Lipomastia (false gynecomastia) in men — what it is, treatment how to get rid of, before and after photos

There is in addition lipomastia true gynecomastia is when the glandular tissue expands the breast glands in men, as well as mixed forms when the increase in the amounts of both fatty and glandular tissue.

There is an increase in breast during obesity, when the fatty tissue of the breast grows along with the increase of the interlayer body. Also, there are cases of idiopathic lipomastia, when obesity itself is not a proliferation of fatty tissue of the breast is marked.

Age of manifestation

To show the increase of the breast in men at almost any age, starting from adolescence.

  • Adolescence.

Very often, adolescents are mixed gynecomastia cases when, together with excess weight have some hormonal imbalance. Then it can be normalized, and the excess fatty tissue in the breast remains because of keeping obesity.

Usually lipomastia that developed in adolescence, the most difficult in terms of correction through diet and exercise, because in addition to adipose tissue is well-developed connective tissue. Connective tissue layer contribute to the fact that fatty tissue is stored in the Breasts even when the whole body loses weight.

  • With the young men.

Symptoms can develop in men aged 20 to 50 years against the background of increasing body weight. Usually after 50 years of age begins the so-called «male menopause», when again it may be hormone imbalances. Because in adulthood, men have to speak not so much about lipomastia as true or mixed gynecomastia. Accordingly will change and the list of required examinations, and treatment approaches.

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If lipomastia breast increase only through expansion of adipose tissue. To the touch these soft glands, no seals inside, painless to pressure. The magnification may be different. Some may only slightly increase in the amount of nipples (about 1cm), and some can increase themselves breast 10 cm or more.

In cases of a significant increase in nipple and areola under the action of gravity and the result of skin stretching shifted down compared with its normal position.

Special discomfort men begin to experience in cases where enlarged breast glands be noticeable under tight clothing or clothing made from thin fabrics when you need to undress on the beach, in the sauna, and the like.

The reason for this discomfort with the views of men about masculinity and femininity. Increase breast destroys a holistic way as men, causing feelings of shame, embarrassment, becomes the cause of insecurity. In case of false gynecomastia is the psychological discomfort is the main complaint of patients of a plastic surgeon, because by itself, lipomastia does not affect the health and well-being.

Necessary examinations

In that case, if the patient is aware of their problem and wants to get rid of a cosmetic defect, which become for him the increased size of the breast, it is necessary for a complete examination and to visit a number of specialists.

In itself it is absolutely safe and does not require treatment in the event that if does not cause psychological discomfort.

The need for such a serious examination is required to exclude such serious diseases of the breast such as breast cancer, mastopathy, true or mixed gynecomastia. All these diseases require serious treatment.

The list of surveys includes:

  • a blood test for hormone levels of testosterone, estradiol, prolactin, thyrotropin, chorionic gonadotropin, and others;
  • biochemical blood test: liver enzymes, urea, creatinine etc.;
  • x-ray study of the chest;
  • Ultrasound of breast and regional lymph nodes (those lymph nodes to which lymph flows from the breast);
  • computed tomography of the adrenal glands.
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Expert advice:

  • endocrinologist;
  • surgeon;
  • the breast;
  • plastic surgeon.

Treatment of lipomastia

In order to obtain adequate advice and a recommendation for treatment, the man should immediately turn to the specialists who deal exclusively with the problems of the male breast.

The specialists of «a female part» inclined to assign a large number of dietary Supplements and procedures that do not bring men good.

If we are talking about lipomastia, for men there are only three options for getting rid of a cosmetic defect;

  • diet;
  • sports;
  • plastic surgery.

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Really helps not only increase the breast, but also greatly facilitates the condition of the joints, the veins of the legs, cardiovascular system. Reduction of body weight significantly improves health and can seriously raise self-esteem. Women’s diets designed for quick but fleeting results at the expense of a radical reduction of the number of calories consumed is not suitable.

Frequent changes of body weight in the upward, downward, could exacerbate an existing condition of a cosmetic defect.

Because the issue of weight loss must be approached thoroughly, not how to program quick weight loss, but as a programme of changing eating habits for the long term.

Rules of weight loss

  • The optimum is to reduce body weight by 2 kg per month.

Faster rate of weight loss achieved make results unstable and may lead in case of failure to set even more weight than was in the beginning.

  • No need to divide products into good and bad.

And certainly not worth recording in «harm». Optimal here might be the calorie count for those who like numbers and are willing to weigh your food or the food system «three fists», a detailed description of which can be find in free access in the Internet.

  • You need to find the number of calories needed to maintain weight and weight loss.

Each person has his own level of metabolism and its motor activity. Because advice like «lower the daily caloric content of up to 1 thousand calories and lose weight» are not suitable for everyone. Some such of daily calories can stretch the legs. To determine your own calorie level, at which there is sustained weight loss is very simple: start with 2500 calories a day and every week reduce your calories by 100 calories per day. Started to lose weight well, reduce need nothing more.

  • The use of «twists» in the power to speed up the process of weight reduction.

Usually when counting calories during the week, just a «day minus» and one «day plus».


