Kuriozin from wrinkles gel, under eye, price, reviews cosmetologists, application

Closer to forty years of age the skin begins to actively fading and wrinkled. In this period a lot of men and women thinking about what kind of ointment or cream to use to retard aging.

One of the most popular nowadays is the drug Fenistil. Take a closer look at how effectively a tool for rejuvenation and how to apply.

What is

Fenistil gel is a tool, the main active component of which is hyaluronic acid. This gel recently have been used to combat aging of the skin.

Properties of the drug

Kuriozin gel from wrinkles anti-aging has the following properties:

  1. Improves the General condition of the skin and leads her tone.
  2. Smoothes age-related wrinkles through deep hydration.
  3. Nourishes the skin at the cellular level.
  4. Improves blood circulation.
  5. Cleanses the skin from dead layer of the epidermis. Because of this, the skin becomes more receptive to other anti-aging remedies.
  6. Acts as a prophylactic for the first signs of aging.
  7. Eliminates dryness and irritation of the skin.


While using Curiosin has the following advantages:

  1. The low cost makes the product affordable for most applicants.
  2. The gel is very quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue on the skin.
  3. The gel is not susceptible to sunlight, so even after applying the person can easily sunbathe in the sun.
  4. The product does not cause addiction even after prolonged use.

Application in cosmetology

The use of They found a place in cosmetics due to the fact that the gel contains hyaluronic acid. It fights aging of the skin, nourishes skin cells and improves tissue regeneration.

Due to this effect the skin becomes silky smooth bole. It is most hydrated and rejuvenated.


Contraindications to the use of curiosin gel are the following:

  1. Individual immunity (Allergy) of the person on substance of the gel.
  2. Increased sensitivity of the skin.
  3. Open wounds on the face.
  4. The presence of implants in the skin.
  5. The period after the recent operations on the face.
  6. The period after the recent difficult cosmetic procedures on the face.
  7. Purulent skin lesions.
  8. All kinds of severe skin diseases.
  9. The age of a person to twenty five years, when necessary in the application of tools from wrinkles (just as prevention you can use a natural mask and cream).

Moreover, it is not recommended to use this gel in the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding, since there is no accurate information about the safety of this method of rejuvenation.

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For this reason, it is better not to risk the health of the baby and the expectant mother and to practice the use of They after the completion of the childbearing period.

Adverse reactions

Use of the gel rarely cause the appearance of unwanted side reactions. Usually these effects develop in case of improper application of the gel or using it with an obvious contraindications.

Most often, the gel causes the following symptoms:

  1. A feeling of tightness of the skin after applying the gel may indicate an allergic reaction.
  2. Burning and redness of the skin in the area of application of the gel.
  3. The appearance of severe itching.
  4. Rash.

To better not to worsen your condition in the appearance of the above symptoms, a person need as soon as possible to consult a dermatologist. After an initial examination the doctor may prescribe Allergy medications.

How to use Kuriozin from wrinkles

Gel Kuriozin allowed to use for the face, either in pure form or combine it with other anti-aging creams. Its effect is not reduced.

There are the following features of the application of Kuriozine:

  1. Need to put easy patting movements, while not damaging the skin.
  2. For comprehensive skin rejuvenation will be enough to apply the gel twice a day.
  3. Apply the gel preferably a thin layer evenly over the skin.
  4. Apply the gel is recommended for pre-cleaned and steamed skin.
  5. After the procedure, it is impossible to apply cosmetics.
  6. After the procedure is to carefully wash with warm water and apply a nourishing moisturizer.
  7. The course of rejuvenation should be one month. Then you need to take a break for a month and then continue in the same pattern.

  8. Fighting wrinkles can be done areas. For example, if the folds are more pronounced in the eye area, the gel should be applied only in this area. If wrinkles are seen near the lips, then use a They need there.

Recipe mask

Copes with skin hydration mask Soothes. It is recommended to apply it in the morning, before the layer’s blending of decorative cosmetics.

To prepare the mask thus:

  1. A little of this gel apply all over the face evenly distributing the tool.
  2. On top of the gel, apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream.
  3. Keep the face mask should twenty five minutes to be properly absorbed into the skin.
  4. Need to wash it off with warm water or green tea.
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Repeat this procedure three times a week. So it is possible to significantly improve the skin condition.

Preparation of cream

There is the following recipe for making an effective anti-aging cream with this gel:

  1. Mix a little gel with vitamin E and A.
  2. Add three drops of orange essential oil and the same of tea tree oil.
  3. All mix well and lightly Pat apply on the entire face except the area near eyes.
  4. Repeat the procedure to every morning, one hour before bedtime for two weeks.

This cream is excellent to nourish tired skin with vitamins, moisturize and help restore tissues. It is recommended to use it in the winter-spring period.

Is it possible to apply on the area around the eyes

Gel Kuriozin from wrinkles it is not recommended to apply on the area around the eyes in its pure form, since its substances can cause irritation of the delicate and sensitive skin in this area.

For this reason, the remedy should be diluted in normal wrinkle cream and then apply it to the area around the eyes.

Moreover, it does not hurt to check the gel for an allergic reaction prior to first use.

To do this, some gel should be applied to the skin of the wrist and wait a couple of hours. If the skin turns red and will not have itching, the gel can be applied on the face.

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The opinion of doctors

Most physicians accept the beneficial effect of hyaluronic acid on human skin, however, they believe that this substance should be produced by the skin cells themselves.

Moreover, the efficiency of Kuriozin from wrinkles has not been proved, but the side effects are, unfortunately, not uncommon.

Dermatologists say that today there are many other professional or natural remedies that can save people from wrinkles and not necessarily for this use is not intended for this ointment.

Reviews and recommendations of cosmetologists

Beauticians have noted a positive effect from the use of Kuriozin, however, as practice shows, this gel is not suitable for all patients.

Give feedback cosmetologists in respect of Kuriozine:

  1. I often advise my patients with withered skin to undergo home rejuvenation Soothes. I like its effect, especially since I’m on my skin experienced the tool. I see no reason to deny They.
  2. Fenistil gel contains hyaluronic acid, which is so necessary for the skin nourishment and rejuvenation. As a beautician I often spend treatments for the skin with this acid and the effect of them is amazing. For this reason, if a person has no contraindications, it can be quite a long time They use to prolong the youth of your skin.
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Also, to prolong the youthfulness of skin, cosmetologists recommend to adhere to these tips:

  1. Regularly moisturize the skin. Thus it is necessary to pick the cream individually, depending on your age and skin type (oily, dry, combination).
  2. Thoroughly clean and tone the skin.
  3. Use natural homemade masks. Their great advantage is that such funds can be used to prepare and add to them a variety of healthy ingredients. The best facial masks are considered the agents based on starch, gelatin, egg yolks and honey.
  4. To eat a balanced. The diet should be rich in vitamins. Additionally, you can take vitamin complexes and applied to the skin vitamin E.
  5. To stop Smoking, as it not only affects the color of the face, but also contributes to the appearance of early wrinkles in the lip area.
  6. Before using unprofessional products for rejuvenation, it is recommended to consult a beautician, not to accidentally damage the skin.

The average cost

Average price of gel in pharmacies is about 600 rubles per one tube.

In comparison with a professional anti-aging creams this cost of this tool is not considered high.

Fenistil gel not originally intended to rejuvenate the skin, so the manufacturer makes no warranties for the desired effect. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think again before you start treatment with this means, even despite the cost.

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