Laser hair removal upper lip (the antennae on the upper lip), as is done, contraindications, prices, photos before and after, video

In some cases, the hairs above the upper lip are normal and just a cosmetic defect, others can be due to hormonal imbalance in the body which develops the series of endocrinological diseases.

To determine the severity of the body hair growth of upper lip apply the following scale:

  • individual hairs on the edge of the upper lip, closer to the outer corners of the mouth;
  • moderate growth on the edge of the lips, hair, short, thin;
  • multiple pigmented hairs on the edge of the upper lip;
  • abundant growth of pigmented hair on the whole surface of the upper lip.

Diseases of adrenal gland, ovaries, intake androgens and anabolic steroids can cause hirsutism – growth of hair that is not a normal variant that requires consultation of the gynecologist-endocrinologist and special treatment in addition to laser hair removal.

The procedure takes not so much time. Much more time is required to apply to the skin anesthetic and wait for it to kick in. And face additional pain relief is required almost every client. After all visible hair on the upper lip treated by laser beam, is applied to the skin panthenol.

The mechanism of action of laser radiation

The laser beam penetrates the skin to a depth of 4-6 mm, which is sufficient to affect the melanin containing cells of the hair follicle and its feeding vessel. The melanin absorbs the laser energy, causing hair overheats and burns.

The supply vessel is irreversibly sealed. By itself the laser beam on the skin is not valid. Irritation, pain and burns is usually the result of heat transfer from the burnt hair follicles surrounding tissues.

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Video: Laser Hair Removal

The required number of procedures

In unstable hormonal background and the presence of hirsutism, even a large number of procedures may not produce satisfactory results. After treatment and stabilization to remove hair in the upper lip will be for 7-10 procedures.

You should consider the fact that even the professionals who perform the procedure of hair removal for all rules, positive results after 4-5 treatments only get 30-40% of clients.


  1. In women the most common indication is removal of hair to improve appearance, at least for getting rid of the hated having to shave every day.
  2. Men are more likely to have to do this procedure in the presence of pustular lesions that interfere with normal shave, and spread with a razor on the face. Much less frequently men do hair removal of the face for aesthetic reasons or because of constant skin irritation from the razor.


  • the tendency to form age spots, scars;
  • moles on the face;
  • increased sensitivity to light;
  • herpetic rash, bacterial or fungal diseases of the skin;
  • allergies;
  • the presence of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema.


  1. Regardless of which laser is better not to tan before the procedure, as the skin may respond to the appearance of age spots damage and will take longer to recover from the effects of the laser.
  2. Hair shall be shaved before the procedure for a day or two.
  3. If in the past there was frequent recurrence of cold sores, you should start taking antiviral medication within two or three days before the procedure.

Video: Laser hair removal face women

Care after the procedure

  1. After the procedure you need to use sunscreens and to reduce the time of stay in the sun for 2 weeks.
  2. The skin after the procedure is necessary to lubricate the panthenol or other healing tool that will recommend a doctor.
  3. It is better to avoid situations and actions that can cause excessive sweating, as this can cause the appearance of pustular rash on the upper lip.
  4. Antiviral drugs should take another 3-4 days after laser hair removal.

The consequences

  • pustular rash;
  • recurrence of herpes or «cold on the lips»;
  • a skin burn;
  • damage to the retina of the eye in a loose fit of the goggles;
  • the appearance of foci of pigmentation.


Procedure The cost in rubles
laser hair removal upper lip 1400-3200

The table shows the average cost in Moscow. How much is laser hair removal of antennae depending on pain relief and the type of laser, you can learn in your medical center. It is also worth remembering that the price of laser hair removal mustache men may differ in a big way.

The before and after photos of laser hair removal upper lip

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