Labiaplasty (reduction of labia) — that is, prices, photos before and after, reviews, videos

If you there are any aesthetic problems in the intimate sphere, do not worry. In modern times there are a variety of plastic surgery that helps to get rid of and forget about such problems and anxiety.

One of the types of plastic surgery in the intimate sphere is labiaplasty. This operation is aimed at correcting the large and small labia.

This surgery, today is quite common. It helps to improve the appearance of the genital organs and the correction of various defects obtained after birth, or injuries.

Most often it was done for any aesthetic reasons, for example, to reduce the labia, but sometimes it solves medical problems.


Indications to carrying out labiaplasty of the labia minora are the following problems:

  • changed the size or shape of the labia minora. enough overhanging the edges of the large?
  • asymmetrical or elongated labia?
  • very large labia?
  • saggy or flabby labia.

Video: Vaginal aesthetics. Plasty of the labia minora


For carrying out labiaplasty, there are contraindications. These include:

  • venereal diseases and diseases of the female genital organs, inflammatory;
  • the age of 18, Le;
  • low levels of blood clotting;
  • cancer;
  • mental disorder.

Also, labiaplasty is not recommended for women who didn’t give birth.


Before surgery the patient should be examined and blood tests for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis b and C and gynecological smear on the flora. The surgical reduction of the labia minora is performed under local or General anesthesia and lasts about 40 — 50 minutes.

The operation and recovery period

As a rule, if the operation was performed under local anesthesia, the patient was immediately sent home. If under General anesthesia, removed from the hospital is possible at the end of anesthesia.

During the week you should take the antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. In addition, it will be impossible to sit a long time and wearing tight underwear. Every day should be the seams.

In the postoperative and rehabilitation period, should avoid physical exertion. You should also avoid drinking alcohol and taking hot water treatments. It is not necessary to skip daily hygiene. The stitches are healing nicely, usually within 34 weeks and after 34 months, the scars completely disappear.

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The operation of resection of the labia is absolutely painless and does not how does not affect sexual desire, future pregnancy and upcoming birth. Full recovery period is 3 weeks. In special cases, for about a month.


Although this operation is not difficult, but like any surgery, labiaplasty may lead to complications. Unfortunate considered to be around 6% of surgeries. Approximately 11 percent of women dare to repeat the operation.

The most common these complications:

  • bruising;
  • pain and a sensation of tightness in the genital area;
  • bleeding and inflammation;
  • postoperative scars;
  • a long period of healing;
  • violation of a protective barrier of the genital organs and the probability of divergence scarring during childbirth.

Also the negative effects after the procedure is the discrepancy between the expected result with the obtained. To avoid all possible negative consequences of labiaplasty should seriously consider the choice of clinic and surgeon.

Laser labiaplasty

In addition to traditional labiaplasty, laser labioplasty exists. Its advantages are obvious. “Laser scalpel” guarantees the accuracy of the line sections, perfect sterility achieved bactericidal properties, the complete absence of scars and stitches on the genitals, using a local anesthetic.

Operation takes just 10 20 minutes, and a rehabilitation period of about 10 days.

Indications and limits set by the surgeon. It occurs in the period of preliminary examination and consultation.

When using the laser for intimate surgery all sorts of complications are minimized.

The woman should not worry about possible swelling and bleeding. In addition, laser labiaplasty reduces and simplifies the recovery period after surgery.

The operation is performed with a laser clamps by which the surgeon can more accurately simulate the shape of the labia.

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Video: Plastic labia

The cost of the operation

The cost of labiaplasty carries, all clinics are different. It is not super high. Prices in Moscow range from 20000 to 80000 roubles. In any case, women who decided to do such an operation, get rid of the many problems that create increased labia.

Firstly, it is not convenient for walking. Secondly, lovers of Cycling, increased labia, as well create some discomfort. Moreover, the perfect aesthetics of their own body, especially in intimate places, and greatly increases self esteem and helps get rid of stress.

So, spending some amount of money to get rid of such problems, you will not be disappointed. You can see this is due to the positive feedback from women who decided to get labiaplasty.

The name of the procedure The cost in rubles
Reduction of the labia minora from 1500 to 65000 R.
Reduction of the labia majora from 6700 up to 80,000 R.
The increase of the labia majora from 6700 up to 80,000 R.
Shape correction of the labia from 1500 to 55000 R.
Laser labiaplasty from 7000 to 42000 R.

The before and after photos