyria;
  • during pregnancy and feeding the child breast milk;
  • in children;
  • in the presence of inflammation or skin manifestations of viral, bacterial or fungal infection (herpes, microspores, etc.);
  • at the same time with laser treatments, mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasion), chemical peeling;
  • in those areas, which was previously introduced synthetic implants.
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Limitations of use

With caution should use the drug in people with a number of diseases. Clinical trials that confirm the safety of the drug in the presence of disorders of the internal organs, cardiovascular and immune systems.

  • Autoimmune diseases

Indication of autoimmune disease in the past or presence of such disease without exacerbation requires the doctor more detailed information gathering about the patient, treatment conducted. The active phase of the disease is a contraindication for the procedure. In the period of remission requires a double sample with the drug and then monitor those clients.

  • Allergic reactions

If you have previously had a severe allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock, your doctor may prescribe or dual test preparation, or special treatment, a course which will need to take place before each treatment. This should be done when allergic reactions were not associated with the introduction of hyaluronic acid or local anesthetics.

  • Streptococcal infection in the past

The manufacturer of the drug Juvederm Ultra 3 recommends doctors to abandon the procedure for those clients who have in the past there was frequent sore throat, was diagnosed with acute articular rheumatism or rheumatic heart.

  • Taking anticoagulants

To stop taking of aspirin, you need at least a week before the intended procedure. If the patient cannot stop taking medications that reduce blood clotting, it should be mandatory informed on the risk of development of significant subcutaneous hematomas at the site of injection.

  • Professional sports

Filler in its composition has substances that can give a positive doping test.

Preparation for the procedure

Usually the first stage of the consultation, during which the doctor listens to the wishes of the client, determines the skin condition, selects the best product for the best results, as well as the amount of drug in a single procedure. A doctor who cares about his reputation will tell the client about possible adverse effects of drug administration and incompatibility with other drugs.

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How is the drug

  1. Before the introduction of the drug skin is mandatory cleaned of dirt and makeup, and then disinfected with an antiseptic solution.
  2. The drug mandatory be opened in the presence of the client.
  3. With the syringe removed the gag, and in its place is screwed the needle is closed with a cap. Immediately before the injection the needle cap is removed.
  4. If as the injection needle is dull and every introduction of it into the skin becomes more painful, you can replace the needle for a new one.
  5. The filler is injected very slowly. This allows the gel to be evenly distributed in the tissues.
  6. After the desired amount of gel entered the area of the injection, gently massage for a better distribution of the drug in the tissues.

Skin care after the procedure

During the first 12 hours after the injection not recommended:

  • apply makeup;
  • long to be in the sun;
  • visit Solarium;
  • carry out the procedure of cryotherapy or stay outdoors at temperatures below 0 OC.

Within two weeks, contraindicated for heat treatments, including sauna or Turkish bath.

Possible adverse effects

  • inflammatory skin reaction: redness, development of erythema, itch and pain when pressure is applied;
  • bruising in those places, where were the punctures of the skin with a needle;
  • the appearance of nodules or local seals in the injection area;
  • the appearance of depigmented or hyperpigmentation areas of the skin at the injection site of the drug;
  • the development of necrosis of the skin at the injection site of the drug, often in the nose;
  • the development of allergic reactions to any component of the drug.
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The name of the drug The cost
Juvederm Ultra 3 pack of 1 from 8500 rubles

The cost of the procedure will depend on the amount of drug that is needed to correct the cosmetic defects that have with the client. Negative reviews about a weak effect of the drug is largely due to the desire to save money on medication, split a pack with a friend to get cheaper, and perform the procedures at home from dubious specialists who in case of complications do not bear any responsibility before its clients.

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