Lipofilling of the breast (breast augmentation with own fat) — what it is, the before and after photos, prices, reviews


Transplantation of adipose tissue

The human body is designed so that if you take tissue from one part and transplanted to another, subject to a number of conditions, in most cases the fabric is in a new place survives. Adipose tissue is no exception.

At first it was transplanted to those places of the body where trauma or after surgery remained inverted scars. The method is very simple: you take the cells of subcutaneous fat tissue in one place and move to another. To level inverted scar with the skin surface, it is necessary to insert the needle under the scar and enter the fat cells so that their volume pushed scar out.

Here it should be noted that the term «fat» is not fat itself, namely the cells of the subcutaneous fat, which have to be removed from the body without damage. Only living cells can take root in a new place. Damaged gradually resolve.

Subsequently, about 20 years ago, began to develop methods of transplantation of own fat to increase volume of specific body parts – the Breasts, buttocks, etc. And how to conduct such operations without taking into account a number of important factors that are required for engraftment of the adipose tissue in the new place, very soon a number of leading practitioners surgeons opposed lipofilling.

The reason for the disapproval has led to numerous complications of the operation and rapid resorption of the transplanted fat. Currently, the technique of breast augmentation with fat returns and finds all new and new supporters.

But returns are already fat grafting as a high-tech method for the application of which requires special equipment and special training of the doctor.

Device for liposuction BodyJet

To the most part of fat cells remained viable, it is necessary to use special equipment that will allow removing fat tissue without damage. All additional manipulation of adipose tissue, as well as the presence of oxygen promote oxidation and reduce the viability of the fat cells. Usually, this is done using water jet method of liposuction.

The best for this purpose is an instrument for liposuction BodyJet, which collects adipose tissue in special reservoirthe a way that it is not in contact with air and does not require further purification. A number of plastic surgeons still remove fat using a special cannula (essentially the same needle, but with a rounded end), which extracts fat from places where it is excess to remove.

This is essentially «grandfather’s way», as after this extract fat cells to be washed from the blood and other impurities, and this significantly worsens the survival rate and results of the procedure as a whole. Cleanse adipose tissue this involves using a special centrifuge.

What is the maximum volume of intake adipose tissue

Limited if lipofilling and the amount you can increase the size of the mammary glands, and the persons to whom such an operation makes sense to do. Fat grafting is usually done by those who have the basic operation is liposuction. In order to transplant adipose tissue, it first needs to come from somewhere. This is the first limitation for breast augmentation own fat: the procedure cannot be performed for those who have a slender body and no excess fat in undesired places.

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The second limitation is the amount of fat that you can enter at a time.

Feature of adipose tissue is that it survives poorly in conditions of strong compression. And the skin of the breast and surrounding tissues will be heavily compress newcomer fat until you adapt to the new volume.

Because enlarge Breasts in one procedure no more than one incomplete dimension.

If one size is not enough, it is possible in the future to conduct another procedure lipofilling. Many practicing plastic surgeons believe this limitation is so severe that generally do not use fat grafting as a method of breast enlargement. But as an auxiliary method, it has proven to be excellent.

For example, fat, you can close the bottom edge of the implant of the breast if their own tissue this is not enough.

What percentage of fat survives in the breast

Usually different doctors give different predictions about the survival of transplanted fat. Those who own practices fat grafting, gives a forecast of 75-99% survival rate. Those who do not accept the method as a standalone, it is usually said that the percentage of rooted cells can be zero.

In order to increase the percentage caught of fat cells, we developed a variety of techniques.

One of them is breast augmentation own fat and stem cells. While stem cells are supposed to take from the bone marrow of the patient. It is assumed that stem cells participate in the formation of new vessels, which will krovosnabzhenie transplanted fat tissue.

The second method is a combination of the methods of lipofilling and the impact on the chest vacuum. The developer of this technique, is an American plastic surgeon Roger Khouri. Dr. Khouri offers before and after the procedure to use the Brava system. It is a portable device that consists of two cups for each breast and a special device that creates a vacuum. Because of this, the reduced atmospheric pressure in the breast, tissue stretch faster to accept the new volume, which in General promotes better survival rate of transplanted fat cells.

If the use of stem cells in lipofilling is another new method that has not passed clinical trials and has not proven to be effective, the system Brava for improving the results of breast augmentation own fat is already in use, even in Russia.

