Laser liposuction (laser lipolysis) — what is it, reviews, prices, contraindications, photos before and after

The essence of the procedure

The concept is simple. It is performed using a fiber-optic probe. Through a small puncture in the patient’s body, under the skin introduces a thin tube – a cannula (not more than 0.1 cm in diameter) containing a probe through which energy is supplied to the laser.

The lipolysis process is a selective defeat of cells. Fat from the destroyed cells enter the bloodstream, and then to the liver, where it is the natural process of neutralization.

Another property of laser exposure is heating of tissues, which stimulates the production of collagen responsible for youthful appearance of the skin.


The indications for liposuction can be considered the presence of large amounts of subcutaneous fat and the desire of the patient.

Best of all, this method is suitable for processing areas of the face, especially the chin and neck, as it is on the front side chick, fat cells are easily destroyed.Also to adjust the contours of the hips, forearms and knees.

To see the people who have deposits of fat in any area of the body, but most often, women have the most problem areas are thighs and stomach.

It should be noted immediately that a non-invasive laser lipolysis is best suited to restore the contours of the body with little body fat and has nothing to do with the treatment and fight against obesity.

Laser liposuction for the face and chin are the most common and popular procedures in this area. By the special devices, such as lipo lip or lipolaser, also shown in case of irregularities on the surface of the body after removal of a large amount of body fat in other ways, moreover, it has a significant anti-cellulite effect.


Laser liposuction has a number of contraindications, and among them the following:

  1. Obesity.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Malignant neoplasms.
  4. Fever, fever.
  5. Colds and viral diseases.
  6. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  7. Systemic lupus.
  8. AIDS, hepatitis b and C.
  9. Of blood clotting.
  10. Exacerbation of any chronic disease.
  11. Pregnancy and lactation.
  12. Chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver.
  13. Varicose veins.

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The laser has advantages over other methods of liposuction. The main problem faced by patients after removal of the fat is flabby and sagging skin.

In young patients, as a rule, the skin is shrinking, however, after thirty years, it becomes problematic. Affecting the skin from the inside, not the outside as with most beauty treatments, you can achieve much greater results.

There are the following advantages:

  1. It carries a minimum of injury. Consequently, reduced risk of complications, suppuration, inflammation, and blood loss.
  2. Does not leave behind any scars. Laser liposuction does not imply the application of multiple incisions on a patient’s skin.
  3. There is a selective impact on the fat cells, allowing you to achieve perfect symmetry.
  4. Laser energy has the ability to tighten and improve the elasticity and spring characteristics of the skin.
  5. The absence of pain during the procedure and after it.
  6. The lack of a long rehabilitation period.
  7. No need of General anesthesia.
  8. The exception is the appearance of bruises, injuries, irregularities of the skin.
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Its difference from the usual

Compared to conventional liposuction, laser lipolysis has many advantages:

  1. Barely visible punctures on the skin’s surface. Requires a very small hole for the cannula size of 1 mm.
  2. No need of General anesthesia. Laser liposuction is performed under local anesthesia.
  3. Reducing the risk of complications. Destroying fat cells, the laser also «seals» the damaged walls of blood vessels, minimizing blood loss, the absence of wounds, suppuration and swelling.
  4. The reduction of the rehabilitation period. Laser liposuction involves the removal of a small amount of fat at one time, so immediately after the procedure and medical examination, the patient is often sent home.
  5. The possibility of correcting skin irregularities obtained during classical liposuction and other methods of removing subcutaneous fat. Laser lipolysis allows you to monitor the movement of the needle during the procedure so the doctor can monitor the progress of operations and to adjust the silhouette with great precision.

Side effects and possible complications

It’s not an easy procedure to do and it can only be proven clinic and a good person, otherwise, the following side effects:

  • inflammation of tissues;
  • the appearance of infection;
  • inflammation of the veins and the violation of the outflow of fluid (if a laser liposuction done on the legs);
  • necrosis of the skin in the impact zone of the laser;
  • allergic reaction to used during the procedure products;
  • the change of skin sensitivity.

