Latisse (Latisse) for eyelash growth — reviews, prices, contraindications

The composition and form of issue

Its main active ingredient is Bimatoprost at a dosage of 0.03%. In one bottle 3 ml. For applying you can use the special applicator and brush.

How does the drug

Bimatoprost chemical composition is a fatty acid. Contains a substance in all cells of the human body in small concentrations.

The exact mechanism of the effect of Bimatoprost on the hair follicles hitherto unknown. In clinical trials found that prolonged exposure to the active substance Latisse (4-5 months of continuous use) leads to an increase in length of eyelashes by 25% on average, the degree of pigmentation by 16%.

Each cilium is thickened in average two times. Some of those who used the drug for a long time, noted the appearance of the additional row of eyelashes on the upper eyelid. To maintain the obtained result, the drug has to be used constantly.

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Where applicable

Initially, Allergan developed a product for eyelash growth. But curious ladies used it on the eyebrows and even on the scalp, and obtained similar results, manifested in enhancement of density of hair.

Currently, the company conducts research on application of Latisse to increase the density of hair on the head and eyebrows. Volunteers have already noted the positive changes that happened to their hair, but the mass production of the drug is still far. Because we will wait for the new look. Judging from how women relate to their own hair, the medication will be in high demand.

Usage instructions

The rate of application

Apply the preparation on the skin of the century should be 1 time per day. You can do it in the evening, but not earlier than one hour before bedtime, otherwise there is a risk of smearing the drug on the eyelids and cause hair growth is not where I wanted. Can be applied in the morning if it is convenient.

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The area of application

The drug can be applied only to a thin strip of the skin growth of eyelashes on the upper eyelid. On the lower eyelid drug is not applied. If the drug is spread, its excess must be removed with a cotton swab. Sloppy application can lead not only to growth of unwanted hair, but also to pigmentation of the eyelid skin.

Application technique

Each pack contains a set of special sterile applicators. The applicator is dipped into the solution, then it is necessary to remove excess fluid.

Then the applicator should be held at the lash line so that the skin is only slightly moist. The used applicator is immersed in a solution impossible. For the second eye should get a new applicator and repeat the application procedure.

In the manufacturer’s instructions says not to use brushes or applicators non-sterile to avoid bacterial contamination of the solution and development of eye infections. But our women like to optimize, because in the Internet you can find different type of treatment.


You need to drip 1 drop of the product on any clean smooth surface, for example, on a saucer. Next, you need to dip a thin brush in the Latisse solution and apply it evenly on the lash line on the upper eyelid.

Drops of the drug should be sufficient to treat both eyes. After applying the product the brush should be thoroughly washed and dried. You can try both ways and decide for yourself which way is more convenient and economical.

Latisse, mascara and contact lenses

During drug treatment to use mascara you can, but to apply it simultaneously with Latisse is not recommended. Before you apply contact lenses should be removed. Wear lenses can in 20 minutes after the drug was applied.

  • pregnancy: the harms the drug may not apply, but clinical trials in pregnant women have not been conducted;
  • lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to any component included in the product;
  • the children’s age.
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With caution the drug should be used patients with the following diseases:

  • the aphakia;
  • damage to the posterior capsule of the lens of the eye;
  • the presence of risk factors of macular edema with the development of blindness;
  • long duration of diabetes;
  • the high content of cholesterol in blood plasma;
  • nephropathy;
  • hypertension.

Side effects

  • The change in intraocular pressure.

The manifestation of this effect is possible only in case if the drug is always in the eyes. At least so says the manufacturer recommends that you use the correct technique of applying, to avoid complications.

However, the drug in the U.S. is sold only by prescription. This means that before use of the drug need to be sure that your eyes are completely healthy.

  • Change the color of the skin.

Under the influence of the drug over time, the skin at the site of application of the drug gets dark. The majority of those who use it, not consider it a problem, as a dark strip along the edge of the lash is very reminiscent of the drawn arrow, and allows you to spend less time on makeup.

  • Darkening of the iris.

The owner of brown eyes this effect most likely will not notice. But the owners of the bright eyes a few months later, I can say that iris became darker.

If you believe the information from the Internet, to worry, to those who have a pure grey, green or blue eyes, not worth it. But if the eye color is mixed with yellow or brown, the chances of change eye color to brown very high.

After preparation color of the iris to the initial may not return.

  • Swelling under the eyes.
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It is believed that the appearance of the complications associated with changes in intraocular pressure. When you see this symptom, you need to take a break from using the drug, and then start to use it again, clearly following the right technique of application.

  • Dryness of the eyes.
  • Changing the bending and/or direction of eyelash growth.

Often this change is irreversible.

The manufacturer claims that the duration of the drug does not affect the frequency of side effects because Latisse can be used for life.

The price of Latisse and its analogues

Currently, the drug is officially sold only in the United States. You can find deals from intermediaries in Russia, but the risk of getting a fake is too great. It is an analogue of the Kareprost drug, active substance of which is Bimatoprost.

The name of the drug The cost
Latisse $ 120
Latisse the Russian intermediaries about 160 USD
Kareprost 1500-2000 rubles

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