Video: Brava System

What are the advantages of the method

  • Does not distort the results of the examination of the breast tissue and chest. For many women who decide to breast augmentation, this point means little. But given how rapidly growing numbers of cancer patients, the write off is not worth it.
  • The result is a very natural and soft, and the shape and size of the Breasts.
  • Put into practice the dream of many women how to lose weight in the right places and in the right places to get better.
  • Introduction autologous fat can be combined with other ways of increasing the volume, especially with implants.
  • The absence of alien elements in their body. The absence of risk of rejection or allergies.
  • No scarring.
  • Short recovery period.
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  • small breast augmentation in women with a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat in undesirable places;
  • the need to hide edges of the implant, when their own tissue this is not enough;
  • elimination of asymmetry of the breast;
  • filling irregularities of the skin at the site of injury or previously conducted operations.


  • the period of menstruation and a few days after it;
  • decompensated diabetes diabetes, which resulted in damage to vessels;
  • cancer of any stage or location;
  • any skin diseases, bacterial, fungal or viral origin.

How is the procedure

Liposuction procedure and lipofilling are held almost simultaneously. At the beginning of the skin applied to a surgeon special markings, which helps to introduce fat symmetrically.

To perform the intervention if they use local anesthesia or light anesthesia.

  • The apparatus of Bodyjet (BodyJet) or by syringe with special cannula, adipose tissue is removed from those areas where there is a surplus.
  • Pinholes through the skin of the breast own fat is injected and distributed in the region of the breast so that it looked natural and beautiful.
  • The incisions in areas where liposuction has been performed, are glued or sewn. Punctures of the skin at the injection fat is treated with antiseptics.

The use of liposculpture and vacuum

Usually the procedure consists of 4 stages:

  • surgeon;
  • the Bravo system is used for 2 weeks before transplantation of adipose tissue;
  • the actual procedure of lipofilling;
  • the use of the system Brava for another 2 weeks.

Video: Lipomodulina breast

The video shows the system and the results obtained by the patient with fat grafting was performed after total removal of the mammary glands. In the video are the before and after photos.

As you can see, the enlarge Breasts more than 1-1,5 size even when using the Brava system will not work. But you can get great and very natural result of increasing bust those for whom a small increase would be sufficient.

The recovery period

The first results of lipofilling can be assessed on the second or third day when the swelling subsides. The final result two months after the procedure.

After the transplanted fat sprouting capillaries, loss of volume due to resorption of adipose tissue stops.

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Possible complications

  • Swelling.

Are permanent manifestations of any tissue damage. And fat grafting is no exception. Usually the swelling is not pronounced, disappear without treatment.

  • Hematoma.

Develop due to injury of blood vessels of the skin and underlying tissues. Can be spilled and seriously spoil the appearance of the first time after the procedure. But quickly «wither» and go away without treatment.

  • Fibrosis.

Develops when under pressure introduced a large amount of fat compressed vessels in the tissues, which causes the substitution of specialized cells cells and connective tissue fibers. Usually the fibrosis is manifested by the appearance of bulges, irregularities, which can only be palpable, but may become noticeable in appearance.

  • Development of asymmetry of the mammary glands.

Absorption of fat can be distributed irregularly in the mammary glands, because over time the breast may be different in size and shape.

  • The inflammatory processes.

Can be a result of infection during surgery and the subsequent abundant necrosis of fat cells.

  • Complete resorption of the transplanted fat.

To zero usually transplanted adipose tissue is not absorbed, but the volume loss may be significant.

  • Migration of the transplanted fat can lead to the formation of oleogranulomas when fat accumulates and is compacted in a particular place with the formation of the «tumor.»
  • The withering away of individual sections of the entered fat, and soaking them in salts of calcium with formation of calcification – hard formations that are unpleasant to the touch and difficult examination of the chest.
  • Uneven resorption of fat, when forming the depressions and bumps. The state requires correction or the introduction of absorbable drugs, or repeat the procedure of lipofilling.

The procedure cost of breast lipofilling

Procedure price in rubles
hospital stay 12 hours 1-bedded room, meals 4500
3D-simulation of the result of the operation from 3000
liposuction from 75000
anesthesia 12000
fat grafting from 75000

Some clinics indicate the price of fat grafting breast without specifying what is included and what is charged separately. Usually a full range of services for breast augmentation own fat is from 140 thousand rubles.

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