Laser removal of eyebrow tattoo — reviews, prices, photos before and after


All methods of removal several. Some of them are already outdated, and some have long been recognized not just ineffective, but even harmful. However, both the first and second are still used by the masters.

  • Abrasive methods.

The outdated method of tattoo removal, which is based on mechanical cleaning of the upper layers of the skin with the contained pigment.

  • Cut tattoo.

Traumatic way, but radical.

  • The use of chemicals.

In the salons of now often failed tattoo is removed with the help of Tattoo Remover is a special mixture, solvent ink, located in the skin. Introduced very disappointed just like ink for tattooing. In fact, he is driven into the skin at the same depth as the tattoo.

Since in its composition it is an aggressive tool, it affects not only the dye but also on the fabric of the human body. After the injection there is a risk of scars.

In order to enter Tattoo Remover, the master must have some experience of carrying out similar procedures. If administered too deeply and tightly, you are guaranteed to be scars, but if «to put» medication higher level with the coloring pigment in the skin, then the procedure has no effect.

Also very disappointed in the introduction of can create problems in cases when after removing the old pigment client decides again to do the tattoo. In this case, a new batch of paint should be administered with a stabilizer, otherwise it will be influenced by it to change color very quickly.

Considering that not each of the masters can reliably determine the behavior of the pigment from this particular customer, to anticipate the metamorphosis of the pigment with the stabilizer, introduced after the application of very disappointed, impossible.

  • «Clogging» bad tattoo pigment skin color.

This is the method to eliminate the blemish of tattooing, for which masters, its practitioners need hands pootryvat. The idea of the method is simple and seems logical, but only the history of the use of this method has already proved its inefficiency and even harm.

The point is to close the bad areas of the tattoo pigment bodily or white. Your skin layer of the pigment is above level with the dark pigment and immediately after the procedure, it seems that all problems are solved. However, in the first month after the «correction» is that to old problems, add new.

Pigments bodily or white after a time, become yellowish, purulent hue. If more pigment is deposited in the skin unevenly, it seems in General, it is unpleasant, if not repulsive.

Areas of pigment give the skin to tan, because after visiting the Solarium or the beach can become even more noticeable against tanned skin.

Compounding the problem is that after a couple of months old pigment begins increasingly to Shine through the yellowing layers of corporal dye, and that nasty yellow pigment is not removed by laser.

  • Of correction pigments saturated colors.
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In light of the above, it turns out that the most effective way of correction of unsuccessful permanent is laser removal of eyebrow tattoo.

But you can apply it only if it fails to cover a bad tattoo with a new layer of brown, gray, or black paint for tattooing.

Fortunately in our time there were enough artists who spetsializiruyutsya it on removing the blemish. If you want to adjust the color and only slightly tweak the form, on top of the old tattoo just stuffed a new one. If you find the right master, even «the horror, the horror» can be converted in quite a normal eyebrow.

What kind of lasers used

Optimal in terms of removal of permanent makeup is the use of short-pulsed neodymium Nd:YAG laser. They can be removed and a normal tattoo, since the pulse acts directly on the pigment contained in the tissues. However, for the body and face should be used different nozzles.

Some salons may use other types of lasers. But the result in this case may not be so pronounced, it can damage hair follicles, located in the region of the eyebrows, may not be the effect after 2-3-4 procedure.

How it works

It is well known that the laser beam is primarily absorbed by the pigment. It may be melanin. And it may be the pigment of dye used for tattooing. The laser pulse is absorbed by the pigment particles. These particles are heated and burn. Simultaneously, the dye particles transfer heat to the surrounding tissues. The water in the tissues boils and evaporates.

For some time after the procedure, damaged cells with pigment absorbed and excreted from the body.

Video: how to remove tattoo eyebrows

You should consider the fact that sometimes the paint under the action of the laser beam can change color quite dramatically. For example, instead of black eyebrows can become emerald green.

The good thing is that green or other unusual colors are rather quickly moving gray and brighter. Neodymium laser affects hair follicles, so do not damages your own eyebrows. During the session, the hairs can brighten, but usually new hair grow back normal color.

How many sessions you will need

Depending on skin type, pigment and some other factors the number of procedures in each case will have different. First of all, has a value type of pigment. Cool shades are removed the easiest. They need 3-4 treatments. Warm shades are removed longer.

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Altered colors such as Nude, green, blue-purple removed the most difficult and can remain on the skin despite all the efforts of the master.

Treatments 1 every two months. Usually after a couple of days after you color the tattoo and its intensity change. Then within a month there is a healing of damaged tissues and gradual discoloration. Earlier than one month after the first procedure to a second makes no sense. Therefore, get ready to bring «horror-awful» will have something about six months or even a year.

It is also worth considering that the intensity of permanent makeup is reduced dramatically after only 1-2 treatments. The less the intensity of the color, the less effective each subsequent procedure.

It so happens that under the action of laser radiation, light pink or red pigment turns into a rich gray (actually a char). In this case, if there is a desire to repeat the experiment with their own appearance, can hold a tattoo again.

Usually rich gray eyebrows is the perfect base in order to fill stripes brown or black color to obtain more or less acceptable option of permanent makeup eyebrows. However, the old tattoo can still be visible if you shift the new eyebrows above or below the previous one.


Not possible in the following cases:

  • are allergic to sunlight and laser radiation;
  • the tendency to form hypertrophic scars and galoidnykh;
  • cancer;
  • psoriasis;
  • eczema;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • porphyria;
  • lichen planus;
  • fresh tan;
  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy;
  • the age of 18;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • decompensated form of diabetes.

Procedure is not recommended during menstruation, because at this time there is a risk of bleeding and the pain from the laser beam impact is greater.

How is the procedure

Usually anyone goes into the procedure of laser removal of tattoo, interested in the question if it hurts. There is no single answer as it all depends on individual sensitivity to pain. One sensation from the laser beam resemble a tingling sensation, and the second can hardly survive the procedure, even after the pain «Amlai».

At the beginning of the entity necessarily removes make-up. The hair wear a cap. The eyes are protected by special glasses. In some cases, apply the cream «EMLA» or other means with local anesthetics in the composition. But can be used just local cooling, as shown in our next video.

Depending on the type of laser in the treatments can remain only a little redness, but may appear small sores that will ooze blood. In the second case, can form a frightening «bloody brow», which, however, quickly heal without scarring.

The care of eyebrows after a session

Usually the master conducting laser removal of permanent makeup, appoints the skin care after the procedure. All because depending on the kind of laser and skin reaction to radiation, approaches to the treatment and recovery of the skin will change.

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Here we present a General scheme:

  • as little as possible to touch the skin of the eyebrows;
  • if any pus or blood droplets, they should gently DAB with a napkin;
  • if crusts are formed, to remove them yourself is not as long as they do not disappear;
  • the area of redness can lubricate Panthenol;
  • sores and crusts can be treated with Miramistin or chlorhexidine to prevent infection.

After the procedure is not recommended to visit sauna or bath, wet the eyebrows, apply on eyebrow makeup at least during the first 5-7 days. Before going out in the sun and exposed to a laser, it is recommended to close a sunscreen at least for 3-4 months in order not to cause the formation of pigmentation.

Consequences and complications

In most cases, to remove a tattoo could without scars. The most unpleasant complication is residual traces of old pigment, which cannot remove by any means.

For example here in this photo, even though the glare from the flash shows that even after the procedure of laser removal tattoo eyebrow remained bifurcated. Photo after removal of the pigment trace from a failed tattoo was less visible, but before going in, people still can not do without shadows and embellishments. In more rare cases may develop allergic reaction to laser light. There will help to relieve swelling taking antihistamines.

The price of laser removal tattoo eyebrows

The name of the clinics Cost, rubles
Delta-clinics» 2500
Best-hospitals from 880
Clinic Rednor 750
Clinic Laser Doctor 1000
Clinic Lama» 1000
Clinic Al 500