Liposuction for men chest, price, pubic area, abdomen, breast, before and after

Liposuction for men helps men to make some adjustments to her figure. Because of this, they have the opportunity to look much better, without resorting to grueling workouts or diets.

Is there any difference from the female

The mechanism of liposuction in men and women is about the same.

The main purpose of this procedure is to form the correct silhouette. As well as the women, liposuction for men is done in places of excessive accumulation of body fat.

After this surgical intervention fat deposits in these areas are not formed. However, this does not mean that the man will be protected from further weight gain.

In this case, simply change the distribution of weight – the extra pounds are deposited in new places, which were not conducted interference.

To perform the surgery, men need to pass a set of examinations and pass special tests. Usually they resemble similar studies in women. It is important to identify the disease, which can be a contraindication to surgical intervention.

With an overall similarity liposuction in men differs. The main one is the complexity of the operation. Due to the anatomical features of the structure conduct of such intervention in men is more complex.

The amount of adipose tissue, which is pumped from the representatives of the stronger sex, usually more compared to women.

In addition, areas where liposuction is applied in men is much more complicated. They are intervention, since fat tissue the representatives of the stronger sex has a higher density and stiffness. In addition, it contains more fibers.


Doctors advise to do liposuction in the following indications:

  • the presence of the second chin;
  • excess fat deposits on back and waist;
  • folds of fat on the abdomen;
  • excess fat on the thighs and buttocks;
  • deposits on the inner surface of the hands.


It is important to note that this surgery has a number of prohibitions and restrictions.

So, the main contraindications for this surgery include the following:

  • complex forms of diabetes
  • of blood clotting;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • pathology of heart and vessels;
  • the appearance of malignant tumors;
  • inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • chronic kidney disease and liver disease;
  • chronic lung disease;
  • an open form of tuberculosis;
  • allergic reactions to the anesthesia.

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Varieties of liposuction in men and their features

Liposuction can be carried out by various methods. Thus the essence of the operation remains the same – the only change is the technology.

Currently, there are methods of surgery:

  • The vacuum operation. This intervention is performed under General anaesthetic. Operation must be conducted under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. On the patient’s body perform a small incision in the area of excess fat deposits. In the resulting hole introduced the vacuum base.

After that, the doctor destroys the fat deposits, performing circular movements, using a special surgical instrument is a cannula. The damaged parts of fatty tissue is sucked into the machine and then removed from the body of the patient.

This type of surgery is considered traumatic enough for a person. However, due to such an operation cannot cope with the large amount of adipose tissue.

  • Tumescent operation:
  1. This procedure is performed by a medical vacuum.
  2. For a start, take a deep anesthesia. Before surgery under the skin type of the anesthetic solution.
  3. Also at this stage it is necessary to use a vasoconstrictor drug. The mixture of these medicines called Klein’s solution. When it is introduced into the problem area it is possible to achieve narrowing of the blood vessels that nourish fatty tissue. While the fat cells located in this area, swell.
  4. After that the excess fat tissue easily separated from the skin tissue.
  5. The surgeon pierces the location of fat in 2-3 places. Then enter the puncture apparatus with an electric Frother. Its tip is responsible for the transfer of current micropulses.
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Under the influence of the current is the destruction of fat cells. As a result of this process the melted fat. This operation produces the least traumatic effect, especially since the punctures rather quickly tightened.

After the operation the man will be able to get rid of a few extra pounds.

  • Electronic lipomodulina. In this case surgery is performed by the action of the current on the localization of body fat. Due to this, fat is broken down into individual components, transforming into a homogeneous liquid.

After that it is removed from the patient’s body through a small cannula which is inserted through a microscopic hole. Due to the effect of current could improve the health of the skin and avoid surgery to remove loose skin.

This intervention helps to tone and tighten the epithelium, because it generates its own collagen. This substance helps to restore the original dimensions of the skin and improve its elasticity.

It is important to note that fat men have a higher density. Because the volume and complexity of the liposuction men higher than women. This leads to an increase in the price of the operation.

In addition, the recovery period in men requires more time for the rehabilitation takes about 1 month.

Zone lipomodulina men

Modern men have a few problem areas of the body that are more difficult to correct with exercise and proper nutrition. That is why many representatives of the stronger sex have to resort to liposuction.


In men it is frequently observed condition that is called gynecomastia. This term is commonly understood as the increase in size of the breast. Correction of body weight does not allow to reduce the size of the breast. Moreover, exercise provoked an increase, which only exacerbates the situation.

In such cases, men are forced to resort to liposuction, which reduces the chest.

Gynecomastia in men may have 2 main types:

  • true – in this case there is an excessive amount of glandular tissue;
  • about – chest focused an increased amount of body fat.

