Laser biorevitalization of face and skin, effects, contraindications, photos before and after, reviews, videos

The essence of this method

The procedure uses a special laser light which does not cause significant tissue heating. The skin temperature usually rises by only 1 OS that may not even be felt by the client. Because the procedure can still be called «biorevitalization cold laser» or «biorevitalization athermal laser».

Often in Russia this procedure uses instruments such as the HialuroFrax, LAZMIK, Vitalazer and some others. A number of firms ready to offer their customers devices for home use.

The laser is non-injection biorevitalization with the use of special cosmetic gel in which the hyaluronic acid has a small molecular weight that allows it to easily penetrate the fabric.

Under the influence of laser energy hyaluronic acid gel in the microchannels in the epidermis penetrates deep into the skin to a basement membrane (the boundary between epidermis and dermis) and there accumulates in large quantities.

The laser lens is arranged in such a way as to ensure close contact with the skin. Soft massage when you slide the lens to the face makes the client a pleasant feeling, promotes relaxation, provides a more rapid absorption of the cosmetic gel in which the procedure is performed.

For a long time hyaluronic acid of the epidermis evenly enters into the dermis where it activates the metabolism and cell renewal, the production of cells, collagen and elastin attracts and holds water.

The main feature of the procedure is that an active biological effect not only hyaluronic acid but also the energy of laser light.

Therapy furthermore (as, for example, when the injection biorevitalisation) effective up to a certain limit. Much better results are obtained stimulates production of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Laser radiation has a stimulating effect on tissue:

  • fibroblasts actively produce natural moisturizing factor;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • increases local immunity of the skin;
  • improves blood circulation by tumors of the capillaries;
  • inflammatory processes are inhibited.

This combined effect without injury to the skin makes it more physiological way of rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of cosmetic defects compared to injection methods.

Video: Laser biorevitalization


  1. Reduction in the degree of hydration of the skin, which is manifested by feeling of tension, hypersensitivity of the skin to external factors, the delicate wrinkles around the face especially the eye area; especially indicated laser clients with thin and dry skin (when skin «like paper»);
  2. Prevention of age-related changes of the skin, eliminating signs of skin aging on the face, neck, décolleté and hands; particularly effective laser biorevitalization is when melkomorschinisty type of aging of the skin;
  3. Improving the appearance and volume of the lips;
  4. For prolongation of the effect of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, injectable mesotherapy and biorevitalization;
  5. Restoration of the skin after exposure to the sun, prevention of photoaging;
  6. Acceleration of skin regeneration after traumatic cosmetic procedures such as peels, microdermabrasion, laser peel, and others;
  7. Remove swelling of the eyelid skin and dark circles around the eyes that occur with fatigue, insomnia, and Smoking;
  8. The treatment of acne and post-acne.


The procedure has contraindications for the use of hyaluronic acid and laser treatment. They can be both temporary and permanent.

Contraindications for use of drugs «acid youth»:

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  2. Hyperthyroidism;
  3. Diseases of the skin in place predlagaemogo the procedure, fungal, or viral balterley nature;
  4. Damage to the skin in the place of the procedure in the form of abrasions, cuts, scratches;
  5. Allergy to hyaluronic acid.

Permanent contraindications for use of laser:

  1. Malignant tumors in the body;
  2. Systemic blood diseases;
  3. Sudden physical exhaustion as a result of the disease;
  4. CAD hypertension, decompensated diabetes, neglected diseases of the cardiovascular system, pronounced atherosclerosis of brain vessels;
  5. Pulmonary tuberculosis;
  6. Epilepsy;
  7. Mental illnesses such as psychoses, accompanied by attacks of psychomotor agitation and hysteria;
  8. Individual intolerance of the laser radiation.

Temporary and relative contraindications for use of laser:

  1. Pregnancy;
  2. A large number of moles in the affected area;
  3. Adolescence;
  4. Infection, accompanied by chills, fever, rise in body temperature;
  5. Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis in the acute phase;
  6. The tattoo on the skin in the place of the alleged exposure;
  7. Medication that increases skin sensitivity to light (photosensitizing).

