Laser hair removal underarms — reviews, prices, contraindications, preparations, pictures before and after, the consequences

Usually by the time the procedure takes from 10-15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area treated, hair type and characteristics of the laser used.

What laser is better?

It is worth considering the fact that the area of the armpits is an area of active growth of hair. So for every session to remove where the greatest number of hair follicles, it is better to use a laser beam with a wavelength of about 800 nm.


  • ingrown hairs;
  • folliculitis;
  • irritation from the razor;
  • skin damage when applying wax or sugar;
  • irritation from shaved hair that prickles, when they begin to grow;
  • dark hair visible under the skin even immediately after shaving.

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  • blond hair, gray hair, thin or vellus hair in the treatment area;
  • fresh tan;
  • during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period;
  • increased sensitivity to sunlight and laser radiation;
  • acute or chronic inflammation of diseases of internal organs, cardiovascular system, oncological diseases;
  • colds;
  • the presence of age spots and moles in the armpit.


Hair should be shaved a day or two before the procedure. The shorter will be the «hemp» hair, the more laser-radiation energy goes to the destruction of the hair follicle, and the better will be the effect of the procedure. The day before the procedure and on the day of the hair removal should not be applied to the skin armpit cosmetic oils and creams, as this may cause a burn. If you’re going to do hair removal the alexandrite laser, you should not sunbathe for 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

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Skin care after procedure

  • should not be washed with soap and water, scratching and a third towel underarm skin within 1-2 days after the procedure, as it could trigger inflammation, increase the redness, pain and itching after hair removal;
  • during the first days after the procedure should be applied to the skin spray «Panthenol» or other healing medications, they will recommend you doctor;
  • do not engage in physical labor and sports, to visit the bath or sauna, as sweating can cause folliculitis;
  • it is impossible to pluck and pull hair after epilation, as this will cause increased growth of hair and will bring all the results from hair removal to no;
  • you should choose deodorants without alcohol, so as not to overdry the injured skin and lengthen the recovery period.

The consequences

  • in the first hours or days after the procedure, especially if procedure was first, it might still be burning and pain at the site of the laser exposure;
  • after the first procedures can be isolated purulent rashes or ingrown hairs, which from procedure to procedure becoming less;
  • in violation of the rules of procedure and the wrong selection of device settings may not be the effect of the procedure, or the effect will be weak.

Frequently asked questions

Is it harmful to do laser hair removal underarms?

If serious contraindications, to choose the right laser on the basis of individual characteristics, to prepare for the procedure and to follow the recommendations after, laser hair removal will be for you completely safe.

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Is it painful?

Laser hair removal is painful, especially for those with low pain threshold. But, as a rule, to postpone the procedure, is enough for air cooling of the treatment site. Only some patients may need to use painkillers.

Is it possible to do the procedure in mastitis?

The breast is considered a benign tumour of the mammary gland, because if any of the laser hair removal is better to abstain.

The cost

Procedure The cost in rubles
Laser hair removal for the underarms 3000-7700
When you purchase a season ticket for 5 or more treatments from 1500

The table shows the price of laser hair removal underarms in Moscow, which differs depending on the technology used in many salons provide discounts for regular customers and when you order hair removal unit, when simultaneously treated skin from multiple anatomical regions.

The before and after photos of laser hair removal underarms

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