Usually it treatment recommended group exercises chest muscles and arm muscles. On the one hand this is true because the increase in volume of the chest muscles leads to the reduction of excess skin in the breast. But on the other hand, to reduce the amount of fat in the breast is possible only in case if the percentage of fat in the body will steadily decline. The body is not able to lose weight just in one place.

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To achieve stable weight loss can only be the case if involved in the exercises are large groups of muscles like the leg muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles. Because any exercise, any sports will be useful in terms of getting rid of lipomastia.

With caution should be treated for possible ingestion of steroids and other drugs used in sports medicine to improve performance, as many of these drugs can significantly enhance breast growth.

Kinds of plastic surgery

Diet and sport can be inefficient in two cases:

  • To exercise and to diet no desire, no ability, no time.
  • The lack of effect of diet and exercise.

It happens in cases where the breast before the start of the diet and sports was a great size and due to the loss of skin elasticity are unable to accept your initial appearance.

In addition to excess skin the cause of preservation of volume of the breast may be the presence of a connective tissue of bridges that are securely adipose tissue and not allow it to shrink in volume.

In any of these cases, the absolute lack of effect will be. But the effect may not be 100% and it will not be enough for men to feel confident.

Laser liposuction

Applies to non-surgical methods of removing excess fat.

Applies only in the case of lipomastia as effective against fat, but can not cope with the connective and glandular tissue. Is performed using SmartLipo.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, requires no hospitalization, does not leave the skin scars. Surgery to remove fatty tissue in the breast is held in the hospital. The fat is sucked through a special cannula that inserted under the skin through a small puncture or incision in the areola.

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In order not to leave the area of the breast funnel-shaped recess, the fat is removed from a large area of the chest. The operation is performed under General anesthesia, requires finding the patient in the hospital for 1-2 days and tight bandaging of the chest in order to prevent bleeding and accelerate the healing process.

Mastopexy with liposuction

In some cases, only liposuction may be sufficient in order to return to the man his manly torso as excess skin the breast will spoil the whole picture.

After liposuction, the excess skin is removed and the nipple-areola complex is fixed at the level at which it is men normal. During the mastopexy it is possible to reduce the size of the areola, if its size is increased compared to the norm.

The operation is performed under General anesthesia. Can take from 1 to 3 hours. Gives the best cosmetic results of the treatment of lipomastia. But requires compliance with the rules and restrictions throughout the recovery period, which lasts from 1 to 3 months.

Possible contraindications

  • A number of acute and chronic diseases of internal organs, infectious ( including HIV, viral hepatitis b and hepatitis C) and cancer.
  • Diabetes.
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus.
  • Blood disease, blood clotting disorder.
  • The age of 18.

Adverse effects of surgery

  • Bleeding

The likelihood of bleeding large due to the fact that the tissue injured.

  • Scars

Usually bother men a lot less than the enlarged mammary glands. In order to make the scars barely noticeable, to pull the edge of the skin on the sides of the scars it is recommended that a special plaster for another three months after surgery. You can then use a cream Kontraktubeks.

  • Funnel-shaped recesses remote region of the breast
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Particularly noticeable are the deepening of those men who at the same time with liposuction mastopexy is performed, as when moving the nipple and areola tissue is captured in new ways. Because the chest looks perfect in the standing position when the hands are relaxed. The motion and show of hands may cause zapodeni in the area of the operated breast.

  • Infection of postoperative wound

It’s possible, but extremely rare, since the patient is prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Frequently asked questions

To what expert to address, if increased breast?

You can refer to the surgeon-mammologist or a plastic surgeon. If you have symptoms such as itching, pain at the touch and rubbing against clothing, seals, discharge from the nipple, it is necessary to go on reception to the surgeon, mammologist or oncologist.

Why does it develop?

It is rather a constitutional feature of the structure of the human body where the breast contains a greater than usual number of receptors for estrogens. It turns out that the hormonal background in norm, and an increase of the glands happens. Usually lipomastia remains with men from adolescence due to the fact that the formed layer of connective tissue do not give fatty tissue to dissolve.

It is true that the development of gynecomastia related to problems in the sexual sphere?

Andrologists at one time was engaged in problems of increase in male breast. But it’s still not their profile. The presence of lipomastia has nothing to do with the sexual capabilities of men.

If you don’t operate, can be problems in the future?

False gynecomastia is not an indication for surgery itself. Operate it in the case if enlarged Breasts are perceived by the patient as a cosmetic defect and cause psychological discomfort. There are opinions that the fat gynecomastia or fat gynecomastia with connective tissue bridges are pre-cancerous conditions. But these opinions erroneous, lipomastia never degenerates into breast cancer.

There are ways of treatment without surgery. Why plastic surgeons are silent about them?

In fact, now there are more number of toll centers where lipomastia treat Badami, intravenous drip injection of vitamins, using the method of hypobaric hypoxic stimulation and acupuncture. But none of the above methods does not relieve a man from the overgrowth of fatty tissue in the breast, despite the fact that it requires expenditures of time and money.