How is the procedure?

The Protocol of the procedure largely depends on the laser and its capabilities.

The standard procedure includes 3 main steps:

  1. Cleansing the skin, applying the gel with hyaluronic acid;
  2. The impact of the laser on the skin;
  3. The removal of residual gel, perhaps an additional mask, which increases the effect of gel with hyaluronic acid.

The time of the second stage may vary from 15 to 40 minutes, as different lasers provide different speed of penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin.

The device for laser biorevitalisation Vitalazer and some other can operate both in pulsed and in continuous mode.

Then the procedure is in four stages:

  1. Cleansing the face and applying the gel;
  2. The impact of the laser in a pulse mode, wherein the hyaluronic acid penetrates the epidermis;
  3. The impact of the laser in continuous mode, in which the hyaluronic acid in the skin it forms larger aggregates, which provide longer duration of effect and better skin hydration;
  4. The removal of residual gel.

Immediately after the procedure the face looks aesthetically pleasing, without the needle marks, redness, swelling, bruising and papules. Because it can be done any day, even work, and continue to go about their usual business.

Rehabilitation and recovery

During this procedure, there is no injury to the skin, therefore no risk of infection or of hemorrhage, the distribution of hyaluronic acid is uniform, because there is no risk to trigger swelling.

All of this explains why after the treatment the skin needs no special care, no need to limit the application of care and decorative cosmetics, you can visit the sauna, Solarium, gym.

Consequences, complications and side effects

If there are no contraindications for the procedure, the device is serviceable and meets all safety precautions when working with laser radiation (using special goggles, the client and the beautician), the side effects of procedure is not observed.

Video: the Procedure of laser biorevitalisation

Similar analogs

Almost all cosmetic procedures have similar indications but different efficiency in certain cases.

Increasing the degree of hydration

For this you can use treatments using alginate masks or collagen biomatrica. These procedures allow you to quickly give the skin a radiant appearance, but the impact they have superficial.

Only moistened the top layer of the epidermis, deep penetration of active ingredients of cosmetics is not happening. To maintain the effect you need to repeat the procedure 1 time per 7-10 days.

Laser biorevitalization allows to increase hydration deep layers of the epidermis and dermis, plus has a strong stimulating effect on the tissues due to the influence of laser radiation. To obtain a long-term effect, it is sufficient to perform 3 treatments with an interval of a week and then do maintenance courses 1 time per month.

Prevention of age-related skin changes

Can be used injectable mesotherapy and injection of a certain age biorevitalization. Active ingredients ampoule concentrates are delivered directly into the dermis, where there are the most intensive exchange processes.

But you need to injure the skin by injection, which makes the appearance unsightly due to the presence of papules and bruises, creating a risk of introduction of infection into the wound. And with the introduction of substances into the dermis increases the risk of allergic reactions and other complications.

Eliminating signs of skin aging on the face, neck and décolleté

To accelerate the renewal of skin cells and improve metabolic processes can peels, microdermabrasion. In case of damage and desquamation of upper layers of the epidermis aktiviziruyutsya reparative activity of the skin, whereby the face is smoothed and wrinkles leave first.

Peels help to solve the problem of enlarged pores, post-acne and other. But the peels and microdermabrasion – the procedure, if not painful, then at least unpleasant. Skin requires special, often expensive care. Many limitations in the period of rehabilitation, unsightly appearance after the procedure, the harsh redness, and then pronounced flaking of the skin.

Laser biorevitalization activates the internal regenerative processes in the skin without injuring the skin.

Procedure is pleasant. Leather does not require special care. There are no restrictions on the season of the procedures. There is no risk of development of such complications as traumatic pigmentation.

Improve the appearance and lip volume

This task is handled plastic with fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Cosmetologists even learned how to create the effect of «a La naturel», when the lips after the procedure of filling look very natural. But fillers has its own characteristics, such as the ability to migrate, cause fibrosis, unevenly distributed in the tissues. Laser biorevitalization allows lightly lips to increase lip volume without injections (and the lip-very painful) and without the risk of complications.