Men in most cases there is a false variant of gynecomastia. To solve this problem and helps liposuction male breast. The true form of gynecomastia can also be corrected with surgery, however in this situation, the correction will not be as effective.

Before performing this type of surgery need to pass all the necessary tests and perform the mammogram. This will help to eliminate breast cancer.

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It is important to know that for malignant lesions of the breast characterized by the following symptoms:

  • discharge from the nipple;
  • asymmetry of the breast;
  • spliced with skin tumors.

During surgery in the breast area injected medical solution. With it is possible to loosen the fatty deposits and narrow the blood vessels. Thanks to this gland is reduced by about half. After surgery, the underwear is not recommended to take for 2 weeks. After the specified time, the scars will become almost invisible.


Liposuction of the abdomen is extremely popular among those men who want to buy a sporty appearance. However, in this case, it is important not to overestimate the result.

Liposuction is not a method of weight loss. Because the result depends largely on the smartness of the abdominal cavity.

Liposuction of the abdomen is recommended to do using tumescent plastic. During the procedure, carry out multiple punctures using a thin cannula. This allows you to avoid visible scars, and make the process painless.

The pubic area

Plastic pubic areas make not only women but also men. Moreover, the representatives of the stronger sex usually do not pursue aesthetic goals. The fact that removing fat from this area allows you to visually increase penis a few inches.

Correction of the pubic area in men is the same as the women. Often this procedure is one of the stages of the abdominoplasty, or correction of the abdomen.

Currently, the role of the detective has not only its own fat and hyaluronic acid – the substance is after some time reabsorbed. This method works best for those who are not confident in their need to correct the form of the pubis. Moreover, the procedure is quite simple. It will need to spend only a few years.

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Correction of double chin

Second collections is one of the signs of aging in men. Especially quickly this aesthetic deficiency occurs in people with excess weight.

The simplest method of dealing with this problem is liposuction. Thanks to it manages to cope with fatty deposits surgically. The incisions are hidden in skin folds that allows to make them invisible to others.

As performing surgical procedures on the face require special care, the doctor uses very fine cannulas.

After the intervention in 5-7 days the swelling persists. And the pain is almost not appear.

How to prepare for the procedure

To do liposuction, a man should consult a doctor who will prescribe a comprehensive examination. According to the results of medical history, the surgeon will be able to determine whether the patient carry out the operation.

To make the right decision and to identify all contraindications, you need to conduct the following studies:

  • blood test;
  • the consultation;
  • hardware research;
  • consultation of the cardiologist;
  • magnetic resonance imaging of internal organs;
  • the conclusion of the surgeon.

What you need to know about rehabilitation period

Despite the fact that liposuction is carried out using modern equipment and is a fairly simple operation, it is important to pay special attention to the period of recovery.

  1. In the first days after the intervention should not engage in sports or go to work.
  2. Immediately after the operation the man needs to wear a compression garment.
  3. If necessary, the patient is prescribed antibiotics.
  4. Especially important in this period to follow the diet. To restore metabolism and normalize the work of digestive organs, the diet should contain vitamins, proteins, fiber.
  5. Physical and social activity is possible just after 2 weeks of intervention. In this advance you need to consult with your doctor.
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To speed up the recovery process and consolidate the results, you need to eat a healthy diet, eliminate alcohol consumption, exercise, to harden.

Possible complications

If you do not follow medical advice, there is a risk of occurrence of adverse health effects.

The most common complications after surgery include the following:

  • hematoma – result from damage to the blood vessels and will disappear in about a week;
  • sagging skin – this problem can be overcome with the help of water procedures, massage and special exercises;
  • the swelling is caused by fluid redistribution in the body and may be present up to 3 weeks;
  • numbness of the skin – due to the disturbance of nerve endings and can be present for a long time.

While sometimes there are consequences that pose a serious risk to health. With the appearance of severe swelling, pain, increase of temperature should immediately consult a doctor.

To serious consequences of liposuction include the following:

  1. Anemia develops in the early stages of the recovery period. This condition is caused by blood loss. To cope with anemia, you need to eat right. The diet should include foods with protein, iron, vitamins.
  2. Seroma – in this case in the area of the removed fat is accumulated tissue fluid, which remains for a long time. This causes pronounced pain. In this case, use drug therapy, or doing a spinal tap.
  3. The discoloration of the skin – in this situation been impressive hematoma. Spot on the skin may be present for several years.
  4. Infectious complications – the most fearsome conditions are sepsis and necrosis. Such consequences are the result of a breach of the rules of asepsis.

Liposuction is an effective surgical intervention is resorted to more and more men. Using this procedure you can get rid of the abdomen, chest, double chin. So the operation was a success, it is very important to prepare thoroughly for the procedure and to follow medical recommendations after the conference.