Liposuction of hips before and after, how much, reviews

Even slender women are often seen stretching from the inner side of the thighs, which significantly spoil the overall appearance of the skin and figure. To cope with such problems allows such a procedure.

The essence of the procedure

Are surgery involves removing the extra layers of fat. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or General anesthesia. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, liposuction can last from an hour to several hours. First, the doctor is a special markup token allocated zone from which to extract the fat, then they are disinfected, and the surgeon proceeds to close the transaction.

Liposuction can be performed as a separate procedure or in combination with other cosmetic manipulations of nature. This is an excellent method of removing fat, but a good result can be achieved mainly in patients who have elastic skin. If the elasticity is markedly reduced, the operation can cause further cosmetic problems.


Preparation for the procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. Talk with a plastic surgeon. The patient should have a clear idea about what kind of procedure agree. All questions and doubts should be resolved at this initial stage.
  2. 1-3 weeks before the operation. Before performing liposuction, the patient is required to take the tests and inform the surgeon about all existing medical conditions or allergic reactions. He also must provide his medical records and obtain the necessary recommendations.
  3. On the day of surgery do not eat or drink eight hours before the procedure.

Recommendations prior to surgery

  • You must pass all the standard tests and individually recommended by a doctor.
  • You should report all of the medicines you are taking and about all allergic reactions that have taken place ever to be.
  • To stop taking anticoagulants (drugs that promote blood thinners).
  • To follow a diet, do not eat heavy meals, reduce the amount of salt.
  • To limit their intake of alcohol and cigarettes.

The necessary tests

There are a number of tests that must pass all of the patients before surgery:

  • General blood analysis (includes analysis of platelets, erythrocytes, hemoglobin and leukocytes).
  • Biochemistry (includes an analysis on creatine, total protein, bilirubin, sugar, electrolytes, urea and AST).
  • Coagulogram (fibrinogen analysis, PTI, INR and thrombin time).
  • The HIV test.
  • Analysis to determine blood group and rhesus factor.
  • The General analysis of urine.
  • Electrocardiogram with interpretation.
  • Chest x-ray (or chest x-ray).
  • Medical consultation at the doctor’s discretion.

Methods liposuction of the hips

There are several methods:

  • Standard

This procedure does not provide for expensive equipment and expensive drugs. It has two versions: dry and wet.

The first is a clinical option using a cannula. It involves creating small incisions and the introduction into the subcutaneous space of the cannula with one or more openings at the end.

The diameter of such cannulas directly depends on the amount of fat being removed and the personal preferences of the surgeon. Currently the least accepted traumatic cannulas with diameter of up to 0.5 cm while one end of the cannula immersed in the subcutaneous region, the other is attached to a vacuum apparatus that creates a negative pressure. That last factor allows to remove the fat.

It should immediately be noted that this method is considered the most traumatic and outdated. During the operation there is a big damage to the subcutaneous tissue and the corresponding blood loss. Wet liposuction differs from dry only the fact that the area of operation in advance oblivaetsya anesthetic.

  • Luminescenta
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This method is the most popular. Unlike traditional liposuction, it causes less trauma and shortens the recovery period. Its essence lies in the preliminary obkalyvanie (infiltration) of the surgical area with a special solution of the Klein, which contains ledokoin, adrenaline, and saline. After chipping, it takes about forty minutes, fat «diluted» and subsequently easily removed.

  • Reinforced (oscillatory)

This is the classic view, however, the used cannula has a special arm that allows you to create a reciprocating motion with a frequency of 200 strokes per minute.

  • Ultrasonic

This procedure destroys the fat cells under the action of ultrasound (not the result of mechanical influence, as in the classical case). The procedure created incisions through which introduced a special probe that transmits ultrasonic waves. They are destroying the fatty tissue and damaged tissue is sucked through the cannula.

  • Laser

This method differs from the usual that is used in this case the laser energy, which is supplied through a thin needle (with a diameter of one millimeter). It is moved and during movement and breaks, burns all the excess fat cells.

Such a procedure has its advantages:

  • she has extensive injuries;
  • lasts no more than one hour;
  • shrinks collagen fibers, which leads to a radical tightening of the skin from the inside;
  • reduces the risk of complications;
  • shortens the rehabilitation period.

Most often, the procedure is prescribed to those who have large fat deposits, especially in tight and intimate areas. Best results it gives in small areas and in the facial area. Sometimes this type of liposuction is used to align the surface of the body after the removal of large amounts of fat in other ways.

The results that can be achieved

With the help of liposuction you can achieve the following:

  • instantly eliminate body fat anywhere;
  • tighten the skin on the thighs from the inside and eliminate the «skin apron».


The main indications are the following phenomena:

  • fat deposits in the chin, face, neck, abdomen, thighs, arms, knees;
  • localized fat deposits in one place.


Any plastic surgery has a number of contraindications and liposuction of the hips is no exception. So, the procedure can not be performed in the following cases:

  • diabetes in decompensated form;
  • for fever, SARS, colds;
  • in infectious and viral diseases;
  • at exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • in the presence of cardiovascular disease;
  • in the presence of cancer and tumors;
  • herpes in an active form;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • when blood clotting;
  • if you have problems with skin elasticity.

