Liposuction of legs — the price, knees, how to remove swelling, before and after non-surgical

What a pity that not all nature has endowed with a perfectly proportioned figure. But in the world of modern technologies, the development of plastic surgery and cosmetology, every person can with a strong desire something to change.

It so happened that under the influence of female sex hormones, women body fat accumulated predominantly in the abdominal area and legs. And if the tummy is still possible to pump up, then get rid of the extra pounds on the thighs, knees or shins is much more complicated.

To solve this problem can neither intense physical exercise, no diet, massage. For this purpose there is a special procedure – liposuction.

Anatomical nuances of body fat

Although excessive amounts of fat many women so unhappy with their figure, without it people would not be able to survive. Because fats are not only a source of energy, but also play an important role in maintaining the hormonal background of women. They also perform the functions of thermoregulation and heat retention in the body.

Fatty foods, once in the mouth, there already begins to split under the influence of saliva. But stomach fat is not digested, entering the intestines virtually unchanged. From there it is absorbed into the blood. Breaks down fats produced by the body and bile.

Then they either accumulate or are excreted. This happens depending on the number of low and high density lipoproteins – proteins responsible for the maintenance and transport of cholesterol in the blood.

If a person has consumed more fat than the body needs, then there is their accumulation in the fatty tissues by the enzyme called lipase.

Fat cells can stretch to enormous size, with a large amount of excess deposits. The result is weight gain.

If you take no action, the number of cells begins to grow and the body becomes increasingly overweight. The interesting thing is that to destroy them anymore. By diet, heavy training and other actions you can just break down fat. But as soon as the effort stops, it will get better.

How soon we will see the weight gain, depends on many reasons, but chief among them is the genetic predisposition.


Liposuction or how you prefer to talk to specialists, liposculpture of legs is a surgical or non-surgical removal of excess fat deposits that is held in the following testimony:

  • violation of the contours of the figures;
  • folds of fat on the back of the thighs;
  • the tubercle on the inner side of the knee;
  • the presence of fatty deposits on the entire surface of the thighs;
  • «breeches» of the inner thighs;
  • massive disproportionate knees with hanging folds;
  • sagging tissues in the hips, groin and under the buttocks;
  • dissatisfaction with human proportioned legs;

Liposuction can be performed with other types of surgery. For example, simultaneously with the excision of benign tumors in adipose tissue, rejuvenating, tightening and removal of excess sagging skin or muscle.


Correction of the hips using liposuction is contraindicated:

  • minors;
  • people with weakened immune systems;
  • patients with diabetes, severe forms;
  • in the presence of cancer;
  • in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • during pregnancy and while breastfeeding;
  • in the period menstruatsii;
  • patients with obesity;
  • after a heart attack or stroke;
  • with the presence of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis;
  • in case of serious disorders;
  • people with chronic respiratory diseases;
  • when blood clotting;
  • if it is not enough elastic, flabby;
  • in all lesions of the skin, rashes, injuries in the area of intervention;
  • after prior liposuction in the same places;
  • in acute colds, bacterial and viral infections.
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The types and their characteristics

If a woman has decided on surgery, you must first go through a survey. After all, the reason fat legs may not be fat, and swelling. This is due to the violation of the outflow of blood from the veins, which stagnates in the vessels and the excess fluid goes into the surrounding tissues and accumulate in them.

It is important to realize that liposuction does not get rid of excess weight or inclination to set. It only will help to correct the proportions and contours of the figure, to simulate the correct silhouette.

Also, the operation does not violate the internal metabolic processes in the body, as it is only a mechanical removal of excess fat deposits. Any experienced plastic surgeon should note the patient is already on an initial consultation to properly psychologically to configure it.

For evaluation I take pictures of feet before and after the procedure.

Liposuction, which is performed by the method of ultrasonic influence on adipose tissue is of two types:

  • or non-surgical cavitation device, generating ultrasonic waves, is a powerful massage of fat cells. In their hollow bubbles filled with air, which from over-voltage burst.

After a course of treatments (7 sessions, each of 50 minutes) fat gradually in a period of three months alone is eliminated from the body. This method does not require any incisions or punctures, so the least traumatic;

  • surgical intervention occurs through cuts in necessary and marked pre-places the introduction of ultrasonic probe. Fat under the influence of the device takes the form of a liquid emulsion, which under vacuum is popped out.
  • There is laser liposuction. At the right is injected with a special solution, contributes to liquefaction of fat. The excess is vacuumed up by a vacuum device through microscopic pinholes using a cannula – a special needle, and the skin on the inner side is exposed to the laser beam.

Thus its surface is leveled from the inside by heating. After the procedure the skin becomes more tightened, becomes smooth. As a result, from the feet away not only fat but also skin look more aesthetic, do not SAG, smooth out their contours.

Other liposuction methods also involve pumping the softened fat through the cannula after the destruction of the cells, which is one of the ways:

  • progressive and fan-shaped movements of the needles;
  • introduction under the skin of epinephrine and lidocaine mixed with isotonic solution (tumescent anesthesia or Klein’s solution);
  • by cooling to low temperatures;
  • introduction under the skin of an aqueous solution under high pressure.

How is liposuction of the legs

For the procedure the patient should prepare in advance. The doctor should warn about taking any medicines in the last two weeks. For example, aspirin, contraceptives can cause increased bleeding, which will lead to longer and more difficult period of rehabilitation.

You should stop Smoking, drinking alcohol, limit the intake of water.

As it can complicate the course of operation, cause tissue hypoxia, affect the result. In some cases it is necessary to stick to a diet.