Tightening skin after weight loss, elimination of dark circles around the eyes, swelling of the face

To improve muscle tone, blood circulation and lymph flow helps to massage the face. But without additional injection of hyaluronic acid only at a relatively young age.

What can be combined?

Radio wave lifting

Radiowave facelift affects the reticular layer of the dermis, stimulating fibroblast activity on collagen and elastin.

A soft stimulating effect of laser radiation and radio wave facelift allows for a high level to maintain the production of hyaluronic acid, which is more physiological than the injection of hyaluronic acid from the outside, and is an excellent prevention of «withdrawal syndrome». Valid procedures in one day, but it is better to do laser biorevitalisation on the day following radio frequencies lifting.

Video: radio frequency lifting

With the injection biorevitalization to the introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid

This combination allows you to create a significant concentration of hyaluronic acid in the tissues, prevents the absorption of fillers, greatly enhances the effect of the use of «acid youth» and makes it more long lasting.

Currently, injection and non-injection methods of administration of hyaluronic acid is so often used in complex that even was created by a special laser with a lens and a special attachment that will allow you to inject the drug into the skin the injection.

With ultrasonic cleaning of the face

Laser biorevitalization of the skin after cleansing helps to reduce the severity of redness and tighten pores, facilitates the process of tissue repair after cleansing, prevents formation of new rashes elements, helps to eliminate scars and spots hyperpigmentation the site allowed elements of the rash.

With ultrasonic and chemical facial peels

You can use both before and after peeling to prepare the skin for a traumatic procedure and faster recovery of the skin.

With body and face treatments masks according to skin type

The combination of health treatments and laser biorevitalization allows to act simultaneously in deep and superficial layers of the skin, which leads to a more pronounced effect from a visit to a cosmetologist.

With the myostimulation and microcurrent therapy

Prices for the procedure

The name of the procedure   Prices in rubles
Laser biorevitalization 1 procedure from 5 treatments
Face 4000 from 1500
Face + neck from 6000 from 2000
Face + neck + neckline + the area around the eyes from 8500 2500
The area around the eyes from 1500 500

Frequently asked questions

What age is it possible to do laser biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid?

The age restriction only one – adolescence. But the first indications for the procedure appear after 25-30 years, when production of its own hyaluronic acid in the body begins to decline.

How often you can do if she does not cause addiction?

Usually do procedures with an interval of 7-10 days. Usually a course of 3-4 treatments do, at least limited to only 1 session. Support of the procedure is performed 1 time per month. Due to the stimulating action of laser radiation retained in skin production of hyaluronic acid at the same level as before the procedure, because «withdrawal» after laser biorevitalisation not happen.

What is biorevitalization is better: laser or non-injection?

Non-injection is any injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin without injections. It can be carried out with a laser, a special apparatus for supplying oxygen under pressure, by iontophoresis.

Laser biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid is widely distributed in salons and has a large number of advantages in comparison with the injection technique.

What is the duration?

Different salons offer different lengths of treatment. Most often the duration of the session depends on the laser used, how many stages of the procedure, and presence of additional skin masks to enhance the effect of the gel. Typically, laser biorevitalization of the face takes 15 to 40 minutes. Accordingly, if simultaneous exposure is neck and neck, the procedure time is prolonged.

How many sessions necessary?

The number of sessions can only be determined individually. It depends on the age and condition of the skin, problems that need to be addressed, other cosmetic procedures that can be conducted at one time with a laser biorevitalization. Usually prescribed 3-4 sessions at intervals of one week between treatments.

Less you can do the same procedure. If you need a long time to maintain the effect, you can do one procedure every month. You better consult a cosmetologist who will determine whether you need laser biorevitalization, frequency of sessions, your indications and contraindications to the procedure.

Is it possible to do the procedure in the summer?

Yes. No restrictions on seasonal for laser biorevitalisation not. You can do one or two procedures before going to the sea to increase resistance of the skin to the active sun and prevent photo-ageing and the rest to do on arrival is to recover the skin after intense sun exposure.

Laser biorevitalization: the before and after photos


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