Laser hair removal deep bikini — what it is, how much, reviews, contraindications, videos, pictures, before and after

Total bikini is a procedure that relates to the labia and the folds between the buttocks. There are a number of clinics that billed separately for hair removal mezhyagodichnoy region. Also, there are clinics that share laser hair removal in this zone only classic and deep, which run respectively along the line linens and hair removal with the external genitalia and mezhyagodichnoy region. Therefore, you will need to check with your medical center, which means they have each procedure, and what area is treated in each case.

What is in fashion?

Some ladies prefer to remove hair from the perineum, buttocks, mezhyagodichnoy region, but leave the vegetation on the pubis, in order then to make there intimate intricate hairstyles.

You can leave only a thin vertical stripes. And you can create a gorgeous hairstyle with rhinestones, sequins and feathers.


  • fresh tan;
  • light or gray hair;
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin, herpetic rash, fungal infection of the skin;
  • Oncology, systemic blood diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs and the cardiovascular system, decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • colds;
  • pregnancy;
  • increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight and laser light.

Video: Laser hair removal bikini area in women


  1. You should not sunbathe for at least two weeks prior to the procedure.
  2. The hair to shave for a couple of days before the procedure, to the surface of the skin hair were not more than 1 mm, otherwise the whole energy of the laser radiation will be to spend on the hair shaft, and the effect on the hair follicle will be insufficient.
  3. In the first procedure of laser hair removal it is better to do the classic bikini to rate the degree of pain the procedure, and only on the second or third time to do a deep bikini.
  4. If you have had relapses of genital herpes, it is advisable for two or three days before the procedure start taking antiviral medication and continue to take it even a few days after the procedure.
  5. An hour before the procedure can be applied analgesic drug on the skin, but keep in mind the fact that the cream can reduce pain in approximately one-third.
  6. Better not to plan the first procedure to the time before and during menstruation, as during this period increases the pain sensitivity of the skin.
  7. Do not tune an instantaneous effect from the first procedure, to eliminate all the hair will need to go from 4 to 10 treatments of laser hair removal.
  8. Take care of your security: make sure you ask for advice and do not hesitate to ask directly before the procedure as handled in contact with the skin attachments, make sure that performing the procedure specialist used disposable gloves.
  9. The day before and the day of the procedure should not be applied on the skin cosmetic products, especially creams, as it can cause burns.
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What laser is better?

In principle, the structure of the hair in the bikini area is that this hair you can remove with any laser. The exception may be the blond hair, for which you will have to use a neodymium laser.

Because of the increased sensitivity of the skin of the perineum to pain, it is better to choose a laser with a good cooling of the treated area. The optimal choice will be the contact cooling method.

How to do the procedure?

The laser beam removes all visible hairs in the treatment area. Classic bikini time takes 20-30 minutes. Common bikini can at time take up to 1 hour as pigmented areas in the junction of skin mucous membrane especially painful, and remove it quickly fails.

How do during menstruation

Some experts take in such a procedure the patients and during menstruation. If you are running a classic bikini, but no discomfort either for the specialist or the client no.

If you plan to run epilation deep bikini, that during menstruation the procedure is performed with the use of a tampon and only after you agree with the specialist and obtain his consent.

Guidelines and limitations

  • Immediately after the procedure the skin should be applied a means of reducing the pain and burning sensation and promoting fast recovery of the skin. Such means can be «Panthenol», the most convenient form for the bikini area spray. Apply on the skin to 2-3 times a day.
  • Within days after the first procedure it is not necessary to wet the area of laser hair removal, apply to skin with soap or other cosmetics, to RUB the skin with towels or towel, as all these effects considerably increase the sensation of burning, rawness and pain after the procedure. After the second and subsequent procedures, the time for which you must adhere to the above restrictions, you can define yourself based on your own experiences.
  • It is not necessary to sunbathe in the sun or in the tanning bed 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • You must use sunscreen two weeks after the procedure, when you are in the sun.
  • You cannot pull out the hair, despite the fact that they are burnt. Any mechanical effect on the hair can stimulate hair follicles and cause compensatory increased growth of hair. This increased growth will require more treatments to achieve the result. Hair can only be trimmed or clipped.
  • Not worth a visit heat treatments, so as not to provoke the appearance of folliculitis (small lesions) in the field of laser epilation in 2-3 weeks.
  • After the first procedures the date of the next visits you will be prescribed by a doctor, then you’ll be able to regulate the intervals between treatments on the basis of the rate of appearance of new hair at the treatment site.
  • Don’t be alarmed if after the third or fourth procedure, the hair suddenly starts to grow. This so-called «synchronization effect», which is almost half of the clients. The hair of the remaining follicles begin to grow all at the same time, and their growth starts at the same time. After a period of relative smoothness may be feeling that laser hair removal provokes an even more intense hair growth than before the procedure. Actually it’s just a physiological feature. Follow-up treatments will convince you.
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The consequences

Can be burns at:

  • insufficient cooling of the treated area;
  • the presence of oil or oil emulsions for the skin (cosmetic oil or cream);
  • incorrectly selected operation mode of the laser;
  • individual sensitivity of the skin to light laser;
  • the procedure is too long hair (more than 2-3 mm long), as it burned, still very hot hair falls on the skin and leaves a burn in the form of stripes;
  • pain, rawness, burning pain for 1-2 days after the procedure. With each subsequent procedure, the discomfort will decrease;
  • recurrence of genital herpes as a response to damage to the skin this area;
  • folliculitis in the case of heat treatments after laser hair removal;
  • the appearance of skin pigmentation after sun exposure or tanning.

Is this harmful?

As you can see, contraindications and consequences of laser hair removal are related to each other. Given their availability, a responsible approach to the choice of clinic and doctor to properly prepare for the procedure and observe the rules of care and behavior after the procedure, laser hair removal is completely safe and effective for you.

Prices in Moscow

Procedure The cost in rubles

mens bikini

total bikini 4000-7200
deep bikini 3500-7500

women’s bikini

classic bikini 4000-5200
bikini crotch region 4400-7200
bikini mezhyagodichnoy region 4000-5200
total bikini 6000-9900

The cost of the procedure may be less if at the same time to do and pay for several areas such as bikini or underarms bikini lower leg. The price of laser hair removal deep bikini can also be lower when buying a ticket for several procedures. So be sure to ask your doctor about the availability of discounts.

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The before and after photos of laser hair removal deep bikini