Kseomin, Dysport or Botox — which is better? Differences, prices, reviews. Photo before and after injection

The drug is designed to smooth wrinkles while preserving natural facial expressions.

We cannot deny the fact that it is similar in its properties to Botox and Dysport, but Botox and Dysport have differences.

The mechanism is the same kseomin also administered by subcutaneous injection, but a toxin, especially this injection causes a blockade of nerve impulses from the nervous system to the muscle, which subsequently leads to cessation of the contractions.

Advantages are its differences from Botox and Dysport, in particular, the high content of albumin, which makes the drug more resistant to aggressive environmental factors. It also makes it possible to store kseomina to forty-eight months at room temperature.

How does Dysport?

Dysport is one of the most common and popular procedures in cosmetic for fine lines and wrinkles and neuralgic diseases.

His injection was created to impact the joints muscle nerves with subsequent blockade of transmission of electropulse. After this procedure, the pathologically tense muscles loosen, respectively, the wrinkles are smoothed out.

For the procedure used the thinnest needle, so pinholes are minimized. The dosage set individually, taking into account the depth of wrinkles, their location, quantity and more.

Sometimes before the injection the patient is asked to smile or to relax in order to emphasize the wrinkles and get to the right place.

Pain during administration of the injection, the patient hardly feels. The procedure lasts from ten to thirty minutes and does not require rehabilitation period.

One of the downsides of Dysport is the result, which becomes noticeable not immediately. Should be at least two weeks before the patient can begin to see the achieved effect, which incidentally, will not preserved for more than four months after the injection.

Botox injections?

Botox injections are made specifically to relax the muscles at the injection site and help in smoothing wrinkles on the face, neck, and decollete.

Advantages of the procedure are:

  • quick (procedure takes about thirty minutes);
  • painless (the patient is experiencing only mild discomfort);
  • safety (side effects are virtually absent under condition of compliance with the correct technique);
  • the duration of the effect (Botox begins its action almost at once, the effect is visible on the third day and lasts up to eight months).

The main differences

The difference between Botox and Dysport is small. In fact, all three procedures are quite similar and have both several advantages and several disadvantages. To choose what is best is quite difficult, because it often depends on the personal opinion of the man.

For example, comparing kseomin and Botox, you can come to the following conclusions:

  1. Kseomina have more favourable storage conditions – it does not require constant refrigeration, and the permissible storage temperature undiluted product reaches +25 C.
  2. Unlike Botox kseomin does not contain complexing proteins, which can cause a specific immune response in the patient.
  3. Have kseomina reduced risk of habituation or tolerance to the drug. Botox has it much higher.
  4. Drug molecules kseomina smaller molecule than Botox, but, despite the paradox, first migrates to the nearby tissue is much less and thereby reduces the risk of the danger of sagging of the surrounding tissue.
  5. When using kseomina, requires a smaller dose than when using Botox.
  6. Unlike Botox, kseomin worse acts in the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
  7. Have kseomina less stable than Botox result (after injection kseomina the effect lasts about three months, after Botox – twice as long).
  8. Kseomin studied much worse than Botox. Latest – global brand, used in cosmetology for over twenty years.
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Comparing Botox and Dysport, you can come to the following conclusions:

  1. The effect of injection of Dysport is significantly faster than with Botox.
  2. The effect of Dysport lasts much less.
  3. Dysport officially recognized as the most effective means to fight against «crow’s feet».
  4. As in the case of xeomin, Dysport has less ability to move into adjacent areas of the muscles and thereby reduces the risk of sagging.
  5. Dysport is better suited for use in the nose and forehead, while Botox is more effective in the eye area, eyebrows and lip corners.
  6. The dosage of Dysport is much higher than the dose of Botox (3 times).


The use of Botox

  1. The presence of wrinkles around the lips, corners of the mouth.
  2. The presence of wrinkles near the chin.
  3. Wrinkles on the neck.
  4. The asymmetry of the face.
  5. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
  6. Ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid).

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The use of Dysport

  1. Increased muscle tone after stroke.
  2. Hyperhidrosis.
  3. Blepharospasm (symmetric reduction around the eyes).
  4. Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes).
  5. Wrinkles around the frown lines.
  6. Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose and forehead.
  7. Deep wrinkles in the neck and face.

Application kseomina

  1. Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.
  2. «Crow’s feet».
  3. Wrinkles around the eyebrows.
  4. Wrinkles around the neck, face.
  5. Radial wrinkles around the lips.
  6. The nasolabial folds.

Video: Drug Kseomin (Xeomin) in the clinic Platinental


  1. An allergic reaction to the drugs contained in the injection.
  2. The incoagulability blood (hemophilia).
  3. Neuralgic diseases, muscle weakness.
  4. Pregnancy and lactation.
  5. Fever, fever.
  6. The presence in the body of infectious diseases.
  7. Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  8. The presence of diseases such as HIV, syphilis.
  9. Autoimmune diseases.
  10. Menstrual cycle.
  11. The rehabilitation period after surgery.
  12. Mental disorder.
  13. Diseases of the skin in the region of the proposed injection.
  14. Decompensated stage of diabetes.
  15. Antibiotics, anticoagulants, benzodiazepines.
  16. A high degree of myopia (nearsightedness).
  17. Hernia of the eyelids.
  18. Epilepsy.
  19. Drug addiction, alcoholism.

