Laser otoplasty (ear plastic surgery laser) — reviews, prices, photos before and after, videos, indications and contraindications

Features of the operation

The comparison criterion Laser otoplasty Scalpello otoplasty
  • eliminating prominent ears;
  • eliminate cosmetic and physical defects after the first otoplasty;
  • restore missing auricles or portion thereof;
  • change the size and shape of the ear.
the same
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • any diseases leading to impairment of blood coagulation, use of anticoagulants;
  • colds;
  • inflammatory diseases of the external ear;
  • the period of menstruation
the same
anesthesia General anesthesia in children, local anaesthesia in adults similarly
incisions laser scalpel
the edges of the cartilage thin treatment, more smooth transitions and folds of the cartilage, similar to natural, due to the fact that the laser light heats up the cartilage and makes it more pliable edging dissected cartilage requires skill of the surgeon, often the incision site can be seen on the anterior surface of the auricle
blood loss minimal, due to the fact that under the influence of laser light gaps of small and medium-sized vessels are sealed intense, because the ear is supplied well
the risk of infection minor, due to the bactericidal action of laser light is in violation of the rules of aseptic and antiseptic during surgery
scars may be, including keloid similarly
hematoma minimal risk can be
pain need pain relief need pain relief
the possibility of re-otoplasty the possibility is almost every patient who followed the doctor’s recommendations in the postoperative period the possibility is 50% of the time, if there is no gross deformation of the ear after the first operation
wearing an elastic bandage you need you need
the postoperative period not to wet the surgical wound during the weeks after surgery, limit physical activity for up to 2-3 weeks removal of stitches in 7-10 days after surgery, if you are using non-absorbable suture material, the wound is not wet until complete healing, limit your physical activity similarly
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Video: Laser ear surgery

The cost of laser otoplasty

The transaction The cost in rubles
laser otoplasty ear 1 from 20000
laser otoplasty ear 2 from 32000
re otoplasty laser  
elimination of defects 1 St of 1 ear from 22000
the elimination of the defect 2 St of 1 ear 30,000
the elimination of the defect 3 St of 1 ear from 40000
doctor consultation from 3000

Prices for laser otoplasty in Moscow and other large cities can differ in a big way, as the use of modern equipment and training of personnel, requires medical centers additional financial costs.

Just keep in mind the need after General anesthesia to be monitored by medical personnel within 1-3 days. The cost of being in the chamber may differ significantly in different clinics depending on the comfort level of the premises, the number of patients in the ward.

The before and after photos