Liposuction breast how contraindications, prices, photos before and after

It is worth considering that to carry out the operation a young girl much more difficult, as in the young breast has a lot of glandular tissue. In women of more advanced age them less, because it is glands in your chest more fat tissue.

Most often, liposuction of the breast used tumescent method, as it avoids multiple incisions, reduces blood loss and amount of scarring. Moreover, this method decreases the recovery period.

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Main indication in men is gynecomastia – increase in mammary glands with hypertrophy of the adipose tissue that is most often seen in adolescence, but there are exceptions. The increase in size of the glands varies from 1 cm to 10 cm

Prior to appointment, the surgery, the doctor performs an ultrasound, the liposuction is performed in hospital, the procedure involves the use of General anesthesia or local anesthesia. The operation lasts one to three hours, after which the patient remains in hospital for a few days.

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The procedure in women is only in the case of excessive accumulation of fatty tissues in the breast area. With mammogram is determined by their number and only after that the decision about the necessity of surgery. Also it is necessary to understand that liposuction, removing body fat not a panacea and this procedure will not be able to make it perfect.

A large number of mammary glands in the breast can cause a lot of problems. Here are some of them:

  • pain in the shoulders;
  • the inability of sport and exercise;
  • the difficulty in the selection of clothing.

By liposuction of the breast in women can achieve breast reduction up to 40% without any changes in its natural shape. It also has a number of advantages:

  • reduces the risk of complications;
  • no visible scars;
  • there remains the effect of «pulling» the breast and skin.


The indications for liposuction are the following factors:

  • gynecomastia (in men);
  • disproportionate Breasts (not previously operated on);
  • assemetric mammary glands;
  • reduce excess body weight without reducing breast.


Contraindications the following factors:

  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • cancer, tumors;
  • HIV, hepatitis b,C;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • infectious diseases, SARS, fever;
  • pacemaker;
  • systemic lupus is;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • age less than 18 years of age;
  • damage to the skin;
  • low skin elasticity;
  • pronounced ptosis of the breast;
  • the presence of breast cancer etiology;
  • fibro-glandular breast structure.
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Proper preparation for surgery depends half of the success of its implementation. If the patient has chronic diseases before surgery should undergo a course of treatment. Otherwise, the recovery period will increase, moreover, will increase the risk of postoperative complications.

Before surgery the patient undergoes a lot of checks, passes a number of tests (General blood analysis, biochemical blood analysis, electrocardiogram, analysis to determine blood group, hepatitis, HIV, etc.). Also it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests, mammography, preoperative photograph.

Before liposuction doctors advise to refrain from alcohol and cigarettes at least for a month. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system and normal blood clotting. Should also abandon the anticoagulants, which thin the blood and can lead to bleeding during the operation.

Two weeks before the procedure you need to start taking vitamins and remedies that strengthen the immune system. Possible use of medications containing iron, as when a large amount of fat removed possible large blood loss, and a large supply of iron in the body allows the patient to recover faster.

Doctors also recommend reducing salt intake both before and after surgery. Do not interfere, and vitamins To they provide a good blood clotting. One week before liposuction is necessary to abandon physical activity, sports and active massage zones that will be operated.

Eight hours before the operation is to abandon the drinking and eating, as the procedure is performed on an empty stomach.

The essence of the procedure

In the case when liposuction of breast is applied the tumescent method, the patient is given local anesthesia. In this case means having the gland above the muscle tumescent solution, waiting thirty to forty minutes, and re-having glands already anesthetic.

Next, the surgeon performs incisions on the crease of the breast and inserts a cannula, which aspirate the fat first from one gland and then from the other. After the procedure, a compression bandage.

The postoperative period

The postoperative period is fairly quick and easy. The patient wears a compression garment for one week, a sports bra for another.

To work you can go back a few days after liposuction, and in 3-4 months will be all the seals in the breast. Some of the patients at the time of reduced nipple sensitivity, but these sensations pass within a few weeks.

These stitches are absorbable, so they do not require special removal. Pain the patient hardly feels, and if available are painkillers.

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As for the food, after the surgery, no diet is not prescribed, however it is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Such food will promote rapid recovery and giving forces. Another way to improve the achieved effect and accelerate the recovery period is a lymphatic drainage massage. The final result of liposuction can be seen after six months.

Possible complications

Among the possible side effects include the following:

  1. The appearance of hematomas – accumulations of blood or serous fluid in the operated area.
  2. Necrosis of the skin.
  3. The roughness and unevenness of the skin (appears in the case of uneven removal of fat).
  4. Fat embolism – an embolism due to fragments of fat which can get into the bloodstream.
  5. Violation of the sensitivity of the skin (is temporary and resolves on its own).
  6. The appearance of the infection. Infection and suppuration of the wound (which is why it is important to consider contraindications to surgery).
  7. Saggy skin when you remove large amount of fat (also possible in old age).
  8. Change of skin pigmentation (requires immediate attention, as otherwise pigmentation may remain for a lifetime).

All of these complications are avoidable, but they need to be ready. Most often data there are no side effects, liposuction of the chest safe, but still it is a surgery, therefore eliminating complications on a hundred percent impossible.


On the positive side of liposuction include the following factors:

  1. There is no need to commit large incisions.
  2. No rubtsevania.
  3. The removal of almost all localized fat deposits in the operated area.
  4. Reduction exclusively breast (other parts of the body are not affected).
  5. Short recovery period (in contrast to the same mammoplasty).
  6. Modern equipment with which the surgery is performed can reduce the risk of complications.

Alternative treatments

One of the alternatives to liposuction of the breast is mammoplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery aimed at changing the shape and size of the breast, including nipple reduction and areola.

From the surgical point of view, this procedure is simple, but requires careful preparation. Reduction mammoplasty allows you to get rid of excess volume in the breast and thereby reduce it. Unfortunately, despite its effectiveness, mammoplasty has several significant drawbacks:

  1. The loss of sensitivity. If in the case of liposuction the sensitivity is quickly restored, then during the mammoplasty, this side effect can become chronic.
  2. Pronounced pain.
  3. High risk of infections.
  4. The awakening of the «sleeping» of autoimmune diseases.
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The final price for liposuction of the breast is composed of the following factors:

  • tests;
  • postoperative content (one day costs about 3000 roubles);
  • drugs, antibiotics and vitamins, which are taken both before and after surgery;
  • compression underwear (preferably the purchase of multiple sets);
  • additional consultations with experts of different profiles (plastic surgeon may appoint an individual consultation with a cardiologist, immunologist, etc.)
  • anesthesia (most often costs from 6000 roubles);
  • the cost of the operation (in the range of 30000 rubles).

Thus, we should expect about 50,000 rubles.

Frequently asked questions

What form of anesthesia is best?

You can select both local and General anesthesia, but doctors recommend the first option, as it is the most safe for the patient and cause him less harm.

How long will it take the operation?

Most often it takes about two hours.

How long do I need to be at the clinic?

For patient safety, doctors are watching him for about 1-3 days. Then, if all is well, let him go home.

What are the most common mistakes made by patients after liposuction?

The most common mistake is incorrect compression of the breast. The proper compression leads to effective and quick recovery period, wrong – just the opposite.

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