Possible complications

Possible complications of Botox, Dysport and kseomina the following:

  1. Dizziness, headache.
  2. Fever, symptoms similar to the symptoms of SARS and influenza.
  3. Tearing of the eye (if injection was injected in the eye area).
  4. Weakness.
  5. Swelling, bruising in places of injection.
  6. Slight redness.
  7. The asymmetry of the face.
  8. Nausea.
  9. Itching and burning sensation.
  10. Pain at the injection site.
  11. A feeling of tightness of the skin.
  12. Numbness and sensitivity in the muscles.
  13. Partial paralysis of the face.
  14. Eversion of the eyelids.
  15. A split in the eyes.
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The rehabilitation period

In order to avoid any possible complications after injection of Botox, Dysport or kseomina, you should follow some rules:

  1. After the procedure is to stay in the clinic for at least one hour.
  2. In the first few hours after the injection you can’t lie down or bend over.
  3. The injection site is better to «cool down» by ice to prevent swelling.
  4. You can not «grimace» and actively engage the muscles of the face.
  5. Within two days you should not take medicines that affect blood clotting (aspirin askofen, acetaminophen).
  6. Do not brush the place of injection, do not RUB them.
  7. Avoid a facial massage during the first weeks after the procedure.
  8. In the first days of sun exposure should be kept to a minimum.
  9. Within seven days you need to avoid visiting saunas, swimming pools and sun decks.
  10. Limit physical activity (even fitness classes).
  11. Do not consume alcohol during the week after the input injection.
  12. The first two or three months after the injections can take some antibiotics: kanamycin, erythromycin, monomitsin.

Prices on Kseomin, Dysport and Botox

The cost of Botox injections, Dysport and kseomina different from each other. So the price of Botox than Dysport, but you need to remember that a hundred units of Botox is equivalent to five hundred units of Dysport, respectively, to obtain the same result, you need to buy five times more Dysport than Botox. On average, the price for one unit of Botox is about 350 rubles.

The price of Dysport is around 150 rubles per unit, and kseomin costs about 50 rubles.

The name of the injection Prices in rubles
Botox 1 unit 350-00
Dysport — 1 unit. 150-00
Kseomin — 1 unit. 300-00

The cost of one procedure depends on the number of units and is from 2 800 to 14 000 rubles.

Approximate consumption of Botox, Dysport, Kseomina

The impact zone Botox Dysport Kseomin
Forehead 5-30 ED. 15-90 IU. 10-20 ED.
Eyebrows 15-30 IU. 45-90 ED. 10-20 ED.
The area around the eye 10-20 ED. 30-60 ED. 16-24 UNITS.
The nose 2-10 ED. 6-30 ED. 4-6.
The area around the lips 4-16 ED. 12-48 ED. 2-4 ED.
Neck, decollete from 60. 180 ED. from 60.
Armpit 60-200 IU. ED 180-600. 100-200 IU.

Frequently asked questions

Whether there are analogues?

Yes, there are. This injection kseomina is the latest drug, produced by the German company Merz.

What to choose?

In the composition of both drugs is the same substance – the botulinum toxin. The mechanism of action are also similar, the difference lies primarily in the manufacturers. Botox is a drug of American origin, and Dysport is produced in France. Different concentration of the drug, price and age of injection. Botox has recently turned twenty years old, while Dysport is a relatively new invention.

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How long is the procedure kseomina?

From ten to thirty minutes.

How long will this effect?

The action of the drug becomes noticeable three days after it is entered, and the maximum effect lasts up to four months.

The well-known Botox, Disport, kseomin, but what about lanexa?

Differences lanexa from these agents lies in the fact that as a stabilizer it is used not protein, albumin, and gelatin, which allows to avoid many allergic reactions. He is not able to connect to the toxin, and thus to shoot in nerve-muscle fiber as albumin. Indications to application of this drug are all the same wrinkles.

It is better to inject in the armpits – Botox or Dysport?

Hyperhidrosis can be overcome and with the help of Botox and using Dysport, however, when using the first, the effect last longer.

Do I need to prepare for the procedure?

Yes, it is necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol for three or four days prior to injections and not take medications that thin the blood (analginum, askofen etc.)

The price of Botox than Dysport – what is the reason?

First, it depends on the country of origin. Botox is made USA and Dysport – France. Moreover, the required number of units of Botox for injection is always lower than that of Dysport, respectively, in the end, the difference in cost is not as global as it might seem initially.

Botox and Dysport «for and against»? How to choose the best?

And Botox and Dysport are both supporters and opponents. A correctly carried out procedure in any case will yield results. Moreover, many people make a typical mistake – save the number of inject units of botulinum toxin and end up with not quite the result they expected. Most often continues to focus on Botox injections, as in the cosmetic market it is much longer than Dysport, but the lower price of the latter starts to attract patients, increasingly.

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The before and after photos