Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid — prices, effects and contraindications, photos before and after

Dehydration is one of the main causes of skin aging. Its symptoms can be observed both at dry and oily skin types:

  • dry skin flakes in his youth, prone to allergic diseases, dermatitis;
  • aging dry – covered with mesh of wrinkles;
  • young oily skin has enlarged pores, which due to the hardening of lose the ability to contract, it becomes plain relief, a tendency to inflammatory phenomena;
  • fatty age-related dehydrated skin has a tendency to ptosis, the formation of folds and creases.

A lot depends on the thickness of the dermis: the thicker and thinner layer of the epidermis is, the younger looking man. Especially clearly evident such changes of the lips. Narrow, thin, expressionless lips, covered with mesh of wrinkles characteristic of the age sign.

Injection was carried out as girls, seeking to make their way perfect, and wanting to correct the shape of the lips and remove any signs of aging with their smile.

The introduction of hyaluronic acid (ha) on the lips – one of the most effective and least traumatic ways to increase their volume and shape correction.

No wonder hyaluronic acid is referred to as «smart» – she is distributed under the skin, smoothes it, help replenish moisture and makes lips naturally pretty.

Lipofilling – the procedure of injection under the skin, fillers from your own fat cells and hyaluronic acid as the Foundation.

Indications for use

The indications for the injections and lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid include:

  • thin, expressionless lips without a clear outline;
  • the presence of inverted scars on the lips;
  • General atrophy of subcutaneous fat in the body, which is reflected not only on the face. In this case, there are excess folds, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, thin shins, broken skin relief after liposuction.

Lipofilling has the following advantages over using only hyaluronic acid:

  • the price is not dependent on the volume of transplanted adipose tissue, while the cost of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid increases proportionally, depending on its quantity;
  • despite the fact that and fat, and hyaluronic acid will gradually dissolve and to require correction of a repetition of the procedure, the probability of preservation of fat cells in the area of injection is somewhat higher.

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At the same time, hyaluronic acid has such advantages before lipofilling:

  • not swelling and damage to the blood vessels;
  • the gel is distributed with no apparent asymmetry, seals;
  • more simple, painless and noninvasive method;
  • preparation for the procedure requires less time.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Fluid loss contributes to premature dehydration of the dermal layer. And for the hydrodynamics of all layers of the skin answers one of the main components of the extracellular matrix hyaluronic acid.

She plays a lead role in providing regenerative processes. After 25 years, she practically ceases to be produced in the body, and stronger begins to break down the enzyme hyaluronidase.

Hyaluronic acid independently distributed in the body, restoring the dehydrated. The skin is leveled, it becomes elastic.

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A special case of the biorevitalisation

To compensate for the deficiency of hyaluronic acid is possible only with the help of outside interference. The use of creams, applications and even hardware techniques do not give a good effect because of the fairly high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and the inability to create it gidrorezerv in the dermis.

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Biorevitalization is an effective way to provide timely assistance for any type of skin. It is a method of intradermal injections of gels on the basis of active hyaluronic acid.

This procedure restores properties of the intercellular substance and activates metabolic processes in all layers of the skin. Due to the mechanism of conduction, it provides improvement of all the aesthetic parameters of the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

Due to the physiological restructuring of tissues biorevitalization gives an immediate and prolonged effect.

Overdose of hyaluronic acid is impossible. It is a natural component of our body, which can be disassembled into building blocks and used where most needed. However, if you’re after a lip augmentation with this filler will also the daily use cosmetics with a high content of it, you are risking to reduce its production of own forces of an organism.


The list of cases when this technique for holding is not recommended:

  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • inflammation in the lips;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • receiving blood-thinning drugs anticoagulants.

As you can see, contraindications for lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid mostly temporary, which explains the high popularity of the technique.

The consequences

After drug administration on the basis of GK in the thickness of the dermis is formed of elastic biocartis is able to capture the molecules of collagen and skin cells. Acid fills in particularly dense areas of wrinkles and folds, schivas to the grid in these areas, it smoothes the skin. Even after the beginning of the cleavage of hyaluron the effect will be maintained through the provision of water molecules.

The doctor inserts a drug Ledger by the method of vector algebra that provides remarkable lifting effect. Consequences of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is always positive. Even if you decide you do not want to do lip enhancement and not to repeat the procedure, the remnants of this substance is reabsorbed without a trace, that is will resolve. Then lips will be the same as before the increase.

What result can you expect?

Get ready to completely comfortable and painless procedure that will not take you more than an hour. As a result, you will not only get a great aesthetic result, and improve the health of your skin. It is a natural, safe and instant correction of your lip shape, accented by sexy contours and seductive volume.

How long the effect lasts?

Hyaluronic acid injections really have instant efficiency. Lips are expressive, voluminous and sexy, but the validity of this effect depends on the type of drug used.

