Laser hair removal

The principle of operation

A detrimental effect on the hair follicle and the relative safety it for the skin due to a selective sensitivity to light of the laser cells containing the pigment melanin. Cells containing pigment, absorbs the laser radiation, overheat and die.

Burn and nearby structures of the hair follicle – papilla vascular and sprout area of the hair. After some time the dead hair falls out. It only kills those hair follicles that were in the growth phase. They are usually up to 80% of all hair follicles in the skin. Dormant follicles are removed in subsequent procedures after her awakening and the beginning of the growth of the hair shaft.

What laser is better?

pros a kind of laser cons
a pronounced, rapid aesthetic effect diode can’t deal with blond hair
  • good esthetic effect;
  • removes both light and dark hair;
  • the speed of the procedure
  • the procedure is painful;
  • there is a risk of burns
copes well with excessive body hair, which is the result of hormonal pathology alexandrite does not remove light hair
  • suitable for all skin types, including dark;
  • hair removal, devoid of pigment;
  • apply after tanning and natural tan;
  • there is no risk of burns.
neodymium Q-switched (is a patented combination of laser radiation and acoustic waves) the high cost



Hair from dark to light brown color.

Video: hair Removal by laser radiation


Can be absolute and relative. When under no circumstances you cannot do waxing as this may be dangerous, or ineffective:

  • Oncology;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • individual intolerance of the laser radiation;
  • white or gray hair.

When it is necessary to approach very seriously to the choice of the type of laser and to consult with a physician or to postpone the procedure until recovery:

  • acute or chronic skin diseases, especially chronic in the acute phase;
  • tanned or dark skin;
  • a large number of moles;
  • varicose veins;
  • the tendency to form keloids;
  • colds accompanied by fever;
  • an allergic reaction to any external allergen;
  • pregnancy;
  • damage to the integrity of the skin in areas of anticipated impact of the laser (scratches, abrasions, burns).



Approaches to laser hair removal face different mujcin and women. Men often turn to extreme cases, for example, in the presence of skin rashes, which interfere with shaving and even more applies when injury inflammatory cells blade.

Women are increasingly turning in order to remove fine hairs on the upper lip or around the eyebrows. It may be natural down, and is quite rough and dark hair testifying to a hormonal imbalance in the body. Depending on the type of hair and causes excessive body hair growth, select a specific type of laser.

It is worth remembering that the skin is most susceptible to solar radiation, therefore it is better to do in autumn and winter, and be sure to use sunscreen for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.

Not worth doing if the skin has a large number of pigmented spots. The pigment cells of the skin absorbs the energy of laser radiation that can cause burns to the skin and inadequate exposure to hair follicles.

Laser hair removal of the region between the eyebrows allows the subsequent significantly reduce the time required for the correction of the eyebrows, and reduce pain during each procedure.

Hair removal of «whiskers» on the upper lip eliminates the need to shave or tweeze the hair, adds to the woman confidence in their own irresistibility.

The impact of laser light and the burning hair in the face can be painful, because on the face more often than on other parts of the body require anesthesia. Most often used pain relief ointment type «EMLA».

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Hands held in order to get rid of unwanted hair, especially in cases when the hair starts to grow in places of the greatest friction skin surface of a table, clothing or other objects.

Most clients go for it in the case when the application of wax, sugar or appliance is highly traumatic for the skin and gives a lasting effect.

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Is it possible to do during pregnancy

On the one hand, the laser light acts locally and has no effect on the skin nor on vessels nor in the subcutaneous fat. Therefore can not directly affect the fetus. But at the same time there are certain changes in a woman’s body through which laser radiation may affect the fetus indirectly and inhibit the proper recovery of the skin after the procedure.

So the skin of the pregnant woman becomes more susceptible to pain. If before pregnancy laser does not cause any discomfort during pregnancy the pain and burning sensation can be very intense. Secreted in response to pain stress hormones can affect the formation of the nervous system of the fetus.

As well pregnant the skin becomes more prone to dryness. Laser irradiation further reduces the activity of sebaceous glands. If before pregnancy, this decrease did not cause any consequences, during pregnancy, skin can meet rich peeling.

Increased susceptibility to the occurrence of hyperpigmentation can lead to the development of numerous pigmented spots on the skin of the treated area.

If you have moles

Moles are clusters of cells that contains the melanin and pigmented cells of the hair. Because under the influence of laser moles similarly damaged and after a certain time exfoliated from the surface of the skin.

Here it is worth considering the possibility that the intensity of the laser radiation, which is necessary for hair removal, would be insufficient to remove moles on all its depth. Will die then only the top layer of cells of the nevus, and deeper portions will remain in the skin. In this case, the mole is restored as a benign tumor and can be malignant growth.

If you are interested to keep their moles and to protect themselves from their possible rebirth, they before procedure it is necessary to close the white pieces of paper or adhesive plaster.


Usually anesthesia is carried out by the jet of cold air aimed at the skin to the laser beam. If the cooling is not enough, you can use any valid place of an ointment with anesthetic effect.

Complications and consequences

  • burns after laser hair removal are the result of weak, inadequate cooling of the skin during the procedure, or abuse of the procedure doctor;
  • folliculitis are the result of sweating, especially if the client in the first week after hair removal visited fitness or gym, bath or sauna;
  • exacerbation of herpes with the appearance of the characteristic rash is patients with weakened immune systems;
  • damage to the retina of the eye, accompanied by photophobia, lacrimation, pain in the eyes, vision disorders with a oating tting, special goggles, or at the rejection of their use;
  • the appearance of foci of pigmentation of the skin.

The cost

Procedure The cost in rubles
Shin 6500-13200
hip 7200-17600
foot 1200-2400
belly 3000-9900
forearm 4000-9700
shoulders 3900-9700
hands 1200-4400
armpits 3000-7700
total bikini 4000-6600
deep bikini 6000-9900
the nipple area 1500-3950
men’s Breasts 7250-9900
decollete 4500-6350
back and lumbar 4500-16500
buttocks 4850-13200
upper lip 1400-3200
the area between the eyebrows 1000-4500
chin 1500-4400
legs entirely 18000-29700
fully hand 7000-19900
forehead 1500-6720
cheeks 1100-7000
nose 800-2800
auricle 1900-3300
neck 2700-6200
fingers 1000-2200
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The table shows the prices for laser hair removal in Moscow. The cost for the regions may differ slightly. A number of clinics that offers substantial discounts on hair removal unit, i.e. when the customer makes and pays for hair removal from several areas of the body. About how much is laser hair removal unit, you can learn in your medical center.

Frequently asked questions

Which is better, laser hair removal or ELOS?

ELOS hair removal – a combination of exposure to laser radiation and electric current. In order for the impact to be effective, the method requires very precise, almost «jewelry» approach and a large number of procedures. In the end, it turns out just expensive. One of the advantages is its painlessness and ability to tan after the procedure. What is best for you, only you can decide.

Is this harmful?

Harmless, if you follow the rules of preparation for the procedure and not to violate the recommendations and restrictions after the procedure.

Suitable for light hair?

Blonde hair currently, you can delete the newest ruby laser. If such equipment is in clinics in your city, then Yes, remove the lighter hair is possible.

Does it hurt?

Usually the procedure is painless. Pain and burning sensation can appear during the first treatment or on the most sensitive parts of the body. It is also worth to consider the fact that pain sensitivity increases before and during menstruation, because in this period you can require the use of analgesic ointments or creams.

How long does the effect?

The first procedure may not give you a visible effect. Then, depending on the number of procedures performed, the amount of hair will decrease the hair will become thinner and lighter, the periods of absence of growth of hair will be longer and longer, until the complete disappearance of vegetation on the treated area.

If it is for men?

Yes, laser hair removal is suitable for men.

Is it possible to do during the period?

It is possible, but here we should consider a possible increase in pain sensitivity of the skin. If we are talking about the bikini wax, you should clarify with the specialist in laser hair removal, does it for the procedure of clients with monthly. A number of specialists perform this procedure when using the client of a tampon.

How often can I do?

Frequency, the doctor selects individually for each client, based on the kind of used for epilation laser, color, thickness and density of hair.

How many days hair fall out?

Differently. In some cases after the first treatment can experience hair loss only after 2-3 weeks.

Which is better, electrolysis or laser hair removal?

Electrolysis is effective only if the discharge current gets into the germination zone of the follicle. Such a direct hit can provide not every specialist, even with experience. The procedure itself is painful, very long lasting and can lead to scar formation. In comparison, laser hair removal less painful and more effective.

How many years can you do?

The procedure can be performed on adult people or individuals until they reach the age of 18 with the consent of parents or guardians.

How is the preparation?

Within 2 weeks before the procedure can not sunbathe or visit the Solarium. 2-3 days before the procedure is recommended to shave the hair, but in any case not to pull out their epilator or tweezers, do not use wax or sugaring. The day and the day of the procedure do not use the creams for the body in those places where it is planned to conduct laser hair removal, as cosmetic products can cause skin burns.

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How many procedures?

Usually the number of procedures required for complete disappearance of hair individually. No standard recommendations here.

How many flashes?

Hardly anyone now believes flash is usually called the cost of the procedure in 1 anatomical region.

How long does the irritation?

After the first treatment, the irritation may persist for 3-7 days. In the subsequent irritation can disappear within a couple of hours.

What should be the length of the hair for the procedure?

It is better that the hair does not protrude above the skin’s surface more than 1 mm, otherwise the whole energy of the laser flash will be consumed by the hair shaft, slightly affecting the germination zone of the follicle.

The before and after photos of laser hair removal


Tanya: the First procedure is thought will not survive. Ordered the block full arm, full leg, bikini, underarms. First, it was tangibly painful, and secondly, all the areas I have laser for the first time were treated to almost 4 hours. And, third, then it all burned and thick almost 3 days, despite panthenol and another healing ointment. But the second and subsequent times it was OK, had time even to take a NAP or bored.

Lena: Before menstruation did once. At first I thought that will suffer, like «beauty requires victims». Then asked her doctor to make the intensity less. Then he asked anesthetic ointment and waited until it will work. In the end, I concluded that walking in those days, hair removal is a waste of money, as in other days, I can safely tolerate the procedure.

Natalia: did the first treatments with the alexandrite laser. At first the results were simply «Wow!!!!», since I have very white skin, and grew up on the hands, feet and underarms just «Bluebeard». I even shaved normally could not since the dark hemp then shone through the skin. Then, when the hair is thinner and very light, the procedure has become basically useless to me: during epilation the hair burn, then some time (one month approximately) do not grow, then slowly grows again. Now I think to change the laser.

Rita: I Have since the first procedures remained under the skin black spots in areas of hair growth. Me girlfriend said it was a sign that hair removal is ineffective. I asked my doctor, she said it burned and dead ends of the hair are not popping out from the follicles. Really, just used a couple of times scrub, and all my points are gone. And the hair never came back.