Laser hair removal or IPL — which is better , differences, reviews, pricing, what’s better

If you have any information, you will be able to make informed choices and get the best result with minimum cost.

Differences between treatments

Comparison criteria Laser hair removal Photoepilation
a method of exposure laser light the source of light radiation of high power
the physical component of the method different types of lasers have different radiation characteristics, and hence different effects on the skin and hair the device for hair removal can produce light waves in the range of 560 to 1200 nm, you can configure it for any skin type and any kind of cosmetic procedure where you want to affect the melanin or oxyhemoglobin
method of influence on the hair follicle melanin absorbs the energy of the laser radiation, heats up, transfers heat to the surrounding cells, which burn and die the mechanism is the same
what kind of hair you can remove any hair on any skin, except for grey, but for each patient to take into account individual characteristics, you need to have a separate laser system which will give a laser beam of a specific wavelength any hair on any skin, except for grey, one machine can be customized for each patient individually
the processing area per unit time, and «sighting» hair removal laser light is focused, because the processing area is small, the effect on the hair follicles more directed light device for phototherapy more absent-minded, as the head must provide the ability to work with light of different wavelengths, per unit time processed large area, the impact on each individual follicle is less intensive
the effectiveness of the procedure higher than adults, due to more accurate and intense impact on hair follicles lower than laser hair removal, at the expense of less intense exposure to each follicle
the number of treatments necessary for complete hair removal less than hair removal more than laser hair removal
duration the procedure is long the treatment requires two to three times less
pain the procedure is painful, because it is cooled by a jet of air or applied to the skin anesthetic drugs the procedure is painful, because it is cooled by a jet of air or applied to the skin anesthetic drugs
the result hair disappear after a course of treatments for a period of 5 years hair disappear after a course of treatments for a period of 5 years
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The comparison shows that the end result will be the same for both procedures – this is a complete deliverance of hair for a certain period of time.

In order to determine what is more effective, it is important for you to decide what other criteria besides the final result, important for you.

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Prices for laser hair removal and photoepilation

Treatment area laser hair removal (in rubles) Photoepilation (in rubles)
Shin 6500-13200 6250-13200
hip 7200-17600 5200-17600
foot 1200-2400 1100-2200
belly 3000-9900 5750-9900
forearm 4000-9700 4300-9700
shoulders 3900-9700 3250-9700
hands 1200-4400 1200-4400
armpits 3000-7700 1985-7700
total bikini 4000-6600 4700-6600
deep bikini 6000-9900 3500-9200
the nipple area 1500-3950 1050-4200
men’s Breasts 7250-9900 4500-9900
décolleté 4500-6350 1050-6000
the back and loins 4500-16500 2100-16500
buttocks 4850-13200 1600-13200
upper lip 1400-3200 1400-3300
the area between the eyebrows 1000-4500 1000-3000
chin 1500-4400 1400-4400
legs entirely 18000-29700 9760-29700
fully hand 7000-19900 5000-19800
forehead 1500-6720 1050-3900
cheeks 1100-7000 1500-4000
nose 800-2800 1000-4000
auricle 1900-3300 1100-3300
neck 2700-6200 1580-6200
fingers 1000-2200 350-2200

According to the table, the price difference is not so great. If you need to decide which procedure is better, it is necessary to remember that epilation takes less time but requires more visits, while the session lasts longer, but the effect is faster.

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