The operation is not carried out in the early days and during menstruation, and for 4-5 days after.

It is desirable that the patient at the time of liposuction have lost excess weight or most of it. Because subsequent fluctuations in body weight can affect the condition of internal tissue and skin, provoking the appearance of stretch marks.

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The patient must undergo a mandatory examination:

  • pass a General analysis of blood;
  • to be diagnosed in the presence of HIV, hepatitis b and C, to determine RH factor and blood group;
  • to pass a urinalysis;
  • to do chest x-rays and electrocardiogram.


Is considered the simplest procedure:

  1. It allows you to remove the «ears» that are so difficult the correction of diet or exercise.
  2. Cuts or punctures do in the natural creases, to make the scars less noticeable.
  3. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  4. And its duration is not more than 3 hours. If sediment is too much, then you may need two sessions with an interval of 1-2 months.
  5. In the normal course of operation, the recovery period is 4-5 weeks.


Liposuction of the knees also takes place under local anesthesia most often, the tumescent method. Incisions no larger than 2-4 mm incisions on each side of the knee in the area of physiological skin folds.

Thanks to the procedure:

  1. to remove excess fat,
  2. to get rid of dimples,
  3. partially remove a curvature,
  4. align proportion.

Stitches are usually doing non-absorbable threads, which are removed in an average week. The procedure lasts about an hour.

After the doctor necessarily measure the volume of formed zones, checks their symmetry.


When liposuction of the lower leg using the same types of interference that other parts of the legs.

But the most popular is the destruction of fat cells using radio frequency radiation. This facilitates the simultaneous lifting of the skin.

When liposuction doctor movements cannula models the shape of the lower leg. Usually in these areas new fat cells are not formed, so the result remains for life.

Photo: Before and after

Do I need anesthesia

The procedure is painful, so it is performed under local or tumescent anesthesia, due to which the patient may have 2-3 hours to go home.

But if the scale of intervention is large, the doctor uses General anesthesia. In this case, the person must be under the supervision of health workers at least one day after surgery.

The rehabilitation period

Immediately after the fat removal, the surgeon sutures, glues them with a special patch, installs drainage, helps to wear the compression garment.

The main rule after the implementation of liposuction is the unconditional adherence to doctor’s recommendations. He appoints the time and date of the consultations on which it is necessary to walk.

Since nicotine is not conducive to rapid healing of tissues, experts recommend to completely abandon cigarettes for two weeks before surgery and during recovery.

Standard reminder in the period after liposuction of the legs includes the following items:

  1. Protection from heavy physical exertion.
  2. The ban on visits to the baths, steam rooms, saunas, pools, tanning.
  3. Giving up alcohol, strong coffee and tea.
  4. Do not allow the use of cooling or warming compresses on feet.
  5. Possible restriction of access to public places of Contracting acute respiratory infections, cold.
  6. Avoidance of hot weather conditions, when more sweat.
  7. Prevention of hypothermia.
  8. Rational and balanced diet.
  9. The obligatory walk in the fresh air.
  10. Compliance with sufficient drinking regime.

You need to wear a compression garment for one month after liposuction.

To reduce the visible signs of surgery, the doctor may prescribe treatment:

  • ultrasound
  • lymphatic drainage massage,
  • courses of mesotherapy.
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You need to remember that the result after liposuction does not appear immediately. The first changes will be visible only after the swelling will come down. But the full effect will manifest after a few weeks, when I fade the marks, and the skin will gain its usual hue.

Possible complications

It is normal if in the first days after liposuction, the patient feels a tightness of skin, mild pain. These feelings eventually pass. Possible occurrence of bruising, swelling, uneven skin, bumps, depressions or mounds, blood loss, bruising.

In the area of the lower leg the least amount of fat, so there is a risk of damage to veins and blood vessels, sensitive to vacuum effects.

This significantly increases the rehabilitation period. The doctor can’t remove more than 60% fat, so the skin should not come in contact with muscle tissue.

Rarely occur:

  • infection
  • poisoning lidocaine
  • thrombosis of the large veins of the extremities,
  • increase or decrease in body temperature.

In case of puncture under the knees may damage nerve fibers. The responsibility lies with the surgeon, his qualifications and skilled actions. So do not go to questionable technicians.

How to remove swelling in the lower extremities after the procedure

Swelling appears always about 2-3 days after surgery. It is especially noticeable if the manipulation was carried out on the hips.

To remove swelling in the legs after this procedure will help:

  1. daily walk
  2. wearing spanx or tight bandaging,
  3. and limiting salt intake.

Need to drink only purified water, but in a strictly doctor-recommended quantities. Finally the swelling goes down in a period of 1 to 3 months.

The average cost

The price of liposuction of the legs depends on the state of health of the patient, and the method of grafting, the area of the manipulation, anesthesia and the amount of drugs before and after the intervention, the individual response of the body.

Also plays an important role depth and size of incisions, the type and quality of the equipment used, rating of hospitals and the qualifications of the expert.

Table of the average cost

Area of the procedure

Price (thousand rbl.)







It is important to understand that liposuction of the legs is not just a cosmetic procedure. This is a real operation followed by a lengthy recovery period. It is possible and the occurrence of complications.

So if there are doubts about its necessity, it is better to give yourself time to think.

The more that scientists at the University of Colorado by experiment found that the fat in the legs good for the heart. This is because triglycerides, accumulate in the fatty deposits of the legs, instead of into the blood, and therefore almost not deposited on the walls of blood vessels.