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Side effects and consequences

Possible side effects:

  • Violation of skin sensitivity. This happens not so rarely, because the destruction of adipose tissue are suffering nerve fibres and blood vessels. Thus, there are zones of paresthesia and hypoesthesia, which persist for several months.
  • Uneven contours. If liposuction was done at the professional level and fat was removed unevenly, you may receive the seals and failures.
  • Liposuction is due to the application of microscopic cuts and punctures. Accordingly, it may lead to suppuration, swelling, bruising, inflammation, which in turn leads to the appearance of scars.
  • Fat embolism and thromboembolism. This complication is serious because there is a blockage of vessel by embolus fat, and this phenomenon can lead to death. The latter, fortunately, is unlikely, however, the mirror effect is quite common.
  • Pain. This side effect is normal the wound will have to be sick, however, the aid can always come painkillers.
  • Sagging of the skin. This is also done normally, as the amount of adipose tissue is dramatically reduced, but this does not diminish the area of the skin. When wearing compression underwear from this problem, you can easily get rid of.
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The rehabilitation period

After liposuction, the first six to eight hours the patient is careful observation. Two or three days after the procedure it is better to stay in the clinic. The doctor prescribes antibiotics to avoid the development of pathogenic microflora and individual drugs, which contribute to improving of regenerative processes of the skin.

For the first time after liposuction there may be pain and fever, but these side effects pass pretty quickly. Discomfort may be felt for months, because it requires wearing special compression underwear.

Overall, the rehabilitation period after surgery is fairly easy and painless. The sutures are removed after a week and provides individual recommendations.

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The duration of the effect

The final result is visible after six months after the procedure, and its duration is another advantage of the operation. The number of fat cells is determined at the genetic level. In the process of life, they either grow or shrink, but never disappear.

Liposuction removes them permanently. Thus, a person who leads a healthy and active lifestyle will keep the result for years to come. And in order to facilitate the rehabilitation period, gives the following recommendations:

  • A course of massage and physiotherapy. They will help you get the most complete result from the procedure and a rosary to the body contour.
  • Avoidance of physical activity.
  • Rejection from visiting saunas, sun decks, swimming pools.
  • The rejection of a soul within ten days after the operation.
  • Drink plenty of liquids.
  • The first time it is recommended to exclude alcohol, nicotine, coffee, excess amounts of salt.
  • Should not be applied to the affected areas with cold or hot compresses.
  • Avoid colds and SARS.
  • Necessarily need to wear a compression garment for one month.
  • You need to take all prescribed medications and follow a specific course.
  • It is recommended to avoid trips to cities and countries with a hot climate.
  • You should stick to a proper diet and more is in the fresh air.


The price of liposuction of the thighs in Moscow directly depends on the volume of surgical intervention. The bigger it is, the correspondingly higher is the cost of the procedure. The cost depends on the number of zones for the cuts, method of anesthesia, postoperative conditions of detention, the choice of the clinic and its eminent as well as the level of professionalism of the plastic surgeon. On average, the cost of liposuction of the thighs is about 25000-30000 rubles.

Liposuction zones   The cost in rubles
Lifting lower body 228 000
Elimination skin and fat of ptosis of the thighs 92 000
Elimination skin and fat of ptosis of the buttocks 92 000
Circular lifting the anterior abdominal wall, thighs and buttocks 1 category 180 000
Circular lifting the anterior abdominal wall, thighs and buttocks in 2 categories 230 000
Circular lifting the anterior abdominal wall, thighs, and buttocks 3 categories 350 000
Lift buttocks and thighs 138 000
Liposuction (one area) category 1 8 000
(one area) 2 categories 10 000
(one area) 3 categories 12 000
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Frequently asked questions

To whom and in what cases can help?

First and foremost, women who gained excess weight after pregnancy and childbirth, as well as people who have received excessive amounts of adipose tissue due to hormonal and drugs. Liposuction is also good in the fight against «breeches» and the «second chin». Such problems are genetic in nature, so they do not move as a result of physical exertion or as a result of diets and massages.

At what age can I join you?

Age is not the primary factor for its implementation. Problems with the outline of the shape can appear in 20 and 50 years. Although it is necessary to note that the more elastic the skin is, the better will be the results of the operation, and elasticity with age, unfortunately, is getting worse.

How to understand whether you have enough fat for the procedure?

Learn it easy enough. For the problem area to just pinch and if the folds that appear, exceed three inches, the fatty tissue is sufficient for the operation. Of course, this is not an absolute method, and in any case, need expert advice.

When the patient can return to normal sexual life?

Liposuction does not affect the human libido, however, the first month after surgery unnecessary stress should be avoided. The question of when exactly you can return to a normal sex life, enough individual, however, experts recommend to renew sexual activity only after the patient is going to feel comfortable.

As liposuction will affect General physical form?

After surgery, patients feel weak and that’s fine, but by the end of the first week you can begin small at home, and to resume moderate exercise will be through the month.

As affect the emotional state?

Before the procedure, the specialist needs to ensure the motivation of the patient. In the process of rehabilitation, some of them may feel guilty. If people from the inner circle laugh, it can also cause discomfort. Fortunately, such cases are rare, and in most cases, the emotional state of those who have had the surgery, on the contrary improved. The body contour lines, the extra fat stays in the past, and the dream to be slim to become reality.

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