The rehabilitation period

Laser liposuction is a safe procedure, but after the operation the patient is still within a few hours under medical supervision in a designated room. If everything is good, let him go home almost immediately.

The recovery period depends on the number and volume of fat removed, but it is non-traumatic, so the recovery period is minimal. Results are visible almost immediately, with no pain or discomfort, the patient does not feel.

For the first time after the procedure should avoid the following:

  • direct sunlight;
  • alcohol;
  • tanning, pool, sauna;
  • intensive physical exercise.
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Over the next ten days the patient must wear a compression garment, in a further, recommended diet and regular, moderate exercise.

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Combination with other procedures

Goes well with the following procedures:

  1. Criolifting innovative method of skin rejuvenation with cryotherapy. This procedure will locally affect the surface tissue low temperature, thereby releasing biologically active substances that are meant to start reparative processes of the skin.
  2. Thermage – non-surgical procedure that aims to tighten the skin and affect the collagen structure. The basis lies Thermage radiofrequency radiation during the procedure penetrates deep into the skin, thereby leveling and smoothing it.
  3. Laser biorevitalization – injection technique, allowing to achieve restoration of normal habitat in the dermis and metabolic processes occurring in it.


Prices vary, but in most clinics start from 10,000 rubles and go up to 15,000 for one course of treatments. It should also be noted that the charge of the analyses and medicines. The advice most doctors are free of charge.

Laser lipolysis treatment area — face price in RUB.
chin 21 600
the buccal region 21 600
painting area 21 600
the mandibular region 21 600
Treatment area — the body
(1 zone) of the abdomen 12 000
(1зона) the lateral surface of the abdomen 12 000
(1 zone) of the rear surface of the shoulder 12 000
(1 zone) back 12 000
(1 zone) of the VII cervical vertebra 12 000
(1 zone) of the upper third of the thoracic region 12 000
(1 zone) of thoracic region 12 000
(1 zone) of the gluteal region 12 000
(1 zone) of the lower leg 12 000
(1зона) the inner surface of the knee 12 000
(1 zone) knee region 12 000
(1 area) hips 12 000
Deletion of fillers 24 000

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Frequently asked questions

Remain after the procedure marks or scars?

Laser liposuction does not leave any traces.

How many times to repeat?

It depends on the desire to obtain a particular result, but also the subcutaneous fat. Some patients have only one session, some may take five.

How much time required for one treatment?

Usually requires no more than forty minutes, it all depends on how much subcutaneous fat you want to remove.

Is it possible to remove the second chin?

Yes, laser liposuction gives excellent results in the facial area, removing any excess fat.

Is it possible to get rid of widow’s hump?

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Yes, perfectly cope with this task. Widow’s hump is the indications for laser lipolysis.

The before and after photos of laser liposuction


Natalia, Veliky Novgorod. I always poorly versed in cosmetic procedures and laser lipolysis offered me my doctor. I wanted to quickly get rid of excess fat and simultaneously tighten the skin. I was told that laser liposuction is suitable for this well, therefore, I, without hesitation, agreed. I «cleaned» his cheeks and was very pleased. The procedure took little time, no strong restrictions I haven’t gotten to work came back almost immediately. I believe that this method is much better long-term cosmetic procedures, which gives exactly the same result.

Elena, Omsk. Well for those who does not know the problems with excess weight. I suffered with my whole life, and I don’t help any physical exercise or diet. I guess it’s hereditary because my mom and dad I also «plump». However, this has never prevented me from complexes with or without, so the liposuction I decided with ease. As soon as the opportunity arose, without hesitation I went to the best hospital to remove fat from the abdomen and hips. The result I am satisfied, despite the wasted time, money and effort. I have one procedure «did not meet», but it did not spoil the joy of the result. The body I have now, of course, not perfect, but a few hours spent on a laser, I approached him so as not approaching ever in my life. Now I will follow a diet and exercise as advised by the doctor, I hope the result will be stored.