  • to 5 years the effect lasts after the introduction of synthetic or semi-synthetic hyaluronic acid.
  • natural preparations temporary action will be in the skin for up to 12 months.
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This is because hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable substance which is resorbed by the body over time and is hydration of the skin, building collagen.

Natural hyaluronic acid is absorbed faster, though, may not cause allergies, swelling and irritation. Her immune system does not recognize as a foreign substance, in contrast to the synthetics.

Correction of the shape of the lips with hyaluronic acid in some cases, lasts longer, others less. It depends on the level of activity in the body of a human hyaluronidase enzyme that breaks down acid.

Cleavage of hyaluronic acid is enhanced by:

  • after menstruation;
  • during menopause;
  • during the massage, and kisses.

Preparations on the basis of artificial fillers based on polyacrylamide or silicone can be perceived by the body is unpredictable. Sometimes their introduction may not cause any discomfort, but more often it causes complications. Such gels can migrate, cause scarring, not to mention allergic reactions.

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Rehabilitation and recovery

After the procedure, the administration of drugs GK can not:

  • for the first day to use cosmetics;
  • Smoking;
  • to drink hot beverages and alcohol;
  • saunas, baths, solariums or the beaches for 2 weeks.

For faster distribution in the lip of the active substance immediately after the injection you need a special massage, a repetition of which may need additional in some cases the correction. The correction is an average of 2-4 weeks to achieve the desired cosmetic effect, eliminate the asymmetry, which can be formed.

The appearance of asymmetry is not always about the incompetence or inexperience of a doctor, low quality drugs. Sometimes the accelerated resorption of the hyaluronic acid may be associated with individual characteristics of the organism the structure of the facial muscles, the amount of hyaluronidase, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Correction of the shape of the lips, this filler has many advantages:

  • it is painless;
  • the effect occurs instantly;
  • no allergies, displacement of the gel in the skin and scarring;
  • no need to do an operation;
  • the absolute safety of the procedure.

Natural sexy lips is achieved not only through medication but also to the skill of the beautician, the right collection of shapes and sizes. Wanting to make lip very large, you risk losing the impression of their complete naturalness.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • the need to make a correction of the lips after 2-4 weeks after the first procedure and repeat the injection of hyaluronic acid in 8-12 months.
  • girls often suffering from cold sores, or at the time of the exacerbation, to do such injections are not recommended.

Prices for the procedure

Before planning any intervention, it is necessary to thoroughly study the market of services. Not always the lowest price, it tells of the appropriate quality, often you can find good discounts and promotions. The price increase lip volume with hyaluronic acid varies depending on the region of the image and razreklamiruete clinic, experience and reputation of the doctor, cost of drugs.

The name of the service Price, RUB.
Lip enhancement. Correction of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. The increase of the cheekbones. Injections of the drug «Teosyal Deep Lines», 1,0 ml.,»Juvederm»24HV of 0.8 ml., «Surgiderm» 24XP 0,8 ml «Renofill Deeply» of 0.8 ml. 10 500
Increase and correction of the shape of the lips. Correction of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. The increase of the cheekbones. Injections of the drug «Teosyal Ultra Deep»1.0 ml «Juvederm»30HV 0,8 ml. «Surgiderm» 30XP 0,8 ml «Teosyal Kiss», 1,0 ml. «Renofill Perfectly» 0,8 ml. 11 500
Increase and correction of the shape of the lips. Correction of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. The increase of the cheekbones. Injections of the drug «Touch Up»of 0.5 ml. 8 500
Increase and correction of the shape of the lips. Correction of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. The increase of the cheekbones. Injections of the drug «Teosyal Ultra Deep»1.2 ml. 12 500
The increase of the cheekbones. Injections of the drug «Teosyal Ultimait» 3ml. 27 000
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Application features

Correction of the shape of the lips with hyaluronic acid preparation. Girls are advised to drink a course of drugs to prevent herpes to not worsened immediately after the procedure. Even if you did not previously realize that cold sore, you need to remember that all people are potential carriers of, and after injection the herpes virus can suddenly «Wake up».

Before the introduction of the drug, obezbolivatmi lip with a special cream. If the effect of the application of anesthesia will not be strong enough, your doctor may do a conductor – such as dentistry – and the lip will lose sensitivity to 1-1.5 hours.

Usually need 10-20 shots to a depth of a few millimeters in the thinnest needle. In the first hours after the procedure lips may be redness, slight swelling. In more rare cases, swelling can appear in the morning for the first few days. If you follow all the advice of a doctor and properly care for the skin after a couple of days you will see your plump, seductive, expressive lips.

The main feature of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is that it is achieving natural beauty is a sign of youth, health and success.

The before and after photos of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid